Working out and seeing San Diego


Preston Wilson kicks back during workouts in beautiful San Diego.

It’s an off-day, and we just came in and practiced. Everybody
did what they had to do — ran a little bit, threw a little bit, hit a little
bit, lifted weights but not too heavy. Now we’re going to go and enjoy our
families and friends and enjoy this beautiful city of San Diego. I’ll go out to dinner, take in a movie and go
to bed early because we have an early game tomorrow. It’s at 1 o’clock, so we’re going to have to be at the
field by 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

I have some friends I’m visiting with who live out here in California.
They drove down to see me. I’ve never been to the zoo here, but there are a lot
of other great parts of this city. A lot of the restaurants out here are just
wonderful. The atmosphere is great. Obviously the weather is beautiful. It’s
outrageous. I can’t even explain it.

Everybody used to always tell me, ‘You’ve got to go to San Diego.’ And I was always like, ‘Are you serious?’ People
would say, ‘Believe me, when I say it’s the best city, it’s the best city.’ And
now I believe it. I enjoy myself a lot here. Everything is walking distance
from the ballpark and the hotel. If you need to take a cab, you can, but I usually
ride those little bicycle cabs where you sit in the back. It’s fun doing that. San
Diego itself is beautiful.

I’m eager to get a chance to get my feet wet in this
postseason, but it’s like I said last year. Whatever position they put me in, I’ll
be ready. If I start, I start. If I come off the bench, I’ll be ready for that
too. I just prepare myself every day coming to the field like I’m in that
lineup. If I’m not, I just have to prepare myself in other ways. I always come
to the field thinking as though I’m starting.



    Don’t get to liking it too much out there JR; there are a lot of us that hope you’ll be in the Lou for a long time. We appreciate the hard work, and the production you give, no matter what role you’re in. Keep it up.


    Love the J-Rod! 🙂

    Seriously, hermano, I’m a longtime Cardinal fan living in Detroit I got see you play left field again the Tigers. People underrate your defense, dude. It looked to me like you had a pretty good hose making some pretty good throws to home and 2nd base. I was impressed.

    Keep up the good work!


    John – Thanks so much for doing this. The blog is excellent. It really makes me feel like a part of the team, as all Cardinal fans feel they are! Keep up the great work!



    I know from your exuberance that you’re living your dream now, but I wanted to just tell you how many of us are living a little bit of the dream with you.

    I’m sure there are thousands, literally thousands, of Cardinals fans that feel a bit of your excitement and are thankful for your gusto in playing the game. I just hope you realize that and can appreciate how much we are all pulling for you personally as well as all the Cardinals.

    It’s a joy to watch you play and to read your comments this postseason just like it was last year. (I for one will never in my life forget that heroic at bat you took against Houston last year, taking over with a full count when Jim got thrown out and hitting one just short of a home run to the deepest part of the field. It was only a long out, but a great battle and still truly magnificent.) When you’re up to bat in a critical situation, I hope you can take all these thousands of bits of support and focus them all into even more clutch performances.

    Play smart and hard like you always do for all of us out here supporting you.


    Hey John, I am a young Cardinal diehard and I really love the blog.I love to hear about the details about the team since I rarely get to see you guys play, usually only once a year. I was recently in San Diego on vacation and it is an amazing town. The team did a great job in Game 1. I hope the same comes in game 2. Keep up the good work.


    In losing moments and winning moments, I am a die hard Cardinals fan. No matter how scary the end of the regular season looked, I still held on. Here [we] are…in the playoffs. The game Tuesday was awesome. You all came out anxious to show the skeptics what the “underdog” team can accomplish. Keep it up… Lets go for the sweep man.


    Hey John! Thanks for doing the blog! What a cool thing for Cardinal Nation to be able to “be there” with you…

    I saw my first Cardinal game in 1979, and I sat behind another left-fielder named Lou Brock. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I hope you all feel the history of the greatest club in baseball on your side, along with the greatest fan base in all of baseball. Keep up the combination of intensity and swagger we saw in Game One!!!


    Hey, John….I grew up and played ball in SD (you’re right, it’s beautiful there) and watched in junior high (they brought a TV into the classroom) the Cards battle the Tigers in the ’68 Series. What history! What a game! Now I’m a new (old) Cardinals fan as I prepare to move to St. Louis. We’re all pulling for you. Here’s to the best game on the planet. May you play it with incredible joy — and know victory that will buoy the rest of your days while it becomes part of the astounding sports legacy that IS Cardinals Baseball! -Mike


    John, Big fan here. Thanks for sticking it out in the minors for all that time. Players like you are the reason I still have faith in baseball. I love it when you get the opportunity to hit in clutch situations, it seems like you always bear down and get a quality at-bat. Keep up the good work, and take somebody deep this postseason!


    Hello John-greetings to you from Richmond VA-Cardinal Nation!!

    Thank you for the blog entries; they make me feel like I am there with the team.

    Keep up your can do attitude and all that you do for our beloved Cardinals. We’re rooting for you John, and all the guys!


    Say, John, One more thing. If you’re the one taking these pictures for the blog here’s a tip. For those pics in the high midday sun, use the flash. It’ll lighten up those hard, dark shadows for ya and make for a better picture. Click away! 🙂



    I am a sixth grade teacher and I just wanted to let you know that my class is cheering for the Redbirds. We are stopping class @ 2:30 today to watch the cards. I also told them that every time you guys win they are getting a bonus point! We are all cheering you on.



    Congrats guys! I have been a lifelong Cardinals fan and I am getting married today. I wanted to go to a game on our honeymoon ,but we can’t find tickets :). Any help would be appricated!


    Im am excited for today’s game. People may consider you guys the underdogs, but if I recall everyone has to win 10 games. The one thing that can carry a team is there excitement and attitude. You guys need to keep pumped up, keep the dugout an exciting place. You guys can go a long way. I have been a die hard since I was born and knew what a ball was. Dream big! Go Cards!!!



    John, It’s really exciting to see the way the team has come out of that creepy skid. I never doubted you guys a bit. It does make for some dramatic television with Jimmy showing what it takes and Wainwright. I love to see rookies excel in postseason. As you can tell, you are a favorite with the fans. You’re just a really nice guy.
    Good luck J-Rod, let’s see some bombs off that bat!!

    Oh, the blogging is cool! Hope you keep it up thru the play-offs.




    I just don’t get the questionable evaluation of MLB talent. Not that you are the best outfielder in the league-but just how did the various evaluators miss your at the least modest talent over the pat 8 seasons? Are you signed for next yuear or are you a free agent?


    We appreciate your great attitue and your contributions to the team. Let’s go for the sweep. We’re all cheering for you here in Colorado Springs, Colorado-Cardinals Nation.


    🙂 I am a huge fan of yours J rod! I really appreciate you loving your fans and signing an autograph for me! You always look happy and nice when you bat. If you want and you get a chance could you please e-mail me at

    Love Kylie


    I’ve been to San Diego a few years back. My Grandma used to live there. It’s very nice.

    Hey J-Rod, I love your blog. I’ve got one too. You ought to check it out at

    I’m a die-hard Cardinals fan from Peoria, IL.

    Things look good for the Cardinals now up 2-0, going back to Busch.

    Good luck!

    Brent Roos

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