One win away

Eck_edmonds_1 We’re one win away. We played a really hard-fought game here
tonight. We were down 3-0 early and came back to fight. David Eckstein did a
great job. Supp kept us in it. Our bullpen was big. We definitely had a lot of
key plays that happened in that game. All around, the team effort was just

Even though I didn’t get a hit, I got an at-bat in a key
situation tonight, and that’s something that I wanted. My timing is a little off,
but that’s fine. I’m not going to make any excuses. I’m going to go out there
and if they put me in that situation again, I’m going to be even more focused
to get it done.

I’m going to sleep well tonight. But I’ll definitely make
sure that I wake up early, make sure I get things done, eat a good breakfast
and just come ready to play.


  1. B

    Johnny, it was awesome to see your batting glove on TV. I didn’t know that about you but I’m even more of a fan now. God bless!


    Yo Jay I have faith man. Win it tomorrow night. Its my day off and im going to a bar to watch the game. Good Luck..

    P.s. My Son Wants To Hold Your Ring When You Get It. Oh One More Thing We Need A St. Louis Bat For His Room LOL


    OUCH! that was heartbreaking…well it aint over yet but the tigers really let one get away!!! Hats off to the Cards for fighting one off!! **** of a game by the “little guy”
    Errors aside…both teams left it all out there and I hope the rmainder of the games are this close..notice I said games..this aint over yet…no large female singing…no death march….CMON TIGERS pick yourself up off the damp muddy field and fight!!!!!


    I was so excited to see you get an at-bat tonight! WOW…what a memory to have.

    You all played a hard fought game and you should be proud. I will be cheering you all on from here in Omaha tomorrow night! Wish I could be there.


    The game was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat many of times, but my husband reassured me that you guys would give us a winner–and you did! Just stay focused tomorrow evening and everything will turn out well. Let’s celebrate a WS win tomorrow evening in good ol’ St. Louis!


    Yo MATT,

    You retard this is St. Louis not the **** yankees lol.

    John’s aka is J-Rod Not A-rod you numbskull

    HE is also known as JOEBU..


    Yo grind,

    Im going to have my first beer of the year tomorrow night. Tell me what beer you drink and i will have one just for your lost tomorrow night.


    get back to me tomorrow prkayz….you may only have rainwater to drink!!!!!! but when they do play the game I’ll take a fatladyaintsinging lite…thanks for caring man!!!



    Are you kidding me?!

    You guys just keep amazing us with your resilience, your focus, and your incredible heart.

    Thank you all so much for the fabulous memories this season has already produced. Thank you for demonstrating wonderful lessons in hard work, perseverance, and mental toughness. Thank you for the class and integrity you have shown throughout the season. Thank you for supporting each other, for believing in yourselves and each other, and for ignoring the naysayers and just going out and getting it done on the field.

    Our Game 4 rainout tickets are our entry to baseball heaven tomorrow night…I cannot wait to share this game with my oldest son, Nick, as I once shared a pair of ’82 World Series games with my dad.

    Having grown up listening to the sweet sound of Jack Buck’s voice with my dad, I’m so grateful for the special bond we forged over Cardinals baseball. Now, as my son has been watching the Redbirds with me (MLB Expanded Package on digital cable = greatest Mother’s Day gift ever for a lifelong Cards fan living in Chicago!), I’m grateful all over again.

    My fervent hope is that tonight’s game will be as unforgettable for my son as ’82 has been for me. As a young mother fighting a losing battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), I’m counting on a night of happy memories that will last Nick’s whole lifetime.

    Please go out and play one more “hard nine” and bring us a win tonight!



    first of all I want to say how great it is that these are the two teams that made it to the big show. The tigers and cards are two great old school clubs. both teams play a hard nine and I love the way each battles for every run and every out. that being said, It must be hard being placed in those kinda situations with out the number of at bats the starters have. But, you guys pinch hitting have a Hugh role to play. Everytime you come up to bat I tell my buddies here in rolla that your my boy and you’ll come through. Johny rocket I know not to live in the past but you came through against Lidge and your as good a clutch hitter as we got. I just know you’ll get your big shot and you will take aim on those tigers. LETS GO CARDS!!!! Lets get you guys some rings. our vets and young guys deserve them.



    please tell me your joking in your blog to Matt!!!! If not man and you think he was serious, I’m very very sorry for you! hahahahaha


    P.S. if you were serious I’ll take a case of wayne from wayne’s world favorite ale….Fishedin Lager!!!!


    I read an earlier post about a mother with ALS and about cried. I think there are a lot of people out there who are getting happiness, maybe their only happiness, from watching this team on the verge of the impossible. Some may have the attitude that, “It’s just a baseball team, its not like its happening to you.” But it feels like we are all part of the experience. These are memories we will all have for a lifetime. The Cardinals give us something to look forward to, and for many it gives them hope. Finish it off Friday!

