Two down, two to go

Jeff_1That was a masterful performance by Chris Carpenter tonight.

It was a great night all around, from introductions on through the game. It’s an amazing feeling, as a fan, as a player, as
coaches, anybody that’s here for the first time and is experiencing this for
the first time, it’s just joyous. It’s definitely one of the best feelings I’ve
ever had, just to stand there and see the sea of red and hear them cheering for
us. It was amazing.

You know what’s funny? With Carp, and at times when Jeff Suppan
and Jeff Weaver have pitched like that, or when Anthony Reyes pitched in Detroit,
the game just went by so fast that we couldn’t even enjoy what he was doing. When
the sixth, seventh, eighth inning came along, we looked up at the scoreboard and
we were like, "Are you serious? It’s that late in the game already?"

Usually, we pinch-hitters start getting ready around the
fifth or sixth. But those pitching performances have been top-notch, to where
we were surprised — not by their performances, but by how we didn’t recognize
where the game was.

Now they really can’t win it in three. But we just let people
say whatever they’re going to say about us being up 2-1. We’re going to stay
within ourselves, within our family and go out there and play our best

It was 43 degrees at game time, but as far as we’re concerned, the weather is beautiful. We’re thinking of it as Hawaii right now.



    first comment, first praise.

    it’s time to inaugurate Busch Stadium III, St. Louis style. i’ve got faith, my friends have faith, we all have faith. Cardinals all the way.


    Well, it’s like my 8 year old daughter said the other night….Mom, the Cards are going to win because Tweety (a bird) always outwits Sylvester (a cat). Gotta love a kids perspective. Keep on rollin’ guys…..Time to Bring it Home!!!


    WOW! I live in Indiana and I have been considering driving to St. Louis to catch a game! I wanna be there so bad but I have other things to do here. But you can bet that every night, thanks to FOX, I’ll be watchin ya’ll play! Goodluck and Go Cards!!!!!!! Bring it home!


    CONGRATS Guys! With such an awesome team and Carp on the mound, we knew you were going to win! It’s RED OCTOBER here in St. Louis! Just focus…just two more!!!
    Go Cards!


    Carpenter threw a great game last night……you guys just keep going out there and playing hard i would love to see you guys win this world series in St. Louis…….I have a really good feeling that Suppan is going to have another great game tonight….good luck and GO CARDS!!!!!


    What can I say? Everything about last night was wonderful!! Carpenter was top notch, the hitting was good, Toguchi was an ace in right field, I hope to see him there for the rest of the games. It was just an awesome game for the first WS game in the new stadium. You guys make us all so proud to be Cardinal fans.

    I am such a huge fan that the Cardinal logo is the wallpaper on my cell phone and “Here Comes the King” (Budweiser theme song) is my ringtone. I loved it when that song was playing when they introduced the Cardinal players. You are all Kings in my little booklet.


    Been telling my friend in Iowa for the last 6 weeks or so that the Cards would be in the World Series and told him Game 5 would be the best game to go to as the Cards would win in 5. Be great to see you guys win at Busch Stadium – what a way to end the season! Just wish I could be there to see it!

    Go Cards…and Go Supp!!!

    Marg Holahan

    Sydney, Australia


    I’m loving this blog! Thanks J-Rod! It’s so wonderful to see the Cardinals doing so well! What I wouldn’t give to be there…
    Also, so good to see Eckstein getting a couple of hits! He’s my daughter’s favorite… maybe one day he can sign her Eckstein baseball (or meet his namesake, our Yorkie, LOL). Excellent pitching! Excellent fielding! The bats were lively! Such a great time to be a Cardinals fan! (I even wore my Cardinals scrubs to work yesterday!) Keep up the great work guys!


    Hey John,

    OUTSTANDING baseball fellas!! One game at a time, and with Soup, i like our chances. Great job all the way around. (Hope the rain stays away tonight, don’t want to slow our momentum!!)



    Great game by all!! What an amazing performance by Carpenter – no one has worked harder or deserves it more. You guys all make Cardinal fans everywhere so proud! It’s impossible not to love a team that plays so hard and is always classy. Thank you for being such great role models for young athletes!


    John, wow what a preformance all the way around. I think it was great that you guys got to see a lot of their relief pitchers, and we’ve still got Wainwright just waiting to strike. we can clean this thing up here in St. Louis, so Kenny and his “dirt” can save his “historic” preformances for next year!! I hope to see you in the game tonight John, and thanks for your perspective, it’s great! Go Cardinals!!


    WOW! Wasn’t Carpenter great! It was like watching an artist paint a picture! And thank you, David, for finally getting some hits and on base. I knew you would come out of your little slump! As usual Edmonds was there with his bat. Hopefully the Cardinals will keep him another year. There is no other Center fielder like him! All in all what a good game. Let’s hope it’s a repeat tonight.


