On to the NLCS


I give Albert Pujols a beer bath in the clubhouse.

Now that we’ve advanced to the NLCS, what can I say? Wow. Thank you to God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you to my family, my Uncle Bobby. And thank you to the Cardinal family.

We’ve still got a lot more games to go. So right now we’re enjoying this. We’ll go to New York tomorrow. This is great. Being my second season, it’s my second time in the playoffs. And hopefully this year we can go further than we did last year. Last but not least, I want to thank the greatest fans in the world, here in St. Louis.

You know why we didn’t pack for a possible trip to San Diego? Because Albert Pujols said not to. That man was angry after yesterday’s game. And when he’s angry, we just jump on his back. And we jumped on Carp‘s back, and from there we just ride. That man predicted it. So I know I wasn’t one that was going to disobey him.

Now I get to play in New York for the first time. I’ll get to see my family and see all my friends. I’ll get to play in the city that I’ve always wanted to play in. I’ll play against them. Because I’m here with this wonderful group, this outstanding organization, the St. Louis Cardinals.


  1. mdw89b@umr.edu

    Congrats guys!!!! Way to go! 🙂

    John it was nice to see you so excited on TV, man I wish I could have been there with you guys.

  2. Felix

    How can I not root for a local boy in the NLCS!!! You guys bounced back from that loss, and Im happy to see my second favorite team(sorry, dude Im a Yankee fan) make it to the NLCS.

  3. brotherrlove2006@yahoo.com

    Congrats Cards!!! I knew you could it. J-ROD you are awesome. Now it is on to New York to put Beltran, Delgado, and the Mets in their place.

  4. postsupervisor@gmail.com

    Congratulations Cards! J-ROD thanks for this amazing insight on this blog…it’s like being in the clubhouse or on the plane with you guys! J-ROD you and all the Cards are fantastic – keep up the incredible play and let’s beat those Mets!

  5. spikely@comcast.net

    John, what an incredible game, what an incredible win, loved seeing you on TV, and can’t wait to see you in the games. This blog is so cool, thank you for doing it, now let’s go and kick comm New York Met butt!!!

  6. smhasenour@hotmail.com

    Wow ? What a game last night. Congrats guys! That definitely helped to start my Monday morning off right! 🙂

    The Cardinal’s flag will be hanging proudly on our front door. Redbird Nation is behind you all the way to the World Series!

    P.S. Great blog – thanks for writing. Your fans appreciate the inside scoop. 🙂

  7. bryce1972@hotmail.com

    Hey John! Congrats to you and all the guys! 3rd trip in a ROW!! Awesome!! I am just wondering what your feelings are going into the series for the 1st time as what everyone is saying as “under dogs”? We’ll pull it out!!

  8. jcwatjen@insightbb.com

    John, Congrats Man!! What an awesome feeling for everyone included in Cardinal nation. The team looked awesome, even after an odd first inning from Carp. You guys never gave up! What a way to end the series. Now let’s go to New York and win one on the road, then we come back to the STL and protect our house. Best of luck J-Rod!


  9. scottpatric@sbcglobal.net

    Go CARDS!!! It’s always fun watching the celebration on TV following the big wins like last nights, but John, what’s up with holding the dinner plate during your interview on KMOV. We did get a good laugh out of it. Here’s a huge Red Bird salute to you guys for getting the job done last night and for looking like the team we all know you can be. Take it to the Mets and show them all that no team “falls” into the playoffs.

  10. teresabutler89@yahoo.com

    ALL I CAN SAY IS THE CARDINALS MADE MY FAMILY EXTREMELY HAPPY LAST NIGHT! We drive 3 hours into IL. to see you guys and you made me smile all the way home last night!

    Great Blog JRod, helps us fans feel more connected to you guys.

  11. cruckriege@aol.com

    Way to go Cardinals you all looked great last night and I look forward to watching you beat the Mets.
    J-Rod you are a great player and I love to watch you play. The funny thing is that someone messed up my last name last season and called me Rodriguez and soon after you were playing awesome for the Cardinals. So, I was telling people that you were my brother. LOL

    Good luck to you and the rest of the Cardinals – I will be rooting for you from the great state of Kentucky.

  12. jlivesay@arcc.org

    Although we live in Minn, I am still a huge and everlasting Cardinal fan. So are my girls (11 and 9). Good luck with the Mets, you all looked great vs. the Padre’s!

    Jim Livesay

  13. baseballkid7ok@yahoo.com

    Jay Jay,

    I just want to say what up. Looks like you and Pujols are having a good time. So keep it up and we will be there in the World Series.

    Korey Keith

  14. carol1211k@netscape.net


    Whst a game, what a series, what a team. Thanks for taking the time to do this blog. It’s great!

    Like lots of Cardinals fans, I’m especially proud of you. You’re such a talented guy, such a hard worker, such a great attitude. When you came up to the majors you said you never wanted to take the uniform off. That’s been my prayer for you ever since.

    So keep it up, see you Busch next weekend–let’s get a World Series in our new stadium!