    Come on, Weaver! This is your moment! From DA to world champ! We are all behind you.



    GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    John, wow what a win, Eck, and Suppy with their performances, and what can I say about Wainwright and the poise he displayed. I was glad to see you, and hope to tonight too, when we put this World Series to bed. As always thanks for this site, and Go Cardinals!!!! I can’t wait to get your feelings on what’s it’s like to win the World Series!!


    Hey Cardinals fans, I have been really curious about something. Why does Larussa wear sunglasses at night?? I noticed that when you were all in town for those games in Jues as well. Does anyone know. Thanks


    Hey John,

    No worries on your at bat last night. Tony needs to give you more playing time!! Anyway, great job last night!! You guys never give up! Let’s end this thing tonight!! I don’t think any of us want to go back to Detroit. Cardinal Nation is behind all of you guys!! — LET’S GO CARDS!!!

    To gkgruden, I am not sure on TLR. He doesn’t wear them when he gives interviews, so it is not a sensitivity to light issue. Maybe he doesn’t want opposing teams to know exactly where he is looking??? He’s crafty that way.


    When JRod was in the on deck circle last night, Fox had a close up shot of “God is my life” written on his batting gloves. That is awesome JRod! Does anybody have a screen capture or other picture of that, because I would love to have a copy of it. Thanks.


    Great job Cardinals. Way to take advantage of some great opportunities and not give up. It was great to see you in the game last night John. Keep believing and we’ll take this one. GO CARDS!!!


    I was told that Larussa wears sunglasses at night so the ohter team can”t tell by his eyes what he is planning to do. How this helps, I know not, but this is what was said. Great game last night. Love watching David Ekestein play. Notice how even on a walk he’ll run to first base. I got a box of ceral with his picture on it. I might just have to break into that box if the Cards win the series. JRod thanks again for the blog. Love reading other comments even when they make little sense. I’ll be rooting for you all tonight. I’ll be in Springfield, Mo at my daughter’s who doesn’t like baseball, but for this one night, “mama knows best”. HAVE A GREAT GAME. GO CARDINALS!!!


    Whether you get another AB or not, enjoy the experience of just being in (and hopefully winning) the World Series. What a dream come true!! Know that the fans are pulling for you, and we believe in you. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought us this year – let’s do it one more time!!


    As the series goes on, and we are but one win away to winning the world series, I find myself missing Jack Buck more and more. So, in keeping his memory alive at this INCREDIBLE time for Cardinals Baseball – GO CRAZY FOLKS!!! GO CRAZY!!!!!!




    I was hoping to come here this morning and find you had posted another entry.

    What a night, what a night?? I could not have been any prouder of this team. I told my husband if there is any way to score a run, the Cards will find it. You just can’t say enough good about Eckstein’s performance last night. People keep commenting on his height, well all I can say is dynamite comes in small packages!

    I keep looking out the window this morning, it is so gray and dismal outside right now, but it is not dampening my spirits that we can and will go all the way this year.

    A side note to both teams; When you get frustrated at yourself or someone else, or just the way things are going in general, and the camera zooms in on your face, reading lips is pretty easy. Sad to say sometimes it is not a pretty picture, if you get my drift.


    Dear John,
    I must admit that I shed a few tears when I saw your batting glove last night. You were wearing the armor of the Lord, and your divinely-inspired leadership will provide the good people of Missouri with not only a World Series Championship but a moral victory over the wicked city of Detroit, a cesspool of Islamo-Fascists and vermin holding Communist labor attitudes. When you step into the batter’s box, please think of what I have written. Once again, win for America, and more importantly, win it for God.


    William Hicks


    Great game last night!! Fans in Carbondale, Illinois love you guys!!! Bring us home the WS Title tonight. We’ll all be watching and rooting you on. GO CARDS!!!


    What an awesome game last night! J-Rod keep your head up, stay focused and get a hit in your next at bat. Thanks again for doing the blog it has been entertaining ready everyone’s comments. I will be cheering on the Cardinals from Shepherdsville, Kentucky – so GO CARDINALS!!


    J,I was so glad to see you at bat last night. We were at the game and had the best time. Go out there and get us the darn title tonight!

    GO CARDS!!!!



    if you are serious, I am very very sad for you…the lord would not have you judge like that would he? A true christian is not so intolerant…

    Now if you’re joking…MAN thats one of the funniest posts I’ve ever seen..good job man you’re one funny dude!hahahahaha


    to all those wondering about Larussas shades..I read on ESPN that they are actually X-ray glasses that allow him to see hidden pine tar thumb tacks and emory boards. That’s why he didn’t challenge Rogers the other nigth…the glasses can’t pick up dirt and rosin…..