    Fantastic game. Congratulations. Cardinal Nation is very proud right now. Things are clicking for the cardinals right now so keep doing what you’re doing. Keep up the effort for tonights game. Remember that everyone’s role on this team is vital no matter what it may be. GO CARDS!!!


    You guys are doing great, keep it up! One comment about the game last night, they walked Yadi, oh my goodness they purposely walked Yadi! Talk about coming a long way! Let’s hope the rain holds off so you can get the game in this evening. Go Cards!


    That game last night was the perfect example of Cardinals baseball. The bats were pounding, we took advantage of the other team’s mistakes, agressive fielding and AMAZING PITCHING!!! Detroit fans – take note – that’s how an ace does it WITHOUT cheating. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 down – 2 to go!


    And one more thing about Zumaya – wasn’t he the “Great Hope” of Detroit. That’s all I’ve been hearing about – we’ll never be able to hit off of Zymaya. That was true – we didn’t have to. It does no good to throw 100+ MPH fastballs if you can’t throw strikes. I applaud the patience of the RedBirds to just sit there and let him walk them. And his lovely play at third?? What was that? What it was was 2 more runs for the Beautiful Birds of St. Louis. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My first WS game, and what a game it was. I couldn’t feel my nose or toes, my hands hurt when we clapped, and I didn’t care. It was awesome, the Cards are awesome. Congrats to all the guys. GO CARDS!!!


    Great win last night! Keep it up. You’re halfway there…can’t let up until its over. I’ve believed in you guys all season…even when many doubted I said you can’t give up on them, you’ve gotta have faith, this is our year! Thanks for making it a great season! GO CARDS!!!


    Carpenter was amazing last night! He definately looked like a Cy Young winner! Hopefully he’ll get that award again this year! He definately derserves it! Also hopefully the weather will hold for y’all and it won’t cancel a game. Keep it up boys! Buena Suerte!



    well good to see noone talking about kenny’s smudge! but for those cards fans that live in glass homes and have short term memory loss…I wrote you a lil poem…..

    Cheater, Liar?

    Can you say McGwire


    one more thing….thanks for the blog “j” rod I didnt know there was a position for pinch hitter but it looks like you invented it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Who let the kitty kat fan in the building?

    Go back to your own blog, grind – Didn’t you get enough of a “Welcome to St. Louis” last night or are you here, lookin for more?


    Last time I looked, blogging was an open forum……
    As far as that welcome to st louis..I’ll be at the game thursday (or whenever it stops raining there!) We’ll see how much class your fans have when I’m cheering as the tigers win!

    Be careful about gloating…I saw a lot of Yankees fans gloating….how’d that work out for them????


    hey grind,

    this is a CARDINAL blog, what did you expect??? you will not find a whole lot of sympathy here. and we will see who wins the next game. we saw a lot of mets fans gloating….what’s your point?!?! and as far as your poem….if big mac walked up to the plate with a needle hanging out of his rear, then you have a point other than the one on your head.

    GO CARDS!!!


    I’m a Met fan who invariably roots for the National League in the World Series. I must say that I really hope you guys pull this off. If for whatever reason you don’t, the entire world will be questioning your manager’s judgement in not pursuing the removal of Kenny Rogers in Game 2. There are a few possible reasons for LaRussa’s decision: 1) he didn’t want to compromise his friendship with Leyland; 2) he was trying to preserve the integrity of the game; or 3) he has a lot of skeletons in his own closet. Given what I know about LaRussa, the last reason is the most plausible. Fortunately for the two remaining teams, baseball has an inept, irresponsible commissioner. I’m sure your secrets won’t be divulged any time soon.



    I had standing room tickets last night and loved every minute of it. We were in right field up on the bridge. That was a great spot to watch the game. You guys play with class and we couldn’t be more proud. Grind shows the level of class that some in Detroit have. Grind probably thought they’d sweep us. Even if it takes 7, I know we’ll find a way to win. Go Cardinals!!!!


    Carter…..where in my blogs did I ask for sympathy or say I was expecting anything here??? I could give a rats *** what you think!! that point of yours makes absolutely no sense!! Were is your absolute evidence that that was an “illegal” substance on Rogers hand…you made another bad point with that one!!!! good blog man!!



    I could say a lot worse. believe me when I say I’m showing class and restraint…If the truth about McGwire hurts…too bad! We dont have T-shirts for sale about it!! Hasn’t Jrod been soley pinch hitting all post season? ok, thats a fact too!! How do you know what I thought about this series…all I’ve said is it isn’t over! Another great blog full of poor points…thanks dave!!

