Thank you!

I would like to say thanks to all the fans who wrote back. Thank you for your support and may God bless you your life forever.   

I would also like to send thanks to Velocity Sports Performance in Carlsbad, Calif. Thank you to Brent Callaway, Todd Williams and Stefan Alsop, who made me into a better athlete. God bless you guys.

Let’s get started!



    You’re welcome! By the way, it is 25 degrees in St Louis……I am counting the days till I come to sunny & warm Florida..13 days….YEAH!
    Thanks for writing!!


    Sometimes it’s you guys that get us through these long winter days! We’re all so excited about you guys heading north! We are so proud of you, not just for what you did, but who you are!Go Cards!


    Just read the great piece on you in today’s P-D. I’m really rooting for you, given the seriousness you’ve shown in continually seeking to upgrade your skills. Best of luck, and have a great spring!


    J-Rod- I hope you get an opportunity to play everyday. You are a inspiration to all Cardinal fans here in Fort Dodge , Iowa. I love your story of how you got to the major leagues ! My brother took me to game three of the world serious and it was the most memorable experience of my life! Thanks J-Rod for the memories! God Bless and hit a bomb at the dish for me!


    John, I really do think you will hit your way into the lineup this year….and win the starting job in RF.

    I hope so.

    I’m expecting to see something like: BA .305, OBP .385, SLG .485, OPS .870. That ought to be worth at least 500 ABs.

    Stay strong, stay focused, get a ball in your zone. Work on your defense.

    Remember what Ted Williams said: “80% of hitting is getting a good pitch to hit.”

    And Stan Musial’s advice: “Get a good pitch you can hit, then hit the cr-p out of it.”

    (One piece of advice, that may seem odd: Try to get a lower uniform number…something in the teens or twenties. It’s pschological, it means you belong in the starting line-up.)

    Good luck. Walk with God. Visualize it exactly as it’s gonna happen.


    John dont sweat the small stuff, your talent has brought you to this level, and your desire to win will keep you there. Hopefully, the way I see it is you’ll be starting the first part of the season due to surgery rehabs in the outfield, and if given this chance I know you will make the most of it. Take care and best of luck to you.


    John, I think you should be platooning in one of our outfield spots. If you keep your OBP up around your career average, you’re definitely one of our top outfielders. Have a good spring!


    I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to the next update. Keep working hard. I want to see you on this team.


    Buena suerte este ano! Espero que te vaya bien! Y que tal Puerto Rico? Te divertiste? Trabajo con muchas boricuas y me dicen que es hermosa! Nos vemos para los ultimos de marzo en Jupiter!


    Hope your time in Florida is going well! Keep your chin up and work hard. My wife & I are expecting to see you in Pittsburgh vs. the Pirates! Can’t wait. You’re doing great, I’m sure!


    One month until opening day! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the guys slugging it out. Good luck in spring training, hope to see a lot more of you this season.


    Welcome back for another year. Was at the game on Saturday, 3/3. I could do this every year. You are an inspiration to me and especially to Ian. I’m thinking you remember him from Peoria last year and then at the Kids Crew party in September. You continually make his day. He is starting t-ball for the first time this year and is expecting to be playing with you and the team by the end of the season. I called him yesterday to tell him that you had the plays of the day and he was so excited. Your faith and commitment are encouraging. With a day like yesterday on the field, only good things are on the way this season.
    God Bless and have a great season,

    Ian’s mom, Mindy


    Hi John,
    I just want to wish you best of luck at Spring Training. I enjoyed meeting you through Lisa and at Winter Warmup. You did a heck of a job last year when they had you bat before Albert! Your team spirit and love of the game always shine through. I’m looking forward to watching you play again, and perhaps see you again at Al’s with Lisa.

    God Bless, and STAY HEALTHY!!!

    Barbara (Lisa’s mom, in case you didn’t guess…from NJ)


    My son and I just got back from a visit to Spring Training! How exciting!! I certainly cannot wait until the season starts!! We are all rooting for you! Keep up the great attitude and hard work. You are a terrific role model and an awesome ball player!!


    J Rod I love to see you swing the hardwood! Every at bat is exciting! Have you worked out at either corner infield position? Keep up the good work, we want to see you in St. Louis!


    Hi John!
    Thank you so much for coming over to sign your baseballs for me! I have not given the one to my neice yet, but she was THRILLED when I called her from Roger Dean to tell her that you stopped by. It was great to spend a few minutes with you. And I truly hope you can continue this blog. I know you mentioned that it might have to end because of the stupid political **** some people write, but know that us trud & loyal fans will miss it if it ends.





    Loking forward to this being a most excellent year for you. See ya at the ballpark!

    Diann and ROb


    J Rod,

    Keep up your hard work and you will be rewarded, I look forward to seeing your bat in the lineup. Have a great year and go Birds!!!!!!!!

    Dwight and Lori


    Hey J-rod. Im looking forward to seeing you and the Cards this season. I got to see a little bit of the spring training game on TV yesterday which made me even more excited about the upcoming season.I wish you all the best of luck, and congratulations on your engagement!



    I just got back to Missouri after five days in the Jupiter/Ft Lauderdale area. I’m a big fan of yours, and I was excited to see you get a good amount of playing time. I wanted to commend you on getting into such great shape over the winter break. You looked like a new man covering range in the outfield and rounding the bases!