    Loved both your last 2 posts…. Showmethelord??? what an embarrassment…. to the Cardinals and to the Lord….but loved your second post even more…. you are a riot…reading your posts has made this series more enjoyable for me…. though I wasn’t sure of you at first…. like the St. Louis native said…. the fat lady aint’ singin yet…… but I hope that is her voice warming up…. Jim Leyland and the Tigers are still a class act….. Have fun getting one more win Cardinals


    John, You guys must be so excited to be able to say you are ONE game away from being the World Series Champs! You guys are all playing so well & everyone is making a contribution. That’s not too shabby for a team that the media loves to say “backed into the postseason”. Let’s take game 5 tonight in STL & start the celebration!
    G O C A R D I N A L S ! ! !



    do not fool yourself…the media is always right…The Yankees have the best lineup in the history of baseball they will win it all this year…The Twins are hot coming into the ALDS they will go deep into the playoffs…The Padres have better pitching the Cards dont have a chance…The CLeveland Indians are going to challenge the white sox for first place in ’06….LaRussa should play Iguchi Roland is not producing…Rodgers is not a good second half pitcher…seee the media is always right.


    by the way….EVERYONE in the media is predicting the Cards will in now…remember, the media is always right?!?!?


    Cardinals… We Love You guys! This has been the best ride imaginable. Here’s to finishing it off tonight.. in the new stadium in front of 44,000+ screaming fans that have always believed in you guys.
    Thanks again for the blog, John. Good at bat last night.. got to be tough to come in after going so long without being in, but hang tough, you’ll be there when we really need you and we know you’ll come through.

    God bless! Take us home!


    Grind…you’re too funny. And you’re right, the media is predicting a Cardinal Win tonight…but that’s only because it took them awhile to catch up to what true Cards Fans have known all along – THE CARDS ARE TAKING THIS WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    and because I have the day off and don’t feel like watching ESPN….whats the use they’ll only tell you the Cards have it in the bag! remember… they are allllways right!!


    Can’t comment on Tony’s glasses. It’s his choice to wear them or not to wear them. They don’t bother me, I just have no clue why they bother anyone else.


    Weather update for everyone:


    According to, the rain should be tapering off by about 6 or 7 tonight (although there’s a 30% chance of rain from 6:00 till 9:00 pm) As everyone in St. Louis knows, if they say there’s a 30% chance of any precipitation, we either have a clear skies or we get inches. Which will it be?


    Cards fans…remember…there is one thing that is sad about the series ending tonight – no more crazy, fun posts from grind!!!!

    We’ll miss you, buddy! It’s been a fun ride πŸ™‚


    ooops look at the time I have to go watch baseball tonight to see their amazingly accurate predictions and analysis! dont worry or get too down though folks…I will be back. I promise!!!!


    It is just pouring here. I am about 150 miles from the ball bark. I was hoping for better weather in St. Louis.

    Grind I am off today also, πŸ™‚


    I am hoping this blog is a permanent fixture on this site and John can fill us in on what goes on in the off season also.


    Glow, wouldn’t that be great? I think that would be really cool…give Cards fans and players a place to “congregate” in the off season.

    I am about 20 miles from the stadium at work (no day off for me)and it’s raining steady – not pouring or anything, I think that’s already been here. It is definitely raining a steady shower though.

    Here’s a question I heard this morning on one of the Sports Talk Shows (The Morning Grind on 590 The Fan). If tonight’s game gets rained out…do you put in Carp or leave Weaver. And do the Tigers use Rogers? Good questions…tough answers. I say we should give the start to Weaver. I think he has totally earned it this post season. I think he should be given the opportunity to win it here for us. Also, I think Leyland is making a mistake to give the start to Verlander instead of Rogers. Rogers (pine tar aside) is the only pitcher who’s been able to shut down the Cards and tonight (or tomorrow if it rains) is do or die for the Tigers. Leyland is quoted as saying he doesn’t want to bring Rogers into the “atmosphere.” Isn’t he a big boy? Shouldn’t he, as a veteran, be able to handle it? I mean, it’s not like he doesn’t know it’s coming. Either way, I know that the Cards will win. It just doesn’t seem like Leyland is giving his team the best chance. Whatever happens, I hope they put Zumaya in again – I love getting those 100 mph walks πŸ™‚

    GO CARDS!!!!!!


    Jesus grindline….you have absolutely no life. You blog more than a high school girl. I bet right now you are on myspace arguing with a 7 year old about stem cell research and on facebook fighting to get the Star Trek reunion set up in Detroit. Shouldn’t you be at work pumping someone’s gas or getting them piping hot taquitos from the local 7-11.


    Ron…chill on the guy. He’s a good Tigers fan and he’s really funny. I would be willing to bet that when the Cards win tonight, he’ll be on here telling us what a great game and series it was. He’s a bit sacastic, but if you pause for a moment, you too can see the humor in his words.


    ok I’m back just in time to answer you ron!!!……

    ouch! that really hurts man, I mean I really care about what you think of me…And actually you are way wrong about me arguing with a 7 year old….it was an 8 year old! Also you are wrong about the star trek convention it’s star wars…jedi’s rule man!! and last but not least it’s not pumping gas or serving taquitos…I work for charity….actually I beg for change down at the train station but whats the difference….anyway please dont hurt my feelings I’m very fragile you big meanie!!!