    I’ll see you guys at Busch stadium for game 5..I’ll be the one wearing the tigers hat!


    C’mon guys there must be some intelligent Cardinals fans out there give me something I can work with!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


    grind, your a tiger fan who comes on to a Cardinal blog, and starts spewing about all kinds of things. where is YOUR absolute evidence about McGuire?????? on ESPN’s poll regarding Kenny, EVERY state except michigan thought he was cheating. It is not just cardinal fans here. sorry we are not all “master” bloggers like yourself…lol

    and who cares what John’s role is on this team? he was gracious enough to start this blog, and he has contributed to this team’s success thoughout the year as a starter in the outfield…with a average above .300 and we’ll be looking for you…the one with tears at the end of the game.

    GO CARDS!!!


    Thats’ my point. Grind, I guess you haven’t noticed, but McGuire isn’t playing baseball anymore. Try and make a relevant comment regarding the current Series? The whole ha ha thing is really classy too. Quite sad really.



    you stated that “all you said is that this not over” actually that is not true….. yesterday you said “the Cardinals would get spanked the rest of the way out”….. either you were wrong or you have a strange definition for being spanked.



    so a poll is evidence?…greeeat point man youre on fire!

    Youre a cardinals fan….AT LEAST spell your players name right. It’s McGWIRE!!!!

    Ol’ Mark said he took andro..granted not illegal but a roid none the less. he also would not deny when asked.

    Rodgers said it was dirt and rosin mix he uses…not illegal…There is no evidence to the contrary!

    I’ll give you the point on J-Rod he’s a good player and has contributed….you win on that one!


    Way to go boys!!! Knew Carp would come through on pitching and the bats are getting hot, too! This blog is for Cardinal fans and we appreciate JRod for taking time to keep it up for us. If you don’t like hearing how awesome, classy, and hard working our guys are then find another blog! GO CARDS!!!!! We will finish them off at home!!!



    What does it matter if McGwire

    (What’s sad is that Cardinals fans cant spell his name!!!!) is playing or not…if we are talking the definition of cheating then it applies! keep trying dave, you’ll find a relevent point eventually!



    Try again. You can do this….. say “gindline was wrong” the Cardinals did not get spanked….. you want eveidence ….. scoreboard 5 -0 ….. admit it grindline…. you were wrong….. Tigers are a great team….. they might win yet…. but you were wrong.



    THANK YOU!!! finally someone who is a challenge!!! I did say that and it was erroneous!

    I WAS WRONG. blog earlier about gloating was from personal experience! nice shot hkaden not a knockout blow but a good uppercut!..ouch!


    Ok, for real now. I’m gonna leave this blog to the righteous owners…Cardinal fans. I hope these games don’t get rained out and may the best team win. Good to see St louis has as great and passionate fanatics as Detroit! Can’t wait to go to game 5 and see the new Busch stadium. I’m out… thanks for the fun times!!!! πŸ™‚



    Good enough. Good luck after the rainouts. The whole “illegal substance’ and “steroids” is a red herring anyway. I was a litle dissapointed with Kenny’s prevarication..a “big clump of dirt”… there was no clump there… but it is a hamless dissimilation. There is no evidence that either Rogers or McGwire cheated. We have two great teams in this WS with great pitching on both sides so far. I think this shapes up to be a great match-up, and I have no idea how it will turn out. I thought Detroit was the best all season until near the end. For some reason (besides injuries) the Cardinals great players and support role players all underperformed at times. But they are getting hot at the right time. Take look at Leylands comments. Best defensive 3rd baseman (maybe ever), best young baseball player period at 1st, 6 time gold glover in center, all Americana short stop, Cy Young award winner as ace, and best young catcher…. his words (as nearly as I can recall) not my words. But I would add best clutch rookie starting pitcher (Reyes in WS 1) and best young rookie closer. I don’t know if that is enough to beat the Tigers…. but if the Tigers win over all that talent they will deserve it inspite of smudgegate. I think the Cardinal in 6 or 7.


    What is up Cardinals! That is right, you are! I never knew I would be a big fan of the game like this. This season I have grown to enjoy the game like the biggest fan out there. I was at the game last night in the STL and we threw it down! I wish you players could sit in the seats for one second and see the luv us fans have for the team. It can get cruical. I can’t beleive people actually misjudge or underestimate the talent and skills that the team upholds. Why couldn’t you possibly win it in three?? I see you taking it tres~ That is my educated guess-flat out. I feel you can’t tell me no other way. I know the Lou reps for our team, but I wish I could make the Stadium stand the entire game! This is all positive and I don’t know who wants this more. . .the team or us fans. . .were taking it!!!!


