Heading home


Me (53) and my teammates welcome Albert Pujols back after he scored.

It’s hard to explain where we are right now. We’re not on a high but we’re not low either. We’re just staying on an even keel. We just want to go back to our place and take care of things. We are two games up, but we can never take anything for granted.

We can’t let up, not one ounce. We’ve got to go to our place and take the energy from our fans, who are the best fans in the world, and go out there and play the game like we’ve been playing over here. Defense, offense and the strategy of Tony. We’ve just got to stay focused. Remain focused and keep working hard.

Coming home with two chances to close this out is great, but we’ve got to stay focused. There’s no way we can lose it or give them an inch. We’ve got to stay on top of them and keep pressure on them.

I got another at-bat, and I keep hitting the ball to the furthest part of the park. Hopefully I can get something like that at home and it will go. I’ve just got to stay focused and keep hitting the way I’m hitting. It’s wonderful just to get my feet wet and put a good swing on it and put a good at-bat together like that.

The flight home is going to be wonderful. And then we have a day off tomorrow. We all can sleep easier with this win. Even if we would have gone home 1-1, we couldn’t have accepted that. We wanted to go back home up 2-0, and we’re doing that. It’s a beautiful thing.

The responses from the fans to this blog have been outrageous — just great. I appreciate everybody writing in, and I wish I could write back personally to every person. That’s impossible, but I want to say thank you and I appreciate it. Keep writing.

I want to say hello to my family — my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my sister, my little brother. I also want to say hello to the guys who are from around my block who wrote in to me. Keep writing, and believe me, I’m reading it and seeing you guys’ response. I deeply appreciate it.


  1. mizzoushyde@sbcglobal.net

    Nice game today Jon. You are hitting the really well. I hope you get to hit one out. that would be really cool. Good Luck i will be rooting the cards on just as i have all season in Kansas City.

  2. pujolsa@stlouis-cardinals.net

    You?re absolutely right, you have to keep focused.
    I am so pumped up now; I really am just amazed at how the ?playoff rookies? are doing!

    Belliard is unbelievable and Wainwright is doing great! And I have always said to give Tyler Johnson time, and that is so true now! Keep the sprits high; I love it when I see you and the other guys yelling at the starters when they?re out on the field!

    Team chemistry is key in a successful team, that?s what is so great about this Cardinals team! As a fan, I want to thank you guys for keeping us always on our seats, and playing A+ baseball these past two games! Keep up the great work, oh, and nice AB today!

    I always remember the NLCS game 5 last year when you almost jacked one out of the park! Willy caught it on the track in center field, and that was at Minute Maid. Keep it up man!

  3. cboylan123@yahoo.com

    Man, I thought your hit today was out. Where else is a 395 yard hit to Right Center not a HR. Not Busch, thats for sure!

  4. kim113731@earthlink.net

    You looked great today – I really thought your hit was going out of the park. All the Cardinals fans are so excited with the way things went in San Diego – can’t wait until Saturday! Keep up the good work!

  5. radioman67@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the GREAT BLOG, J-Rod! It is SO awesome to read YOUR personals thoughts about what it’s like for you in the Playoffs! You’d be happy to know that Cardinal Fever is alive and well where I work! Even had a good friend there actually go out over her lunch hour to buy a walkman just so she could listen to the Card/Padres game this afternoon, complete with NEW batteries! Please keep up the great work and keep playing that “Hard Nine!”

  6. Brady

    Hey J-Rod…I know you won’t ever reply to this…but just reading your blog man, I’ve really learned a lot about you. I’ve been blogging for a long time about the Cardinals, and when you first came up, I tagged you as a “budding superstar”. I was hoping you wouldn’t end up as the next Bo Hart, and you didn’t. You’ve been consistently good for this team, as a starter or coming off the bench.