    Wait a minute…did I just defend a Tigers Fan??? Hurry, somone call 911!! In order to make up for that, I will share with you a great joke:

    There’s a Cards fan, a Tigers fan, a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan all on top of a mountain, discussing who’s the bigger fan. The Yankees fan runs and jumps off the mountain screaming, “This is for the Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss.” The Red Sox fan, not to be outdone, jumps off the mountain screaming, “This is for the Reddd Sooooooxxxxxxxxxx.” The Cards fan screams, “This is for the Cardinals!!!” and pushes the Tigers fan off the mountain.

    You know we still love you, grind πŸ™‚


    Hey grind,

    A couple days ago u said you flipping burgers and pulling up fries. Did you change “careers” already??

    And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I have come to look forward to your posts too. Man, you are a riot!!

    Win or lose, this has been a great ride thus far.

    LET’S GO CARDS!!! We do NOT want to go back to the motor city.


    hey carter yeah I usually hit the train station on my way back from flippin burgers so you could say I have two jobs…I’m a highly motivated individual…regardless of what that big meanie ron watson says… I’m gonna have to beg extra hard to pay for the therapy from the scars left by him!!!!!


    then again I could just beg enough to pay for a shot gun so I can hunt him down like an animal…..he does have his name in his email adress after all….


    Oh and just some worthless trivia here:

    In the two previous World Series between the Cards and Tigers….

    Cards win game #1

    Tigers win game #2

    Cards win game #3

    The team that won game #4 ended up losing the series.

    Just saying this thing ain’t over. We can break the curse, but the Tigers will not just roll over for us!!



    Last night was the perfect example of “play a hard nine”. Good things happen when you keep plugging away and never give up. Good to see you get an at-bat, I think Bennett still needs one, right? This has truly been a team effort this series, the entire team deserves the series MVP award. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!


    I am for letting Weaver pitch if there is another rain out, he has proven his worth as far as I am concerned.

    Gotta got for a bit, The Young and Restless is on, LOL


    oh by the way whatsgoingon…

    I got distracted momentarily by that meanie but I meant to say this…

    about rogers pitching tonight..The Tigers have to win three more games…It’s not so much about whether or not Rogers is man enough but what is the best situation for him to be sucessful. That situation is at home where Larussas x-ray glasses don’t work as well!!! I also heard Rogers forgot to pack his pine tar….seriously though, sticking with the rotation is whats best it worked against the yankees and the A’s and if Verlander can win tonight you have rogers pitching at home to force a game seven….I think Leyland is playing for the series rather than the game..And although he is taking a risk by not marching out his stopper I have learned to never second guess that guy…for one he has just a touch more baseball experience than me (although I’d smoke him at the friolator) and he has gotten a 91 game loser last year to the series this year!!


    I actually would prefer to see Carp go if there is a rainout just for the fact he pitches much better at home than on the road. And likewise, Weaver has pitched much better on the road. I agree with you that Dream Weaver has earned and proven his worth and should get a shot, but I am more comfortable playing the odds. Just my two cents.



    yeah serious tip of the hat to Leyland. He has really pulled those guys together to create a great ball club. They sure have chemistry, and it shows in the way they play.

    In my opinion, this series is featuring the two best managers in baseball today.


    easily the two best…Believe it or not I think Torre ranks up there too…hate his team but he’s class all the way. Detroits GM Dave Dombrowski deserves a ton of credit too…it’s no fluke that he and leyland won the world series with the Marlins and now when re-united in Detroit, look what happens. My hope is they stay together for a few years to keep a winner on the field in Detroit.

    See, you Cardinals fans are a bit spoiled really…I know you haven;t won it all since 82 but how many times have you been in the playoffs since then….

    since 93 the tigers have not had a winning season! and since 87 they have not been in the playoffs!! try them marbles on for size and see how it burns!!!


    John Rodriguez….it was great to see you in the game again last night! Wow, the Cardinals are doing FANTASTIC…I’ve known for a long long time that you all could play like this. It’s awesome to see the Cardinals make the rest of the world recognize their talent. Good luck tonight-will definetely be watching-as usual! I watch every game that I can all season long-just like it’s game 7 of the World Series…GO CARDINALS!!!!


    Hey there! I am new to this whole Blog thing, but just thought I would say what a great player I think you are and they need to put you in more often.. just so I can watch you swing back and forth when you bat, I LOVE THAT!!! Anyway- I have had the opportunity of meeting you a couple of times and wish we could have hung out a little longer. You probably don’t remember, but at Patio’s I took a pic with you with my Cub (yes I am a cub fan too) gear and and you covered up my Cub hat. Then I had the chance to meet with you again at one of the Caravans and you happily signed my pic. Then my son took it upon himself to ask if you were single. Ha,loved it. Anyway- hope to hear back from ya. Good luck at the games and hopefully I get to watch you shake it at the plate again!!!! πŸ™‚


    We love you guys!! I am so tired of hearing the broadcasters talk about how the Cardinals are only winning because of the Tigers mistakes! You guys are a class act team and you deserve better than what the media gives you credit for. Go get ’em tonight!!! I will hate to see it end though. It has been great to watch!!!
    GO BIG RED!!!!