    P.S. It’s drizzling out there right now and it might carry on thru the evening, but so will we. This is STL. We can show better than we can tell. It’s Hawaii time~ -Jamie-


    for the love of god man, you are gonna (oops…going) hang me now for spelling?…lol

    sorry master gridline, your “knowledge” (of spelling in particular) is amazing.

    and no the espn poll is not evidence, unfortunately the evidence was washed away. the evidence that i have seen is the same mysterious green and yellowish dark spot on good ol’ kenny’s throwing hand in every post season game he has pitched. rosin dirt and moisture do not give that kind of coloration. pine tar does. if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….well…you know the rest.



    Ok, one more post…its your fault hkaden!!

    Yeah I can say for sure you won’t find a comment from me anywhere about the Cardinals talent. I’ll admit completely that I left both the tigers and cardinals for dead around september 20th! It is amazing that they went from playing like they did second half to being in the world series! Believe me when I say I am just beyond proud of what the Tigers have done regardless of the outcome here. I’ve been waiting a looong time for them to even have a winner on the field. anyhow should be a fun few games and I’m not making any more predictions!!! πŸ™‚


    John, We are so proud of you all. The performance last night was great. Carp was perfect as usual and you know I have to say that Jim was absolutely fantastic.So wonderful to watch, at bat or in the field. Say hi to him for me as usual. Can’t wait to see ya’ll win the whole thing.We had to walk 2 miles in freezing temps from where we parked our rig to a place to watch the game but you all made it worth it.We love each one of you and are very very proud to be Cardinal fans thru and thru…GIT R DONE BOYS


    Allright carter, if you say so…it was pine tar, even though the Umpires….they have a lttle experience… said
    “Because it was observed as dirt,” Palermo said. “Umpires, they’ve been around for more than a week or so. This is not their first summer away from home, so they’ve got a pretty good idea as to what dirt is and what a foreign substance is.”

    But we could go around forever and we’ll never know. Let’s see who wins the series…all I can say is it will be the best team!!!


    Thanks for blogging. I really look forward to reading it! CONGRATS to you and the team on another amazing game! You guys are RED HOT and Headed To The TOP!!! I’m seeing you winning it in St. Louis!! Last night I loved the big poster of Underdog with the Stl emblem. Remember how he wore the cape and transformed in the phone booth (or was that before your time?) Tonight we have our Pitcher wearing a cape….the awesome SUPP-ERMAN!!! We’re flying high in Albuquerque, NM. GO CARDS!!! πŸ™‚


    lol…ok grind. and holy **** we agree, the best team will win this series.

    take care



    fair ‘nuf…I’m leaving now before cats and birds start getting along and this turns into one big lovefest!!!!!!
    GO BEST TEAM!!!!


    I enjoy reading this…some comments more than others. I am a big fan of the Cardinals but an even bigger fan of “JRod”. Last night was GREAT!! The Clydesdales, Trace Adkins and The CARDINALS. All #1’s. Let’s ROLL!!


    grindline…I seriously hate to correct you, since you are such an astute fan of the Tigers…HOWEVER….I believe the pitcher with the “dirty” paw spells his name ROGERS…not RODGERS. What was that about glass houses?? You are so right-it IS pretty sad when the fans don’t know how to spell the players’ names. I guess it’s a good thing you don’t have someone with a name like Encarnacion…you might have a brain hemorrhage! Go CARDS!!!


    I really enjoy reading your blog, and I’m so excited for the Redbirds this season! I live in Texas, you think I’m “supposed” to be a Astro fan…but I’m not. Most of my family is from MO, so I’ve always rooted for y’all. I love St. Louis, and I’ll keep rooting for you!! Good luck in the rest of the World Series! And send my congrats to everyone!
    Go Cards!!


    Gridline, did you or did you not post the following on the tigers blog???
    “I dont hear any large female singing yet this is far from over! To any Cardinal fans still beating the dead horse of rogers “cheating” …I wrote you a lil poem……

    Cheater, Liar?

    Can you say McGuire

    Posted by: | October 25, 2006 11:44 AM”

    Isn’t that your mispelling of Mark McGwire’s name????

    ANYWAY – GO CARDS!!! πŸ™‚ You are the best in my book. It would be awesome to finish this series in St Louis!


    McGuire, McGwire…either way, we all know who we are talking abut. And either way, the past is in the past, so let’s just focus on the Cards and send them our best wishes!