    Now, one thing has become apparent to me. The quick rise to the big time once you reached St. Louis hasn’t affected you at all. Earlier this year and late last year, I got the GREAT privelege of writing for Albert Pujols’ personal newsletter at his charity site. (www.pujolsfamilyfoundation.org)

    As a 16 year old, this is about the same as catching a Pujols homer. It meant a lot to me. When I was doing this, I got to talk to some of the people who help his foundation and I learned how great a human being he is and how much he loves the game. In today’s MLB, there are a lot of players infatuated with the big contract, and it is nice to see players that REALLY LOVE the game. From reading your blog, I can tell that this entire team, including yourself, LOVE baseball. Tell Albert I said hi and that I’m the kid who wrote for his newsletter, and you need to keep up the great work on the field. It’s time we won another world series, man, and with your help off the bench in key situations, we can get it done. We fans are behind you 100%. GO CARDINALS!

    -Brady Holzhauer

    In the Cards


  7. ryanp@riverradio.net

    It’s only fitting that the first game at the new Busch Stadium could be the deciding game of the NLDS. The critics may have counted you guys out, but I know that you guys don’t play for the critics…you play for the fans…and that’s why St. Louis is the best baseball town in the world. John, I’m digging the blog…Keep up the good work. Good luck on Saturday. Hopefully there won’t be a Sunday.

  8. nash_bob_@hotmail.com

    Just like everyone else i think that this blog thing is a really cool thing. With you telling your thoughts about the games it makes me feel that im right there in the dugout with you guys. Great job in san diego i feel really good about coming back with the two game lead and hopefully we can finish it off at home and have chris for game one again. All of you guys have done a great job this season. Keep it up and pass on my thanks to all the guys. GOD BLESS to all you guys. GO CARDS!

  9. mdw89b@umr.edu

    Great job guys, the pitching looks amazing… The offense is scoring key runs.
    Man I wish that hit you made went yard. Keep up the great work guys, and lets get this done quick and get some rest! 😛

  10. tictactim@aol.com

    John – I think you are just awesome, man. I’ve been a big fan ever since you first came up with the Cards and I was pullin for both you and Hector Luna to get some more chances, but, unfortunately, he’s gone now. I’m glad you’re still with us, though. You’re a good man. I also enjoyed hearing you on The Morning Grind! 590 The Fan! Tim McKernan is the man. You are too. Keep it up John. Best of luck to you!

  11. jet_hed@comcast.net

    Thank you and all the Cards for another exciting season! And go for the whole enchilada! I am loving it from Irving, TX.

  12. cedwards@teamexpansion.org

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and share your thoughts. It means alot to all of us who have been behind you all from day one. The team has had some tought blows this year with injuries, but every single one of you guys have been willing to do whatever had to be done to make things happen. I can list name after name of guys who have at different moments of the season come through big. That’s what a team is all about. I love watching you guys celebrate around the unlikely heroes. It’s awesome. A true testimony of what it means to be a team.

    I’m kind of bummed right now because I am currently living in Taiwan with my family and this first round of games is not being televised on ESPN. Only Yankees and Dodgers. I’m proud of the Taiwan guys who have had success this years but I would rather watch my Cardinals(Hoeng Chweh Dwei/ Cardinals in Chinese). One more game and then I will be able to watch you in the next round. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing John. Say Nee How(Hello) to all the guys.


    Born and Raised in St.Louie

  13. yalestewart06@yahoo.com

    First off, I totally just stole that from your old buddy, and next time I’m at Busch I’m gonna see if we can start chanting it. It’d be nice to know how to pronounce it, though (Joe-bu? Jay-bu?). Either way, you’re doing great and everyone appreciates this blog. If nothing else, you should grab the team and let them see how much we’re all rooting for them since you’ve been on the road these past few days. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team. I may be 800 miles from home in Georgia (where Wainwright hails from), but you better believe I’m rooting for the Cards. I wear my New Eras everyday and just had my mom ship me my Pujols jersey. Gotta rep the STL. Go Cards.

    Be safe. Play hard. Have fun. God bless.

    -Yale Stewart

  14. jcardinals15@yahoo.com


    I really like how you take time out of your day to write this blog and let us fans know what you guys do in your free time. I hope that tony uses you to your potential, and I was sad when you were sent down to Memphis. You have been one of the most exciting players on the team for me to watch for the past couple of years.