    Way to go Cards! This has been such an amazing series! Thanks for your blog and making us all feel like such a big part of it. Eckstein is small, but mighty! I was thrilled to see you get an at bat and loved the message on your glove. Remember, when you do the possible, he will do the impossible! We’re cheering you on! I know this year has had some set-backs, but those speed bumps were just an opportunity for the GREATEST COMEBACK of all time!!! GO CARDS!!!!!


    I thought that LaRussa wore sun glasses because he’s got a future so bright…He’s gotta wear shades!!!


    Dont go hunting me down in the streets now 50 Cent because I am fearful as I sit that you may. I may have been a bit harsh with my comments and I am sure you are a great Tigers fan. I just couldnt see someone wasting their time with endless trash talk to anonymous Cards fans. I think some of your posts are humorous also just tired of hearing it all. I apologize for being the meanie and I will pay for the therapy I have made you incur. At least we are playing a team I really respect but it hasnt made it as fun as playing my hated teams like the Red Sox or Yankees. I like the heart that your organization has and I love Jim Leyland. He is that tough, old school manager you guys needed to get thing sback on track. Man, you know this World Series is about class teams,fans, and managers when the only dirt they can dig up the whole series is some rosin and Leyland smoking cigarettes ( Chesterfields as Woody Paige puts it ). Anyway, I hope for another good game tonight and good luck to you and your team grind.


    I think a lot is to be said about the groundskeeping at busch stadium. with all of the rain you guys have had in the past few days, those guys have done a great job in getting that field ready and playable for both teams. Great Job fellas and keep up the good work. It is for sure not going unnoticed.


    50 cent haha thats pretty good! it’s ok, not your fault I need therapy…it’s my dads! him raised me a tigers fan is ok but for him to raise me a lions fan…that’s left some deeeep scars!!!


    First off, grindline, hats off to you!! I’m still giggling with your Granderson post. That’s fabulous!
    Second, seriously, John, you have all been touched by the hand of God. This season and this post season is like watching one beautiful creation after another. Only good things are in store for you. Ian doesn’t know whether to be you or Albert for Halloween but he is excited! He yelled to me last night and said, “Mom, the little man is doing really good tonight!” Priceless coming from a 4 year old.

    We have our Cardinals gear on today and are ready for you to be “Champions of the World”, as Ian says. Good luck and take it all the way. I said God has a plan for you and this team and it is being played out in marvelous ways!!

    Mindy and Ian


    Question – does anyone know what “the song” will be when we win this thing? We’ve used “Celebration” (which is my ring tone on my cell phone, by the way), “The Heat is On”…anyone know this year’s Party Song?


    they just announced it on ESPN whatsgoingon….the new song is….


    by the supergroup….



    hold on there whatsgoingon,

    let’s not get carried away. we still have 27 outs to get through first. this Tiger team has gotten some bad breaks. and make no mistake, they are a dangerous team if they can get some momentum back. as far as EARNED runs go in this series, it is Cards 12, and Tigers 9. That is not exactly domination. i am all for being confident, but we can’t just look past this last game.



    they just played that song on ESPN whatsgoingon…

    I give it a ten.. its got a beat and I can dance to it


    WoW. you guys made it worth having to go to game 4 instead of game 5.

    David’s drive for the game just keeps on amazing me.

    I’ve been a big fan of his since seeing him play last year at the Old Busch.

    Was also happy to see Miles at Second.

    I SO Wish I could be at the actual Game 5 tonite, but the rain out changed that.

    SO when you guys win tonite , party a little extra for me would you!



    p.s. tell molina I said to rip one to left field line for me in the corner!


    J-ROD! Thanks so much for this blog! It has made this postseason all the more special…What can I say about you guys? I am so proud to say I am from the Lou and am a Cardinals fan…I have to admit that I am having a pretty good laugh since nobody expected you guys to get past the Astros and you are now going to be our WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! As a side note, I tip my hat to Yadi…He has always been my favorite Cardinal, but he really has pulled it out this postseason…I HEART YOU GUYS! All of us at Lindenwood University will be watching! GOCARDSGOCARDSGOCARDSGOCARDSGOCARDS!


    I’m not trying to get ahead of myself…I just want to make sure I have a copy of the song WHEN we win this so that my kids won’t have to ask for it. We’ve been trying to think up some ideas ourselves, but it sure would be nice to know what’s official!!!