    J-Rod, Hawaii is the first place I would love to be right now next to Busch Stadium. You guys are doing awesome, keep it up in game 4 behind Suppan. The fans are behind you all the way, so bring home the title. GO CARDINALS!!


    lsm and tlj….veeery good….you guys are restoring my faith in Cardinals fans. I did spell both wrong in those two posts but as you see in others I do know how to spell both…I was probably caught up in the absoulute thrilling blog you have here and lost my nerve!!! It could also be this pine tar on my palm or the ‘roids I’m taking

    keep em coming. One of you may actually have a chance at outdoing me!!!!!!!!!! Unlikely but possible.

    Now leave me alone I got a lot of burgers to flip!!!!!!!


    I went to the game last night and LOVED it. I couldn’t believe how loud all of the fans are. FOX doesn’t even portray how loud the crowd is since they minimize the noise. I love Yadier Molina and I was happy to see he got a double and they even walked him, I bet he was happy to feel that special that they had to walk him. Hopefully, JROD will be able to play in one of these games, you deserve it.

    Love ya GO CARDS!!!



    Thx so much for this blog. There are so many of us who enjoy this aspect of the World Series so very much! Another great way to make us feel that much more like we’re part of our team. You guys are just the best.. no doubt about it. Us fans are having the time of our lives watching and listening to everybody in the country slowly retract everything they’ve been saying as they watch true Championship baseball at it’s finest! Best of luck to you guys tonight! We love you all.


    awsome game last night!!! you guys played amazingly! us fans are definitely having the time of our lives right now. keep proving everybody wrong – they will never listen or admit they were wrong untill we take it all. keep playing great cardinal baseball – we will all be watching and rooting for you, we are behind you all the way!



    Fantastic game last night, You guys are playing some kind of classy baseball, I tip my hat to you, and believe the rest of the baseball world will be giving a tip of the hat to you for a real class act of a team.

    Thanks Cardinals



    I have been listening to all the pundits since after game 2.There is one concept which can be summed up in Rodney Dangerfield style “NO RESPECT”.

    Everyone keeps asking what are the TIGERS doing wrong? How about what are the CARDINALS doing right.

    1.They are criticizing the Cardinals for Kenny Rodgers mistake, how is that our fault. We didn’t even formally challenge him on the mound.

    2. They state this is the worst playoff team Tony has had- False

    3. They state Detroit should have this in the bag because their fans deserve it. What about the faithful cardinal fans who have embraced other teams with open arms. The city which has been voted the best sport city on many occassions. How can we so quickly be forgotten?

    4. They state our fans are not strong enough to pull the Cardinals through

    5. they state our pitching is smoke and mirrors.

    John please pass these words on to the rest of the team so they can be motivated even more. This is an excellent team full of scrappy fighters and a multitude of talent. Last time I checked Rolen, Edmonds, Carpenter, and Pujols are not only all starsbut will also be Hall of Famers. How can they say this team is weak?

    That is the talk of scared fans, pundits, and opponents of the BIG RED WAVE rolling through the World Series.

    We have history: Bruce Sutter, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial,Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, and so on, and so on, and so on. They discount us as if we are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for God sake. We are the Cardinals, we have a long history (a proud one) and we also have a promising future. Let them see it with their own eyes and not forget the history which St.Louis holds in baseball. It’s time that St.Louis earns respect in the sports world again once and for all.

    We are disputed even when we win the Super Bowl, we are disputed when the Blues make it to the playoffs for over 25 years in a row, and now the Cardinals are dismissed as a lucky undeserving team even though this is the second time in 2 years it has played in the World Series.

    We all love you Cardinals out here in Cardinal world. This is your year. Let’s give the critics something to choke on,

    their own words.



    good points all..

    funny thing is is that blog could have been written by a tigers fan with different examples.

    I think there is something to the fact that ESPN and FOX are not happy about a “small market” series. There ratings aren’t as good I’m sure.

    Notice how the Yanks and Mets, two teams that got the most respect and were supposed to be in it were dispatched by two teams with a **** of a lot more heart and class!!

    Anyway good blog and well said. At least there is no New York team in this one!!!!!!!


    wow, grindline and i agree again. both NY teams seem to think they can go out and just buy the post season every year. the problem with that theory is that they must still perform as a TEAM. a concept that is lost on most of their “superstars”.


    LET’S GO CARDS!!!!


    you’re scarin me carter! but you’re right! There is also no doubt that the tigers toppled 2 franchise (see A’s fire Mocha and Torre hang on by a thread) And talk about no respect… all that the writers and talking heads could do was blame the Yanks and A’s for “blowing it”. That was obviously to just save face for their great predictions of a subway series!!!! Old Rodney Dangerfield must be looking down on this one with a grin…this is his kind of matchup!!


