Game 3

Today in Game 3, we faced somebody in Chris Young who’sbeen good all year. He’s tall. He’s deceiving with his arm action. He hit his
spots and he did what he had to do to keep his team in it.



    This is a very good quote “There’s no reason to go back over there. We’ve got it here. We’re up two games to one, and one way or the other we’ve got to get it done.”

    ((((( JOEBU ))))) PRONOUNCED [] [] [] [] JOE BOO [] [] [] []

    . .



    I will be at the game tomorrow try sending a foul to section 231 okay?




    Hey John, thanks for this sight it is cool, makes me feel a part of it all. We’ll get them tomorrow, good luck!!


    You win some, you lose some….It was a heck of a game. You all will get em’ tomorrow.


    JJ, You guys got to get it done tomorrow ,i dont want to see you guys go back to SD. And hopefully we will get to see you next week here in NY. LETS GO CARDS!!!! Later
    Jay and family


    Thats ok cards, we just ran into some good pitching today and remember this the last time we faced woody williams we put up some runs against him so we will beat them today. Good luck guys



    Hey man, Im a socal cards fan.. Drove out to AZ for the series at the end of the year. I want to thank you for the ball you game me in BP! The next day I got it signed by Thompson,Flores,TJ,Sosa, and Soup! Cards didn’t win while i was there but that made the whole trip for me. Thank-you!

    I’m a big fan of yours and i hope you stay in STL for a long long time… oh and why did you delete your myspace? 🙂 hahah

    Good luck tommorow! CARDSIN06 Baby!


    Hey man, Ya’ll had great effort today, There was just too much to overcome with Young out there and that brutal sun , I know ya’ll get-R-done tomorrow, looking forward to watching it, and our first big celebration in the new stadium. GO CARDS!!!!


    JROD – First, Let me just say you’re AWESOME, and as a true Cards fan we were so glad when you came to our team. So today didn’t go our way – but it doesn’t matter – because you’re the Cardinals and you always get it done! Being a fan of this team is an experience that no other fan understands or can share in. You know that when you’re playing for the Cardinals, you have the best and truest fans, right here in STL! (And in our case as we drove in today from out of state – you’re fans aren’t just in STL – They’re EVERYWHERE!)

    So keep playing hard and smart – you have the best coach in the National League- so keep it up and we’ll see you in NY!


    Hey J-Rod.
    Keep your head up high, I’ll be at the game rootin’ for the cards tomorrow! You guys can do it, theres no one stoppin ya.



    You guy’s might of been lacking in some area’s today but you had some really good innings today also. look at how great yadi did today. you have stuff to be proud of today. you have fan’s who are going to love you guys no matter what happens in the playoffs. In a way it was nice of you guy’s to loose today. lol those of us who bought ticket’s for tomorrow get to see you guy’s play. might even do better this time since you wont have those who couldn’t get tickets to today’s game secretly praying for you to loose haha. everyone will be on the same wave lenth tomorrow and you’ll do great! i hope they let you hit tomorrow too! good luck!


    We’re still in the driver’s seat, so let’s take it all tonight! Great defense in game 3, just lacking at the plate. We need to watch those pitches out of the strike zone. Come on cards, let’s go. JRod, you’ve helped us out before, and you will do it again. Let’s win this one for Tony, and all the cardinal nation.


    I know what’s going on here.

    You guys were just waiting out the other series so that you could clinch it in front the national TV audience.

    Smart. Very smart.



    You da man! The blog is a great idea and they couldn’t have picked a better Cardinal to do it.

    My wife and I became big fans when you were first brought up from Memphis. We saw you at games in Nashville and Memphis. We have to admire someone who stuck it out in the minors for so long and especially someone who got lost in the Yankees system and was able to break free. We’re glad they overlooked your great talent and zeal for baseball. Your batting style is signature and it is easy to see you love the game. Those are among the reasons you have so many Cardinal fans rooting for you and disappointed they don’t play you more. I hope they don’t use you as trade bait but on the other hand, if they do, you might get a chance to be a starter. We’ll follow you wherever you go but hope you become a starting Cardinal.

    Hope you get the chance to blast one today.

    Tell Tony – “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play – today!”


    You guys are awesome – so what if you lost yesterday!
    Can’t wait for tonight’s game and victory!

    By the way, great job on the blog.


    My wife and I met you back at the beginning of July at the Cardinals Culbhouse in Fairview Heights. You were very kind and allowed us to have our picture taken with you which I’ve posted on my website It was the highlight of our summer and we just wanted to thank you again. Take care and good luck in your pursuit of a world series. Go Cards!

    Derek Nantz


    Jay Jay,

    This is Koko from Oklahoma I was just seein what you were up to. I saw you guys got beat and I just wantto say good luck! But I will give you a call soon so I will talk to you later!!!

    Koko Keith


    You guys got to get it done today. I don’t want to see you guys go back to SD. GO CARDINALS. Mets get ready for the Cardinals. Later!!!


    Love the Cardinals


    is it just me or does it seem like the announcers are rooting for the mets?? everything they say jinx’s the cards…


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