    I know that the Tigers are a formidable opponent…HOWEVER…I also know that this is the YEAR OF THE RED BIRD!! Didn’t you read your chinese horoscope??? LOL J/K



    Just wanted to let you and the whole team know there is a 10 year old little boy who loves the Cardinals! He had surgery in Pittsburgh twice and watched you guys play on television while we were there. He’s my son. He’s doing great and is a fighter just like the St. Louis Cardinals! You guys are his heroes!

    I know you guys can do this tonight! Bring it home for Matthew and all of Cardinal Nation! Go get em guys!


    just a thought for you…to prefice this I think eckstein is a great player and agree with what larussa said about his heart and toughness…I am also well aware that a win is a win…..buuuuuuuut
    thats the first time i’ve EVER seen a guy be a hero for flying out twice…..dont take anything away from the tigers here folks, as much as I love em they gave the cards an early christmas gift! ****** tigers it’s haloween not christmas go out there an scare the bird **** outta them!!!!!!!


    oh and grind,

    that song is not new. it was played back in 68′, but don’t worry, no one is doing a re-make…sorry


    Hey J-Rod,

    WOW!!! Everything has been working this postseason. There have been some amazing defensive plays, lots of 2 out clutch hitting, and LOTS of REALLY good pitching! Go finish it off tonight to bring home a victory for Cardinal nation! Goodluck Jeff Weaver!!!!! Go CARDS!!! RALLY TIME!!!



    “luck” as you put it is a relative term. had the cardinals not put themselves in a position to get “lucky” then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. and is it really luck, or is it a very in-experienced playoff tiger team that may be feeling the pressure of baseball’s biggest stage??

    things to ponder…


    J-Rod, I thought what you had written on your wrist band or batting glove (I’m not sure) was really awesome! Good luck tonight!


    man it looks like the rain watch starts again!!!!! win or lose I just wish they’d play!!!!!! tell those billionaires over at budweiser to put a roof up on that stadium!!!!!!


    tell the same to your billionaires over at ford and GM…..oh wait they can wait till next year πŸ™‚


    I don’t know if you actually read these responses, but if you do, I hope you will read my sister’s (, In fact, I hope you will share it with the team sometime. You guys such an inspiration to us and are already the best team in baseball as far as we’re concerned. You knocked off the Mets and are 1 win away from knocking off the Tigers when the world said you had no chance! Way to go boys, now bring this last one home to New Busch Stadium!


    sorry carter, get yourself a bit more informed….the tigers are owned by Mike Illich and the stadium fronted by comerica…but they are billionairs too so I’ll tell em to get the roof ready for game six!


    game 6?!?! of what year? j/k just make sure to tell them to install some very dim lights…we don’t want to see the “dirt” on rogers hand..


    the billionares at ford and gm are not such billionares anymore, both on the verge of chapter 7. You think DETROIT is a dump now, can u imagine what a dump that city would be if FORD AND GM WENT UNDER, wow, it would be ugly, oh i forgot it already is ugly.



    you know your sisters post and yours really bring something to light…

    Baseball is the reason we are all here blogging right? the fact that your sister is sharing this with her son and hoping this will be a memory of her he carries forever is what this game is about!!!!!

    My dad is still alive but he use to take me to Tigers stadium as a kid and one of my absolute favorite memories is us rolling around on our living room floor when the tigers won in 84. Good or bad, It’s why I’m such a nut about the tigers now…

    Believe me… your sisters son will remember fondly these times and your sister will always be with him because of those moments….That’s why some say baseball is larger than life. it’s a beautiful distraction that brings us together and creates memories for a lifetime…

    My prayers and best wishes are with your sister…I hope her and her son enjoy this series to the fullest…


    And J-rod…if you do read this go to Aimees website and check her story out…then send them some tickets for opening day next year and get the team to welcome her and her son to the game!!!!! She is easily what baseballl fans are all about and the real reason you guys play…I hope some players still believe it’s about more than money!

    just a thought…but not a bad one eh?


    by the way to anyone who wants to bash me for not having a life or wasting my time here…..I’ll explain (cause I’d probably be annoyed by me to if I was reading) πŸ™‚
    I can’t work or go anywhere right now ’cause I am sitting here with a broken leg and am propped up next to my computer……

    Believe me..I’m not looking for any sympathy but thought my endless rants merited an explination.As well as the fact that several jerks have emailed me with nasty emails and tried to judge me on these blogs…

    This is a good distraction to my itching leg that I can’t scratch..Ahhhhhh!!!



    you should share some of those emails. are they all from Cardinal fans? just curious.

    as far as i’m concerned, no explanation is needed. this IS a blog…rants are expected.

    hope your leg heals quickly, it would be a shame for you to have a broken leg and a broken heart after tonight.. πŸ™‚


    broken leg…broken heart haha not bad carter not bad! maybe some of my masterful wit is rubbung of on ya πŸ™‚


    I ditched the emails and blocked them as senders…but I told them to come on here and blog like a man (or woman)


    Hi John – I was really rooting for you when you came up to bat but I guess it wasn’t your time.