    Oh, by the way just go to if you want an ego boost Card fans. They are doing nothing but praising the Cards and bashing the Tigers..Now if the Tigers win tonight will ESPN may expload by having to flip flop again!!!!


    yeah, i visited there today. pathetic how they sing different tunes almost daily. a few days a go it was detroit in three!!

    looks like most of the heavy stuff may go just south of St. Louie….PLAY BALL!!!



    Congrats Cardinals, watching you guys battle from abroad at ungodly hours here. But seeing the Cardinals win between 2 and 5 AM is always worth it. Good luck tonight Sup and the rest of the crew.


    i would like to retract my previos post….start time between 8:30 and 9:00 CST now.

    this ***. imagine how bad this must be for the Cardinals and the Tigers?

    Hang in there Cardinals!! This can still be our night!



    This is Toby in NY. What’s Up !! Let Larussa know in no uncertain terms that you should be getting in these games. I know you’re ecstatic just to be there after taking the long road, but my brother Jason’s 5 yr old son (lil JJ) is hitting better than Preston Wilson right now. (no offense P. Wilse, but c’mon). I know you can’t tell Larussa nothing (he manages on hunches) but at least whisper in Pujol’s ear. Everybody knows what you can do. You just need more AB’s. If not, tell Larussa your crazy cousins are going to show up in Missouri with half of Harlem. Or you could tape this email somewhere.

    After the season, call me (your mom and sis got my #) Jason and I would love to see your ring. Stay Up. Tobe


    To: Grind and others

    I remember watching the whole debacle on C-SPAN, and seeing Mark literally tear up. I, myself believe both him and Bonds used some form of steriods, or human growth hormones, whatever. This is cheating — new-age style I guess. Perhaps we should revoke or put an asterisk (*) near their records.

    They have undoubted proof that Rogers had something on his left hand, under his thumb. Was it dirt, rosin and spit? Maybe. Did it alter the game really after he cleaned his hand? No it did not. But if it was pine tar, if he was scuffing balls up (USA Today), and our manager had been more persistent, and the umpires had found pine tar, or any foreign substance, he would have been ejected from the game and suspended for 10 games. This is when and only when it comes into play when people start questioning if the outcome of the game would have been different in my opinion. La Russa didn’t push it further, and I know that he had his reasons, trust me he is more intelligent about the game of baseball then all of us combined here.

    Not only did Rogers have the same spot on his hand in his start against the Cards, he had the same “goo” spots in his starts against the Yankee’s and the A’s, which makes this more interesting. But, whats done is done, there really is no need to debate about it. But I do believe we should put an asterisk near questionable players, like Rogers 0.0 ERA in the post-season.

    Side note:

    GO CARDS! I hope this is our year. To grind: If you guys win (and if not), I salute your team, and think they are the best team we could face as far as sportsmanship, class, and competition. You deserve this series, just as much as we do. Good luck to the Tigers, and the Cardinals!


    actaully to everyone who is saying ESPN has pics of Kenny with it on his hand the whole postseason. The 1st game you can’t see anything but Karl remarks” it’s hard to see but its there” how in the **** can you just tell people somethings there when you can’t even see it. And the reason I believe Kenny’s explanation that he rubs dirty baseballs before everygame is because here in detroit we have another resource thankfully not ESPN who probably pick this up too but chose not to show it. Our newspaper has pics of Kenny with DIRT on his hand during his sept 12th start which is not the postseason and it was about 60 then so its no reason for him to get a better grip on the ball.He was not cheating and who are cards fans of all people to talk about cheating I remember a certain player #25 who couldn’t even answer questions about his performance enhancement use. BTW the cards have some outstanding fans here’s what one of them posted in Nate’s blog-” nate,nate,nate you ****!!!!!! Haha ur team suxs too! The sox are way better than the tigers and everyone else is a bum for ******* up to this loser! Zumaya **** too! Get your whole team off steroids, growth hormones and HGH and cheating because you guys are losers! The cardinals are gonna dominate you guys because Pujols and Carpenter are to much for u! HAHA enjoy losing a World Series!!”

    Posted by:


    hold up there bdb88,

    so let me get this straight, you are going to ASSUME that all Cardinal fans are a certain way because of one post on Nate’s blog…get a grip man!! I doubt this guy was even a Cardinal fan, if so, why on earth would he have mentioned the sox?? THINK!! he is more than likely a disgruntled sox fan who is just mad because his team didn’t even make the post season. And if you would have taken the time to actually read the posts above, we have already discussed the Mcwire (is that better grind??) and Kenny situations. Neither one of these players can be PROVEN to be guilty, nor innocent at this point.



    Hello John, Cardinals team and Cardinal fans. I thought you might like a perspective from a huge, life-long Tigers fan and how we are feeling here in Detroit.

    I mentioned in an earlier comment how much respect I have for the Cardinals and St.Louis, Mo. This respect is shared throughout Detroit and Michigan with those I talk to.