    It seems that you have a nack for hitting the ball to the deepest part of the park. You did that today, and last year in the NLCS when you hit it about 430 to dead center in Houston. Keep up the good work, and keep proving people wrong.

    Go Cards,


  15. ilovebaseball18@yahoo.com


    Hey man, great win last night! and thank you for keeping us posted with the Blogs, i just signed up so i could read and reply. I just moved back to Illinois from Alaska and man I tell you what I have definetly missed being in an area full of baseball!! Keep up the good work and keep the team’s heads up and don’t let that confidence fall, no matter what you all do, this town will always have your all’s backs!

  16. tigerkt@gmail.com

    Great win today! I’m excited you’ll all be “coming home” for the game at Busch. We’re always rooting for you when you come up to the plate and can’t wait for Saturday’s game in STL. Keep up the good work! Do great!

  17. checkeredflagchick@msn.com

    J-Rod, you totally rock my sox for writing this blog.

    You guys are totally coming together as that clutch team, both defensively and offensively, that I knew was in there somewhere, even when things were looking sketchy at the end of the reg season!! I never lost faith, as in past years…

    Cards in ’06, what else can I say?


  18. mmarty@ameren.com


    This blog is great – I read it as often as possible. I appreciate your comments and the fact that you take the time to post.

    Yesterday was a great game and I’m stoked for you all to come home. We’ll be at the game Saturday and I look forward to seeing a sweep!

    Keep it up guys and we’ll see you in the NLCS!

  19. jcwatjen@insightbb.com

    Well you guys sure made my students happy. It appears they will be getting an endless amount of bonus points if you guys keep playing the way you are. I thought the pinch-hit you had was gone! If you hit that in Busch, it is a solo shot. Nice work yesterday. I am looking forward to getting out the brooms for tomorrows game. Good Luck!


  20. jwalter@jeffco.edu

    I am so glad to see you back up in the bigs! I think I am your biggest fan! I love watching you play! Keep up the good work and keep playing hard! My mom is missing my college softball game on Saturday (which I am pitching)to go watch you guys beat the Padres! If I could though I would definatly miss my game to come watch you guys!! Good Luck on Saturday!


  21. jrpoolplayer@yahoo.com

    Great team effort in the first 2 games of the series. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to let us know whats on the mind of a major league ballplayers mind during the postseason. Also its nice you never complain bout your role on the team, you just go out and do what Tony ask you to do. It would be nice to close it out in game 3 so we can save Carp for game 1 next series.

    Jamie Dodd

    Cape girardeau

  22. stolen_base22@hotmail.com

    man, it’s games like these that keep me on the edge of my seat! you and spiezio are like sparkplugs when you come up to bat, it’s awesome! keep up the good work!


  23. flauausa@gmail.com

    GREAT Blog!

    Cardinals spirit is alive and well here in NYC. Myself and 15+ other Cards fans will be cheering you guys on Saturday, wearing our Red with Pride!



    New York

  24. jsa240@nyu.edu

    JRod –
    Good to see you get in the game yesterday, and even better to see a win. You keep hitting that way and you’re going to end up with a HR at Busch.

    I’m living in NY now, and, not to jinx anything, but I’m looking forward to you guys visiting. I’ll definitely be there wearing Cardinal red, if, you know, anything like that were to happen soon.

    Got a question – is there any change in the day-to-day preparation, workout, whatever, between the regular season and the playoffs? Do guys show up earlier, start working earlier, work more or less, anything like that?

    Keep the wins coming.

  25. kdowdy@battlefieldmo.org


    First off, great blog. I am so excited to see the team coming together and playing great baseball. Tuesday and Thursday have been very exciting. I wish the team could see the energy level from all the Cardinals fans in Springfield, Missouri. I holding my tickets to Saturday’s game with pride and look forward to watching a potential three game sweep of the Padres. Keep up the great work. GO CARDINALS !!!