    I want the Cardinals to close it out 2nite. I don’t want to experience the same misery we went through in ’68 and ’85. That was a great victory last nite. Little Eckstein almost beat them single-handedly. That was a thrilling victory.

    Go Cards !!!!!! You can do it !!!!


    Cincinati now – Cardinals fan forever

    My sympathy to the Reds fans πŸ™‚


    well, it looks like we will be playing ball tonite. the rain has almost cleared the Lou. the wind may be a factor tonite…25 mph blowing out to right center. shaping up to be a shoot out tonight.




    yeah, those two flyouts eckstein hit make him a real hero!!!!!!! more like the tigers beat the tigers single handily….merry christmas!


    Attabe boys!! gonna clinch the world series @ home tonite!!! im the biggest Cardinals fan in Canada!! holding down the cardinal for up north!!
    p.s how do those reporters pickin the tigers in 3 games feel now??


    ummm….stupid, but they will never admit it. they just flip-flop their position. i swear they are as bad a politicians


    Last night was AMAZING!! .. I was there cheering you on and tonight I’ll be watching from my living room .. Keep it up and lets bring home a win tonight! GO CARDS!


    I just want to say to the Cardinals that I am incredibly proud of you guys. The strength and pride you guys put forth is inspiring to me as a young ballplayer. We are one win away from having our first World Series Championship since Ozzie and McGee’s days in ’82. I am so excited and will definetly be at the parade if we can pull one more through. People say we stumbled into the playoffs, but I say no my friends, we kicked, bit, and scratched our way in. We weren’t even expected to make it past the first round and look at us now. After we beat the Mets, even some “Cardinal Faithful” said we got lucky and were gonna get slaughtered by the Tigers. I put quotations around Cardinal faithful because the people that doubt their team, aren’t the faithful, but the people that stick with them through thick and thin, now that is faithful. Thank you Cardinals and thank you to the Cardinal Faithful that always believed from day one. I believe, do you? Red means Go!!!!


    Glad to see everyone is still playing nice πŸ™‚

    Did someone say the rain had stopped in St. Louis? I think the rain has stopped here, but the wind is pretty gusty right now.

    Grind sorry to hear about your leg, that’s really the pits, but there is a bright side, if you leg had not been broken you would not have been here so much to meet all of your new best friends, right?

    I am not going to type here to boo the Tigers, they have proven to be a worthy opponent (that’s not speeled tight is it?)I am just rooting for the Cards to win, like I always do πŸ™‚


    yeah, the rain has all but stopped, and there doesn’t appear to be any rain behind this line of showers on the radar. PLAY BALL!!!!

    LET’S GO CARDS!!!!!


    dont want pity but thanks glowery and yeah I think you guys are more friendly than the fans would have been to me at last nights game….still would’ve liked to have gone though! hope they get this game in…..the weather is looking ok in detroit for games 6 and 7!!


    game 6 and 7….. lol don’t look past tonight grind. The Cardinals smell blood, and I have a feeling they will continue their aggressive play. Plus we can always count on a couple well-timed error from your pitching staff.


    man you know, everyone has missed out on the biggest story of the day….Bruce Bochy has been named coach of the giants!! I CANNOT believe noone is posting on this!


    OK…way to go Bruce – have fun with Bonds. Nuff Said…

    Now, on to bigger and better things…GOOOOO CARDS!!!!1 Rain has cleared up – still cold, though. I have 2 cries for tonight…


    2. Tigers – The Other White Meat.

    HEHEHE Love you, Grind. Really sorry about the leg and all, but at least you’ve been in good company. It doesn’t get much better than Cards fans!!!


    You guys were amazing last night and I know that you’re going to be the same way tonight. I will be there at Busch tonight cheering you on. All of us in Cardinals Nation have faith, just keep yours to. Good luck, God Bless, and Go Cards!!!!


    well, going out of town, and this will be my last post until Sunday. to John and the team, good luck tonight play your hearts out like you have been doing all season long!! We believe in you all!! to all my fellow Cards FANatics out there, cheer our birds to victory tonight!!! Make Jack look down from the heavens with a gleem in his eye this evening, and GO CRAZY FOLKS!!! to the tiger fans, it has been one great series thus far, and win or lose tonight i am so thrilled to be playing against such a class organization as the tigers. take care grind, it was great trading jabs with ya!

    LET’S GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey JOhn,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to “listen” to all us who love OUR Cardinals!! Can someone PLEASE tell me why Scott Rolen NEVER places his hand over his heart during the singing of the National Anthem?


    hey carter, thanks. have a great weekend and it’s been fun…come back and post after game 7…. πŸ™‚


    ok all,

    have a good one…Thanks for the fun…I appreciate having something to pass the time….I’ll be on after tonights game win or lose. I have to run..or hobble in my case! GOOOOOOO Tigers!!!!!