    This is turning out to be a great series and with high elements of intrigue. I worry about the Rogers controversy and what effect it could have on his reputation, as well as the Tigers. Thank God for 2 things: (1)Tony LaRussa didn’t go a step further like he could have and gotten Rogers tossed. (2)Rogers continued to pitch masterfully without the “dirt”. Had he not, the media would have crucified him. Its already been a media-circus…can you imagine it had he given up 5 runs in the 2nd?

    We have been starving for a 500 ballclub, and now here we are in the Series. The entire season has been magical and to have it marred the way it could have been would have had a potentially dangerous effect. I think its shows the class of Tony LaRussa.

    There has always been a level of respect towards him. Leyland has reached ‘legend’ status in such a short time. Any friend of Leyland’s is a friend of mine. My respect for him has now grown ten-fold.

    Great pitching beats great hitting anytime. But most of us thought that meant Detroit would be up 2-1. Not the Cards.

    A couple of “Hats Off”: To the Cardinal pitchers. We didn’t know much about the staff but now they are household names. Carpenter frustrated the **** out of us and now all we hear about is how Suppan can also dominate. Yeah….great. (2) Cardinals fans: We have a local news station that is doing pregames a couple of hours long before the games and we are glued to it. They kept interviewing both sides’ fans and the class shown by Cards’ fans is obvious. There was a lot of good-natured jabs going on but interview after interview showed the fun that everyone was having and how the Cards’ fans were treating the Tiger fans as welcomed guests. I can’t think of 2 better teams to be matched up. Good luck


    to borth,

    very well stated. i think Cards fans in general have a great respect for the Tigers/Detroit/ and their fans as well. We are two original teams with a long history of tradition. hats off to the entire Tiger organization, and it really is a shame that one of these great teams will have to lose. thanks for your input for a real view from the “other side”.

    Now if mother nature would just cooperate!!!


    Hey all,
    Great blogging everyone!!!


    Yeah bdb88, your right, the tigers ****. it was a fluke that they won 95 games dominated the yankees for three games straight and swept the A’s. I wasn’t going to waste my time responding to your rant but in case you forgot thats what the tigers have done this year.

    I also have to agree with borth and carter (yeah I said it…I agree with carter!)

    these two teams are class in everything…two of the absolute best managers in the game…plyers that truly have respect for the fans, the game and each other and fans that can be fierce opponents but realize at the end of the day it is just baseball not war!

    Now can it please stop raining in st louis!!!!!! Win or lose I wanna watch my Tigers!!!


    by the way bdb88…if we want to talk about cheating and the sox (im assuming you’re a white sox fan) Your organization owns one of the biggest “black” marks in the history of baseball…can you say 1919? then again you probably have no idea what that means!!!!!


    As another Tiger fan, I am in complete agreement with borth. Unlike you all we haven’t been in the series liet alone the playoffs in a very very long time.

    I like to talk about my Grandmother, who is 91 years old and although as sharp as a tack, she has almost completely lost her vision. She has been a rabid Tigers fam since the 1930’s. As a child I can remember her leaving family parties or sneaking to a television so that she could watch her Tigers play. And now that she can’t see anything she sits there and listens to every game. (and I mean all games but 3 this year). She lives about three hours outside of Detroit and even though she hasn’t been to a game in 15 years, she asked to come to one this year. So about 25 of us brought her to a game. (by the way they won.)

    She even listened to all the games three years ago when we lost 119. So I guess I come by my love for the Tigers honestly.

    I only bring this up is because I was talking to her yesterday and she like a lot of baseball fans is sad about this Series. She said that she has been waiting for her Tigers to be back in it for a long time and now she’s sad because they are loosing but because of the of this media circus. And I am sure a lot of Cardinals fans have similar stories.

    Anyway I didn’t get on here to talk about that I wanted to know what the weather forcast is looking like for St. Louis tonight?? Here they are saying gloom and doom. And the real kicker is that your weather is heding here, but add cold on top of it. (I mean colder than 50 more like 30) This is unseasonably cold for us.

    Go Tigers, but I think Cardinals are okay too. I just hope that you loose.


    Speaking of managers…you would never and I mean never see Larussa or leyland call someone a “f’n f**” on national TV!!! YOu also would never see them send a rookie in to pitch at a guys head and then turn around and berate him publically in the dugout for not throwing at him!!! you have a reaaaaal classy manager there.


    hey, anyone see that putt thome made in his last game…..oh yeah, noones watching the sox play golf!!!!!!


    the local forecast for St. Louis is a 30% chance for rain @ 7:00 with an increase chance of 50% by 9:00 pm. Does not sound too good.******, I just want to see some baseball!!!

    oh and grind, please post something to upset me…i will have to off myself if we agree anymore…lol


    sorry carter, I just cant find any real hate in me for the cardinals…I hated the hype around the rogers issue and I hate that the tigers are down 2-1 but in all honesty I cant deny that the cardinals are a class team with a lot of class fans….wish you were a sox or yankees fan, I’d have plenty for ya!!!!