    ~ K

  26. kmar61@yahoo.com


    Keep the guys loose in the club house and we will see ya in the NLDS against the Mets keep the HIGH love to see RED in October, great blog look forward to the next couple of weeks

    Kelly Champaign Il

  27. marcfriedman@hotmail.com

    Great game by the Cardinals, John. It’s great to see you guys playing so well. It must be different coming into the playoffs this year as an underdog as opposed to the favorite the last couple of years. After seeing how you’ve been hitting lately I’m pretty confident in saying that you’ll have a big part in the clincher at Busch. I’d like to see you play more next year as well.

    Marc in Madison, WI

  28. saintlousicardinalsfan@yahoo.com

    First love the blog!! Keep playing well. I’m rooting 4 U and the rest of the team!!

    :)GO CARDS!:)

    Rikki in Cape Girardeau, Mo

  29. mjtobin@uwm.edu


    I’m a displaced Cards fan living in Milwaukee, and I always catch the games when you guys are in town. The last one I caught was on September 20th, when you pinch hit late in the game (in the 8th, in a scoreless game). You had a beautiful hit, a double, and it was wonderful clutch hitting.

    Without thinking, I let out an “Atta boy J-rod!” at the top of my lungs, which prompted some truly nasty looks from the Brewers’ fans around me!

    You have been a great pinch hitter and spot player, keep swinging the way you have been!


  30. ceerochrules@aol.com

    Hello JJ.

    Mendy from NYC.

    I couln’t be happier for you man, Keep working hard. See you at Shea Stadium next Week.

    Cards all the way.


  31. chaz491@sbcglobal.net


    Keep up the will to win. Cardinal fans have a lot of people that would love to see one more W.S. Banner fly above the new home. I have been luck enough to see 3 World Champions in my life but it is hard to explain the emotional feeling that a true fan gets when your team wins, and I would love to share that feeling with my kids. You are supported by people that truely believe that you can do it now! Remeber Jack and Darryl are looking down and helping in every way possible.


  32. smozzie69@yahoo.com

    Hey John,

    Justin from Arizona

    I just think you are a huge part of our bench and i couldnt imagine some one in your place. keep up the good work, we are all rooting for you. there is one thing i would like to ask if you have time to awnser. How serious are rivalrys to players?? for example Damon leaving boston for newyork, John maybry going to Cubs from st. louis?? Do players really take those kind of things seriously?? just something i have always wondered.

    Anyway good work and cant wait to see your pinch hit RBI double tomarrow lol good luck.

  33. daniducci@hotmail.com

    Hey Chico,

    Enjoying your blog, Ned. Great to see that fire in the eyes and hearts of the players that has been missing on the field the last month or more of the season. I can see everyone is legitimately excited about playing, and that seems to be translating into wins. Hope to see us finish off the series in person this weekend. Just keep putting solid swings on the ball when you get the chance, and I’ll keep cheering Johnny Load when 53 is announced.

  34. frerkerdm@comcast.net

    Hey thanks for the win, and the great game, skipping class was totally worth it to watch you gus, it always is. Keep up the good work!

  35. kkobra@gmail.com

    Your pinch-hit at bat looked like a homerun to me, but with the wind blowing away and you hitting it to the deepest part of the park…It didn’t go.

    At least you know you’ve still got pop to get it out of the yard to get things going though!

  36. tierrametcalfe@sbcglobal.net

    I admire your great team spirit,keep up the good work and effort.I sense you’ll be hitting another homerun real soon!!!

    I love u and Belliard’s handshake.

    Good Luck,


  37. en_fuego571@yahoo.com

    You are a great ball player and I hope you do very well for us. I hope you get up there in key spots, because you do well when given the oppurtunity.

    I know you won’t have time to respond to all of these, but I am a moderator at a Cardinal’s forum http://www.cardinalheaven.com. We would love to have you visit from time to time. Just maybe pop in to say hello. Good luck in this series, and I hope we can go all the way!

  38. epeoples@yahoo.com


    You said it about hitting it to the deepest part of the Park. I remember that shot you hit against Houston in their ridiculous stadium. You crushed it, 434 feet at least and it’s recorded as an out, but if you’d hit a pop up down the left field line you’d have had an upper deck shot. Crazy. I hate that ballpark. They should tear it down.