  15. pocono714@aol.com

    Congratulations to the Cardinals. Thank you for a wonderful game.. I am still a Cardinal Fan even though I am living in NY, can’t wait for you to come to take on the Mets. Go Cards!


  16. summerain425@yahoo.com

    This is your sister, I just want to say I love you and I knew you guys can do it. Like I always say DO OR DIE!!. I can’t wait to see you, and can’t wait to see you guys sweep the mets. Lets go Cardinals!!! WAY TO GO GUYS. Your family is so proud of you and the team. WE LOVE YOU!!

  17. krasnyibog@yahoo.com

    Greetings from Fredericksburg, Virginia! The Cardinal Nation is stirring and the naysayers have been put on notice. Now it’s up to us claim our rightful destiny. Watching the rally in the bottom of the 6th last night I was struck by a sense of deja vu. Is this a Millenial version of “Whitey-ball”? Carp is swinging the bat with a runner in scoring position and less than two out, Eckstein squeezes when SD is playing him to pull, then in the 8th Inning, while commentators are discussing blown leads and the likelihood of a Game 5, Johnson and Kinney combine for a K and DP to slam the door on an threat from the heart of the Padre lineup with a calm resolve that made La Russa look clairvoyant. New York has a good team and will be a challenge, but if we can maintain this spirit and momentum, the world will have to take notice. Y’all can make it happen for us and you are the points of our spears. Let the citizens of the Cardinal Nation, wherever they may be, remind the Mets about the “pond scm” from whence they came!


  18. cdunk1968@aol.com


  19. tterrific@sbcglobal.net

    I’ve been a Cardinal fan since the 50’s and I must say that it just keeps getting sweeter. This year especially with the little let down at the end of the regular season. Keep it up, guys. You’ve got lots of help out here.

  20. ddbm@sbcglobal.net

    Great going guys! I knew you could do it! Now on to NY and beat those Mets, hopefully in 4 games so you can rest before the World Series! I’ll be watching you!

    Darlene from Quincy, IL

  21. mellowyellow_jmelee@yahoo.com

    I’m so happy for the team! Just Estatic! Great dedication for never letting up. Faith can move mountains. . Take the victory. ~Jamie Lee~

  22. grammymo2miles@aol.com

    Hey John,
    Yo, you guys kicked butt last night.

    We were lucky enough to be at the game so I couldn’t deliver more cards, but the Cards delivered! It was a great evening.

    Did ya see the welcome I left you guys at the enterance?

    Didn’t I tell you guys back in April you would be in post season!

    Good Luck in NY, we are looking forward to your return two games up.

    Me your neighbor

  23. moniqhi3@aol.com

    Hey J-Rod!
    I am HUGE fan and an usher at the stadium. I always look forward to seeing you bat. You are great player, and you always have a positive aura about you. You never have to have the spotlight and you play for the love of the game and the fans. That’s why you are my favorite player and I hope to meet you one day! Good Luck in New York! You guys are in my prayers. GO CARDS!!

    One Luv


    #1 J-Rod Fan

  24. pkjs@aol.com

    Great job making it to the NLCS!!! I was so excited after Juan satred the rally with a triple. Great job Cards!!!!!! Go get the Mets

  25. pittstlgarcia@bellsouth.net

    Y’all are just the team to beat the Mets. I wish y’all the best of luck and i know you guys will make it to the World Series. I am a Braves fan so i would love for y’all to beat the Mets. And just to throw this out there, Jim Edmonds is the best centerfielder not named Andruw Jones.

  26. bleudogproductions@hotmail.com

    J-Rod. Good luck against the Mutts!!! I am a lifelong St. Louis fan and lifetime Middletown, NY resident. (home of Matt Morris, I know his family). Give me something to rub in the faces of all my co-workers on Thursday (half of them were taken out today with the Spankey’s loss this weekend). My best to you and the team. GO CARDS!!!!!!!

  27. jenn311nd@yahoo.com

    Congrats to you!!! Watching you on TV being so happy in the clubhouse made me smile so big last night!! It was so great! I loved your “i’m here for the bud thing.” I was in tears I was laughing so hard! Anyway, GOOD LUCK to you guys! 🙂 I know you can do it and I have always known you could!! I will be rooting for you guys!
    LET’S GO CARDS!!!!! :):)

  28. rundawg60@yahoo.com


    Great job, guys !!

    One down two to go. There’s alot of love coming at you after all the trials you guys went through the final weeks. Enjoy the moment. Wednesdays’ back to business. I’m from the nyc area but a lifelong Card fan. Try to remember this: During these next few weeks a player, or two who wasn’t expected to make an impact in this series could put together a memorable season. A catch, a timely hit, a daring run on the basepath. It doesn’t always have to be Albert. BE READY for that moment,John. As the group “D train” sings ‘keep on, Listen to the lyrics….. go for it guys !! I’ll be watching every pitch !