    Here’s hoping you see much playing time this season. You certainly proved last season that you deserve the spot, and it appears you’ve done nothing but improve since then. Congratulations!




    Yeah..Made up by JRod or his buddies. Doesn’t make sense do they Robert?!?! He’s also having people delete anything that’s negative at all toward him. Can’t handle the truth. Ask Kevin Slayton


    I was at a spring training game last week and you took the time to sign everyone’s autographs, which is not what all the players did. It was so nice of you. You signed one for me and I asked you if you were going to do your blog again this year and you said if you made the team. I told you I thought you would and I do believe that. You are a great player that we can count on each and every time you play. We are rooting for you, John!


    Hey J-Rod,
    You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Max, the batboy from the Clippers in ’04. I’m really glad to see you’ve been able to stick around in the big leagues for a while. My dad’s a Cardinals fan, and 2 years ago I came to see a game in St. Louis, but I didn’t get a chance to say hi.

    Anyway, congrats on the Series last year. That had to be amazing. Good luck this year. I’m looking forward to watching you play more.



    Hey John,

    Keep it up. Not only will you make the squad but if you keep this up, it will make it tough for them not to consider making you the everyday right fielder. I think you can have a big year and be the starter in right. I’m pulling for you.


    Yo Jay this is Jesse & Kimbery’s
    friend Ricky In NY, just stopping by to say hello how’s

    everything? Jesse’s been trying

    to get in touch! Hollar back!


    Go Cards! Only 10 days till opening day! Been a long lonely winter without you guys…can not wait to see you at home!!!!!! Wear that ring with pride 🙂


    Hey J.J
    I always knew you could do it.. You are a amazing young Man.. My Son John is you biggest fan… He and Jasmine loves to see all our picture from when we was little kids… I been trying to get in touch…. Love You Much! So Happy with all your success. God Bless You J.J

    Always in my Heart

    Janet ( 93St. )


    John, I was really sad to see that you are (temporarily!!) going to Memphis. Hang in there and use this opportunity to play every day as a chance to get even better. So Taguchi and Skip Schumacher bounced between the majors and minors at stages in their careers, and I think you can make it back. It would be great if somehow your blog could continue from Memphis. It would be interesting to hear a major league player describe the differences between the majors and minors.
    Hope to see you back in St. Louis this year.


    John, All the hard work paid off and you look even more amazing! I know you won’t be in Memphis for long! God bless you too, and have a wonderful and successful season! 🙂


    Hola JJ
    I am so proud of you.I try to watch every game.I keeep up with up dates with Lisa & Bobby. The family here in the Maryland area are so proud of you. I’m looking foward to see you when you come in town to play aginst the National. Que el Senor y la Virgen te cuide. Lots of blessing and sucess. cousin vic


    I see you were here in Round Rock this weekend i wish i could have seen you play when ever your in town again dont Forget Mamita’s Mexican rest in georgetown Take Care A may God Bless you Always


    Hey there John, how are you? I hope that you are doing great. I met you a few years ago when you played for the Yankees Minor league team and your just a great guy. You were so nice to all of us and took time out to sign cards and talk with us. I am coming to Memphis in about two weeks to see you guys play. Best wishes because you deserve to be in St.Louis.Hope to talk to you then and hope you update your blog!! 🙂 Sincerely, Kay


    Hey John,
    Hope its going well in Florida for you.

    I enjoyed getting to know you while in Memphis. I am glad for the opportunity to meet you and befriend you. Eric was fun too tell him Hi for me!

    hope to keep in touch with you and watch yer career if you come back to Memphis(this is not perferable for either of us i know! 😉 i look forward to seeing you again but i hope you move on up!!!STL! here we come!


    Dear John,

    I think of myself as more than a baseball fan. I’m genuinely curious to better understand the factors that lead a player to success or prevent him from doing so. Much of my curiosity is focused on player management. It seems as if there are many instances where certain players whose past performance indicates a potential for major league success (whether in the minors or at the major league level itself) however team management only supplies a limited number of at-bats to that player. You seem like a good example of this. You have experienced a lot of success in the minors and your numbers in the major leagues would seem to warrant greater playing opportunities.

    My favorite example of questionable player management however is Ryan Howard. He is widely known as a perennial MVP candidate now but only a few eyars ago, the Phillies blocked his path to the majors by signing Jim Thome to a long contract. If Thome had not developed back problems in his 2nd season in Philadelphia, who knows how that would have effected Ryan Howard’s career path.

    Do you have any thoughts on current management practices? Do you think that there are recognizable instances where certain players should be allowed extended opportunities to play in the majors?


    Holaaaaaaaaa…. Sr Rodrgueeez… saludos desde Venezuela We miss u… lol..
    well just i miss u lol..


    Hey John

    My english is bad, but i just wanna tell u that here in Venezuela ur work was very cool. I dont wanna talk about Caribes i wanna talk about u because in the round robin i dont know what happened but all gone down, i hope that u come back this year whit Caribes or some team in VENEZUELA. U see like a good person and good player i was nervious just whit saw u and i never saw u and meet u but please my friend this league is hard y cool please come back this year… i wish u luck and bless.. ta care.. From Maremares Venezuela.. The Linos friend.. i hope u remember me and u finger stay good.. kisses.. Nayeska from Caracas-Venezuela

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