    I was at Comerica Park when you hit a rocket straight at me in right-center field. But again you were robbed by the deepest part of a ballpark of outrageous dimensions. At least that time you wound up with a double but anywhere else on the planet that would have been a HR.

    Now this. When is the J going to get a break?

  39. tiftal_62821@yahoo.com


    My husband introduced me to the wonderful game of baseball six years ago when we got married. I never thought I could or would be the type of girl that could watch a baseball game on tv. But something about the St. Louis Cardinals made me a die hard fan. Now I cannot imagine a day in my home when the Cards are playing that the game is not either on tv or the radio. My family looks forward to every game and are excited the cards are in the playoffs. I hope you do well. I love your spirit and teamwork. Good look to all of you! We are hoping the cards go all the way!

    Tiffany- Southern Illinois

  40. jmaximus316@aol.com

    What’s up JJ,
    It’s Jay, Elizabeth, Jayson and Jaycob from NY ,we are writing to say “hi”. We all are rooting for you and the Cards , and hopefully we see you next week against the Mets. You do know we are Mets fans,but we will be cheering for you, and hope the Cards go far into the postseason.

  41. tallpaul_5@yahoo.com

    John you are absolutely right. You can’t get overconfident, or else the Padres will come to town and beat us. You need to get ready, play your hardest, and have fun. When I go to the game tomorrow, I hope to see you come up in the bottom of the 9th and hit a walk off home run. Go Cards!

  42. pujols_4mvp@sbcglobal.net

    J-Rod, just want to say you’re a fabulous player and I really like watching you play. You just missed one in GM 2, just went to the deepest part of the park. Hopefully you and the Cards can end it and focus on the NLCS, keep it up !!

  43. middlefield.mohan@gmail.com

    Hey J-Rod,

    You are a really talented player especially last year when the Cards picked you up. You proved to be an immediate sensation. After the first two games, you guys have pushed a lot of momentum against the pads. With Pujols and the crew, you guys can really blow the park off! Just want to wish you luck in your game tomorrow!

    You guys rule!

  44. pkjs@aol.com

    Hello J-Rod. I love watching you and the Cardinals play. Good luck in game 3 and keep up the good batting.

  45. jeffkeni@grics.net

    John, remember your blast off of Lidge in 05 at MM Park? A homerun anywhere but MM!! Did the blast at Petco make you flash back in time?? 🙂

    You guys stay loose, focused and DON’T LET UP!! End this thing at home, preferrably in 3!

  46. elwayo7@mchsi.com

    SWEEEEP! Well, hopefully. You got a good attitude, I hope you come back next year and get into the lineup full time, I was at your debut with that Cards last year, had no idea who you were. Haha, but I do now, and I’m a fan. Enjoy the playoffs, AND WIN!

  47. sschance1@msn.com

    John, Thanks for the Blog. Good luck on Sat. from all the Cards fans in Rockford, IL (die hard cards fans in the middle of Cubs/Sox country.) We met you on Bank of America day. Thanks for the auto graph!

  48. llcmkc@yahoo.com

    Well, here I sit in sunny Okinawa, Japan. It’s a gorgeous day here with the local Japanese high school baseball teams having a tournament just off my balcony. I have on the Tigers v. Yankees and have just finisheed reading today’s blog. I grew up in Granite City and have been a Cards’ fan(atic) all my life. I watch the baseball games on AFN TV and when the Cards’ aren’t on, I watch on my computer via MLB.com. What a great world we live in. I am hoping for a Cardinals World Series win this year and for all our troops around the world to be able to celebrate it in peace…if only for a day. Go Cardinals!!!

  49. illiniamy@insightbb.com

    Go get some runs for Sup on Saturday!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this blog John; the personal touch is meaningful to us fans.

  50. texican_16@hotmail.com

    Hey John,

    Congratualations on the Cardinals victory in Game 1 and 2!!! You guys are simply amazing! Tony, Duncan, and McRae are really doing a great job with a wonderful pack of guys with TREMENDOUS talent! And you, your pinch hit! I thought it was gone but then I thought, we’re at PETCO Park. 😦 Well, it happens…Well, goodluck in Game 3 and the rest of the postseason!!! You’re awesome John! Keep up the good work! Later! Go Cardinals!