  29. bae02b@acu.edu

    Just wanted to let you know how encouraging it is to see how your faith is integrated into your job. I really appreciate and admire all of you guys and the way that it is evident that you can put God first above ALL else. Thank you from a HUGE cardinal fan. Go Get em!
    Blake Earnhart

    p.s. I sure am glad we get a change of scenery from Houston in the NLCS for a change, I go to school in Texas and it is a rough place to be a Cardinals fan!

  30. jgknipper@yahoo.com

    John, Nice job on the blog. A great four game series. Good luck in NY. I am just over in NJ so show them what it’s like to start a whole new season.

  31. jwalter@jeffco.edu

    Thanks for this blog! I look at it all the time! Thanks for the insight! Good job against the Padres! I knew that you guys would win! People in my family had doubt but I knew that you guys had it! Now its time to get the Mets!! Good Luck! Go get ’em Boys!!


  32. ks8254@sbc.com

    J-Rod, I was at the clinching game on Sunday but left before the team came back on the field for a curtain call. You would have thought I learned my lesson when I also missed the curtain call at the very last game at old Busch. That’s so cool that you guys do that. I would like to see the Cards line up after you beat the Mets and shake their hands like they do in Hockey. Have fun!

  33. wings3180@yahoo.com

    Jrod…congrats to you and the rest of the team…if you guys take anything with you to NY take this info….you have the greatest city standing behind you and backing you all the way to the top….Cya at ALs after the season!…most importantly have fun with it!

  34. ampayne@bryancave.com

    Congratulations Cardinals! Thanks for the great blog John! It is so great to read. Co Cardinals ~ I KNOW you can do it! Bring on the Mets. We’ll show ’em! GO CARDINALS. ~Ann the Cardinal Fan~

  35. franklin.matt@gmail.com

    John, congratulations to you and everyone. I am in Dallas TX and am talking trash for all of you. They say you guys don’t have a chance, go prove them wrong!

  36. csr_john@hotmail.com

    Johnny Looooaaad!

    Man, we are going to need a big pinch hit from a lefty in this series so keep that bat warmed up! The Mets have horrible SP’s and you guys can jump on it. Congrats on this but you can do so much more! Big props for reachin’ out to the peeps.

    John P., Chesterfield, MO

  37. shellybean1966@yahoo.com


    Thanks for your great blog! It is great to see the pictures and hear your excitement. We appreciate all you do for the team. Keep up the good work and bring on the Mets! Congratulations and have faith that you all can bring home the ring!!! GO CARDS!!!

  38. kdcardinalsfan@adelphia.net


    I love reading your blog. Good luck to you and the rest of the team in the NLCS. Have a great day and God Bless.


  39. trcyle@aol.com

    J ROD
    Thanks for keeping “the greatest fans in the world” updated with your great blog.

    We know you can bring home 2 wins from NY! Lets get this done in 4 games. Go Cardinals!

  40. jennimac25@yahoo.com

    I am so psyched!!! Congrats to the whole Team. You all came out and played like the Winners you are! My Cardinal flag is proudly hanging from garage door in sunny Florida. Please kick some NY butt, so these New Yorkers will shut up! Go Cards!!!

  41. dpaulsen117@aol.com

    Congrats to all–especially Gary Bennett–You’ve worked hard brother, for a long time now and made us all here in Waukegan proud. The best was the *** kicking you put on the Cubs. Hardest thing in the world to be a die hard, Redbirds fan 30 miles from Chicago

  42. cardsfan6362@hotmail.com

    John – Congrats on making post-season to the whole team. Make us proud, guys. Thanks also, John, for taking the time to post here. I’m sure you have a million other things on your mind. I appreciate your point of view. It sure looks fun there from here ! I’m sending many extreme positive vibes to the east coast for all of you, man ! GO CARDS !

  43. c_draves@hotmail.com

    J-ROD! Great blog, man! You are one of my favorite Cardinals! Help the rest of the team stay motivated! Let’s kick some Mets butt!!

  44. jamesgebelhardt@hotmail.com

    That was an awesome game. Im hoping for a victory tomorrow.
    By the way the bud comment was hilarious.

  45. kevkhan@hotmail.com

    hi John,
    I’ve been a fan of the Cards for 39 years, and the first time i saw Albertbat, i couldn’t believe he was a rookie….i told my wife, “this kid is gonna be great”….i was wondering, do all you pros think like that when you watch him play, or do you ever get used to it?

  46. ilovethecardinals41@yahoo.com

    J-Rod You’re amazing! you’re one of my favorite players. anyways my dad doubted the cards but im one of the biggest cards fans and i new yall could make it. i think you are in my top six fave players. scott rolen’s number one! anyways you kick some new york but out there and lets put the underdogs on top!! go cards!

  47. debjank@yahoo.com

    J-Rod – I just started reading this….why did I wait so long?!! This is an excellent blog. I am a HUGE Cards fans and always look forward to you getting to play as lots of great things can happen for our offense when you step up there. Just another shrewd TR decision to have you on this roster 🙂

    God bless you all and keep you guys injury-free tonight – keep that energy going…the team has been looking awesome and the Mets better take you all seriously! On to the first LCS win!!

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