    I was working pre-game downtown last night(next to Bush Stadium)and watched the crowd paiently wait for the rain to stop. They did so well with the game being delayed and cancelled. Most of the crowd stayed around for awhile to rally up the city so we can go out there tonight and do what we do. I’ll be watching at home on t.v. tonight, but Game5 I will have a seat in the house. Oh yeah baby….I bet you Cardinals have never been so anxious to fulfill a dream. This is major!-This is Major Leauge Baseball! The city has your back down here and were not lettin you go nowhere!! -Jamie-


    Mellow…just make sure you know the ticket for tonights game (game 5) is still for tonight…tomorrows game is for ticketholders of wednesdays rainout! would hate to see anyone miss a game!!


    I couldn’t agree more about the DISRESPECT the Cardinals (and for that matter, the Tigers) get all season long. ESPN and SI are always all about NY & Boston. When they finally give any credit to the Cardinals it is all about Pujols. I love Pujols, but there is a lot of talent on the entire team…my family favorites are Eckstein, Rolen, Molina and Edmonds, but we respect and appreciate every player on the team. When the Cardinals had the best record in baseball two years ago, not much attention was given, because we are NL Central…of course we didn’t pull off the WS that year. But here we are again, this time with the worst record to make it to the WS, but the CARDS are here and they are winning the series 2-1.
    J Rod I hope to see you at the plate and in the field during the next couple of games. The Cards are stocked full of class acts who love and respect the game and you are one of them.

    I hope the rain stops soon so we can see some more GREAT baseball by two great teams. Let’s finish it in STL.


    J-Rod, hope the weather cooperates with you Guys tonight My family and I will be watching in our livingroom, wearing our RED, and cheering you on!

    Your fans in St. Louis


    weather update for the Tiger fans out there, it is currently misting moderately in the Lou. Projected to hang around until around midnite when the heavy stuff is supposed to hit. I would guess that we will see a ball game tonight, but it will be sloppy conditions.




    weather update for white sox fans…little bit of drizzle at the 18th hole…..Thome putting for double bogey


    see carter if your a sox fan I got a lot more ammo…just the nature of the sox being a bunch of classlesss losers!!!


    sorry grindline,

    i can’t even pretend to be ANY kind of chicago fan. they would revoke my cardinal fan status…lol

    btw, cub fans can be worse


    yeah, only difference is is that I can’t deny the white sox are a dangerous team…the cubs are as dangerous as a t-ball team



    Hope the weather is better there – in the mountains of Colorado we have 20 inches of snow! I hope the weather is with you tonight!!

    I think it’s wonderful how well you guys have been playing and I like to say: Well, it’s been three games now. Have the Tigers won yet?

    I have faith in you guys! Apparently some of my positive energy helped you guys for Game 3, so have some more and use it for tonight!!!



    Rain, Rain, Go Away…
    Cards and Tigers want to play….So on this day, we can say…. Redbirds, THAT’S A WINNER!!! GO CARDS!!!


    Find a way to win baby!!! Way to go guys!!!! It doesn’t always have to be pretty. What a roller-coaster ride!!!

    LET’S GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!


    OUCH! that was heartbreaking…well it aint over yet but the tigers really let one get away!!! Hats off to the Cards for fighting one off!! **** of a game by the “little guy”
    Errors aside…both teams left it all out there and I hope the rmainder of the games are this close..notice I said games..this aint over yet…no large female singing…no death march….CMON TIGERS pick yourself up off the damp muddy field and fight!!!!!


    What is the deal with all this rain sure we need it severly…IN JULY!!!, Awsome game tinight. I had to call my father to talk about how amazing it was and the old fart was asleep. I asked how’d ja like the game. He replies who, what, where am I He’s the reason Im a Cardinals Fan. Great game on both sides definatly the best world series I have ever seen.I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.The cardinals have found a way to win, and a win is a win any way you slice it.And as for the media coverage get real, because these two teams are no figment of anyones imaginations,only nightmares to the New York teams and their presious “subway series” they hoped for.Also before I go ESPN couldn’t predict rain even if the sky is cloudy and their were lightning and thunder to boot.I know they are suposed to be unbiased, but they really **** at it. Well its time to get of the soap box and get some rest for tomarrows game5. God bless everyone. and good night

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