  51. fgwb03@yahoo.com

    J-Rod, I gotta tell ya I think this whole blog thing you started last year has really been a neat thing. It gives the fans a little taste of the inside of what it’s like to be a major league ball player. I am in the Marines…from St.Louis..and a life long fan of the Cards…but I am stationed out here…I was able to go to Petco on Tuesday to catch you guys play a **** of a game against the Padres…I hope that you guys see that cardinals red out there when your on the road…cause I almost got murdered by them Padres fans after the game…but it was all worth it to see a winner…Hey keep up the great work..excellent at bat the other day…I thought you were going yard…oh well…I am sure there is something better coming in the future! From all the Marines that are cards fans out here…cheers to the Cards! Keep the faith…we believe!

  52. bonakai@yahoo.com

    Good luck from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m overseas for 3 years and only get to see World Series games. The Cardinals haven’t won it all since the year I was born but I’d love to be up at 5am celebrating in the days to come. Good luck and keep it up!

  53. sjfloyd1@bellsouth.net

    J-Rod,This comes to you from Water Valley ,KY.My family and I NEVER miss a game! We are truley Cardinal fans! Best of luck in game 3.We will be cheering, We live for this!!!!See you in the World Series!! It can happen…

  54. docd32000@yahoo.com

    The whole team is playing well and I hope that continues on through the WS! NY is struggling and winning and I really like our chances agaist their hurt pitching staff!

  55. toros51@sbcglobal.net

    Hey J-Rod, im 13 years old i always LOVE watching u play outfield, it is a pleasure! Good Luck The rest of the way! Bring home A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! GO CARDS

  56. spikely@comcast.net

    Hi John, I’ll be watching today from Lady Lake Florida, talk about a displaced cardinal, but I am so jazzed up, you guys are playing Cardinal baseball, so look out Pads. Good luck you are awesome! Go Cards!!

  57. prkayz@gmail.com

    ((((( JOEBU ))))) PRONOUNCED [] [] [] [] JOE BOO [] [] [] []

    What?s up again.. You know Jay Jay with this blog right here. I?m going to get the name Joebu out there man. I hope you don?t mine.. Finally you get one of the biggest platforms besides the field man. I?m watching the game as a type and you guys are down three to zip hopefully you get to bat with two men on base.

    ((((( JOEBU ))))) PRONOUNCED [] [] [] [] JOE BOO [] [] [] []


    ((((( JOEBU ))))) PRONOUNCED [] [] [] [] JOE BOO [] [] [] []


  58. pschutster@aol.com

    Hi Jon:
    Great games in San Diego. I was disappointed that you let the first one at home go. Oh, well you’ll win it tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying this. Tell all the guys Pam from St Louis says good luck

  59. lindaphayes@hotmail.com

    Thanks for blogging for the fans! I enjoy watching you play and hope you get even more playing time in the post season (as well as next season, too). Don’t let today’s loss get you and the guys down. I am pulling for you, as is all of Cardinal nation. I was able to see my first game in Busch III on Sept. 26th and even though we lost that night, I love the atmosphere. Keep winning. I believe we are going to do it this year! If wishing can make it happen, we are already there!


    Dickson, TN

  60. hatchersan@gmail.com

    J-Rod — Get ’em Sunday with Carp. Hope you get a chance to get a hit or make a good play. GO REDBIRDS!
    Dave, Falls Church, VA

  61. mellowyellow_jmelee@yahoo.com

    Applauding to the Cardinals. I’m so estatic about the win yesterday I felt like it was my game! We will take our wins to NY and make it a Victory. Go Team. ~Jamie Lee~

  62. jds1152@cinci.rr.com

    J-Rod – you guys go get those Mets. If the Cardinals get the same pitching as in the NLDS no one will be able to touch them. The team has two of the greatest Cardinals of all time and a great supporting cast. Go Cardinals !!!!

    Cincinnati (sorry Reds fans)

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