    Amazing game, ya’all are really coming through for all of us in Cardinal Nation. Been a Cards fan since I was a baby wich was the last time the Card won the Series. I wish I was the in STL to see this with my Family. But I will find every Cards Fan in Nashville and get ready for tonight hope to be drinking one for you guys tonight. Ya’all keep your heart and minds in the place they are now and by tonight you will be the Champs. Good Luck GO CARDS


    Just wanted to thank you guys for the excitement and memories you are giving us. Good luck tonight. Can’t wait to celebrate a championship. GO CARDINALS !!!



    I’m so proud of you all for getting to where you are and I have complete faith you guys can take this thing. I don’t know if you read all these comments or not, but regardless, my hope, postive energy, and luck are with you, for whatever they can possibly do.

    Shoot for the moon…even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. And I’ll be watching the rocket trails for every step of the way.



    Buena suerte for the game tonight! I’ll be cheering for you guys up here in the windy city! I might just be Chicago’s biggest Cardinal fan! Que Dios les bendiga!


    Hi John.It’s your OTR trucker buddies…Your batting glove seems to made a impression on a lot of people, proud of you man. We got to see last nites game while in Chicago, the one before we were in Alabame. We have saw your games while in AZ,KS,IL,TX and so many more…but nothing will compare to tonite cause we are in our home state of Missouri and the Cards are gonna win the World Series.We are already craving next season. You all listen hard and you’ll hear our screams from Joplin.Give Jim one more nod from me.Good Luck boys!God Bless you all. WE LOVE OUR CARDINALS!!!


    It is 2:15 Am where I am at and I am ready to get this started. I know all of u Cards fans who are there will make the best possible background for the team to clinch tonight. Good luck John and GO CARDS!!!!!


    Oh before I settle into my chair… Carter, the Young and Restless was pretty good today, got a murder mystery to chew on for a while. I do hope you all I know I am a female and not some… well… you know. LOL


    Oh my, I can’t take much more. From a devoted Tigers fan, this one was tough.

    When we first heard that Leyland was named the manager, us knowledgable baseball fans became instantly ‘giddy’. Leyland received a lot of credit for the likes of Trammell, Whitaker, Parish, Gibson, etc. You see, he coached them in the Tigers farm system; with great success.

    They start 4-0. Then they lose 5, then the butt-chewing. From then on, its been magical.

    Leyland is known as the “White Wizard” here in Detroit. He is going to be a ‘write-in’ on the governor’s ballot next month.

    Suddenly errors, and then being outplayed and outpitched by a gutty team, Its tough to take. All I can do is take my hats off to the Cards and hope this thing gets back to Detroit. Good Luck


    well I said I would so here goes……It IS over… the cardinals are the better team…The tigers gift wrapped this one but the cards gutted it out and took advantage.
    Easily one of the strangest world series I have EVER seen!!!

    But, congrats Cards fan, enjoy it, you deserve it and I’ll catch ya next year…..Peace and especially Aimee… I hope your rolling around on the floor right now with youre son!!! πŸ™‚


    This is from western Ky, I told you it could happen!!!!Thanks for the best season yet!You guys are the best!!I believe I am one Eck of a fan!


    J-rod Congrads.

    I was so happy for you guys I cried!

    Tell Weaver he was smoking hot!

    Glad to see David your MVP, that’s awesome, that made me cry more!

    Tell him to be careful in that car, that’s alot of power!

    I want him around and playing ball for a long time!

    Hope your celebration was funny and hope your not to hung over tomorrow, try some vitamin water should help.

    Thanks to all you guys for playing so hard all year and never stopped fighting the fight!

    Cardinals are #1 BABY!


    All Right Kid!!!!

    Two Out Of Three Is Great On The Upper West Side.

    Little Petey?s Cardinals 3rd Place.

    Cabesa?s Cardinals GunSports Champions


    You Doing A Great Job. Keep Up The Good Work Kid

    Be Careful

    The Swarm Will Now Arrive Bigger And Better Then Before.

    Stay Level Headed Joebu.


    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! CARDINALS ARE WS CHAMPIONS! I have waited so long for this! I was 11 last time and I will never forget it! This is even better! I am SO proud of you guys. You are THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful season and a wonderful memory!
    You are awesome, J-Rod!


    Congrats to Eck – my favorite Gator and favorite Cardinal. Way to go Cards! Never was an entire team so deserving of a championship. Not only did a multitude of players contribute in the post season, but since it came down to the last day to even get into the post season, that means every play throughout the season was critical, every win counted. You should all be proud!

    We were at Ozzie’s tonight, it was crazy of course. The best was having Whitey, Willie and Ozzie there to watch and celebrate with the crowd. Once the euphoria of the victory died down a little, the crowd chanted “Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie”, and then “Willie, Willie, Willie” until each gave a wave. We celebrated the new champs, then acknowledged the previous champs. Wonderful moment!

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