Rain in The City

SheastadiumWhen I woke up today, it was cloudy but they didn’t expect too much rain. They expected a lot of rain to fall tomorrow. But as soon as we got to Shea Stadium, it started drizzling a little bit. And then about 15 minutes after I got here, we went out to the dugout and it was just pouring. We had a lot of people saying that there might be a window between 8-10 p.m. ET, but we might not play at all.

Like any team during a rain delay, we just sat around and talked a little bit. We had meetings and things like that. You could also go hit in the batting cage. It’s hard for guys to throw outside. It’s just one of those days. We sat around and hoped the rain would go away, but it didn’t happen. So we’ll start the series tomorrow. It will be the same lineups, same pitchers, but just pushed back another day.

It’s a mixed mood when you’re waiting. It’s both anxious and loose. We want to start this series already, but we’re definitely loose. A lot of guys had their game faces on, ready to play, but the rain stopped us from playing. What can you do? It’s just Mother Nature. You can’t control her. So we’re going to go home, have some dinner, go to bed early and get ready for tomorrow.

I stayed with my family last night, so I have my uncle’s car while I’m here. So I wasn’t on the team bus this afternoon when it was delayed so badly. I know a couple of shortcuts, so I got here in 45 minutes, even with the traffic. The bus took like two hours with the traffic. You know New York City traffic is one of the worst — here and L.A. are the worst.

I really didn’t talk to the guys much about the bus ride. They just said there was bad traffic. A couple of them were asleep on the bus, some were calling people. It was a bad ride altogether.


  1. bboy_upstart@hotmail.com

    NYC in october: Rain, Cold, and pretty rough with the media.

    I have been a cards fan since I was born in 87, you guys have given me the best shows ever! I have spent countless of dollars and have been through so much trouble to see you guys play both in st. louis and all around the country! This year has been up and down, but you know what? I have a good feeling about this series…I think were going to win it all and if you and the team step it up, you will see it too! The mets are not tough, there just overatted from the media coverage they get. Trust me, they can’t handle this pressure. We have been here 3 times in a row, 3rd time is a charm, but we can’t do it without you guys putting on the show. Play your hearts out and play the game you all know how to play so well and give st.louis something to cheer about until spring training, and for the years to come…pull off something like that 2004 NLCS come from behind, or that jim edmonds homer in game 6…or that pujols to the moon and back home run…johnny, do something EXTRAORDINARY! BE THE CARD YOUR MEANT TO BE AND DRIVE IN THE RUNS AND USE THAT GLOVE AS A WEAPON OF DEFENSIVE WONDERS….go to the world series, this team was destined from the start. I have not stopped believing but now I feel it more then ever! GET THOSE METS PACKING!

  2. epicempire@sbcglobal.net


    We are all rooting for our Cardinals here in Southeast Missouri. My husband and I have been to the new stadium this year to cheer you on and if we could get away from our teaching we would be there in New York for you now! We know you can do it and take it all the way, and rest assured that we will be cheering and watching the TV tomorrow and every other game. My students all wore Cardinals shirts today and are wearing them again tomorrow to show that we are a part of Cardinal Nation! Do not let the rude New York fans get to you. When and if you hear any “boos”, turn them into the cheers you know we are giving you back in Missouri!!

  3. cdunk1968@aol.com



  4. kerri_lynn5@yahoo.com

    Hey John,

    This is my first comment, but I have been keeping up with your blog. It’s really amazing that you’re sharing this experience with us, thank you so much!

    As for the game being rained out today I wasn’t too bummed! It was raining here in St. Louis too and our electricity went out just about the same time the game would have started! I would have been so sad if I missed that game, so I think it worked out great …lol Not only for me but at least Carp and the others get to have another day of rest too.

    I am so excited and so nervous!! I am a Weaver Believer so I know he will do his best on the mound along with the rest of the Cardinals but still it’s nerve wrecking!!!

    I wish you ALL the best of luck and I’m looking forward to you next update, hopefully it will be about how excited you are from the win on Thursday night!!!!! I’ll definitely be watching, Good Luck Boys!!!

  5. spikely@comcast.net

    Hi John,once again thank you again for doing this blog it is wonderful. I was somewhat disapointed the game was called, but grateful that it wasn’t started then called. Plus another days rest for Carp. So in the spirit of Gomez for those Tigers last night I hope you get a chance to get in and get some hits tonight, plus it would be a real nice birthday present for me, I’m 46 today, and a cardinals victory is all I need!! Good luck, beat those Mets!!!

  6. es335tdc@sbcglobal.net


    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with the Cardinal Nation. Wishing all the best in the NLCS. God Bless.

  7. 4cardsfanz@sbcglobal.net

    Love the Blog!! I have been keeping up with it each day and it is great to get a little more feed back on the GREAT CARDS!!! Best of luck! We will be cheering you on from big Southwest MO!!! We will also be praying for your safe travel! Best too ALL!!!

  8. jcgarla@gmail.com

    Hey John,
    Ive been following the blog all season, Great Job. Myself and all the other Cardinals fans are cheering you on here in Hawaii. Good luck tonight.

  9. tlwilkins63@hotmail.com


    Thanks for this blog!

    I am a big fan and have been ever since I can remember.

    Please let Eckstien know that my 8 year old son who is also a shortstop and small but plays like a giant sees David as his favorite sports star.

    There are some great players on the team but he really roots for Eckstien.

    John, I hope you get a chance to rip the cover off of the ball.

    Go Cards!

  10. moniqhi3@aol.com

    Hey J-Rod
    I was following the rain delay too because I wasn’t sure if they would change our report time for work at the stadium on Saturday. I can’t wait to you guys are back at home! Good Luck with the game tonight! I am so glad that you are doing a blog! God bless!


    #1 J-rod Fan

  11. theamyparker@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your blog! I was born and raised in STL but live in Florida now, so it is great to be able to read some local color. Can’t wait til the game tonight.

    God Bless and Go Cards!

  12. thomasrmartin@sbcglobal.net

    J-Rod …
    I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to speak w/ myself and grandson outside the Cheesecake Factory in StL after the last Sunday regular season homegame. I appreciate the courtesy! As you noted, you were enjoying the celebration of the Central Division Championship and getting ready to head to SD. He is only 20 months, but you interacted w/ him and to me that meant alot.

    From growing up playing baseball, I know rain delays and rainouts can be disappointing in many ways. Then, you guys too had to deal w/ the whole Cory Lidle plane crash and his death. What a roller coaster yesterday must have been.

    Gear it back up tonight and get a Game 1 victory under your belt. When done, the Cardinals will have “silenced” the nay sayers because of the heart that this club has.

    Good luck! ~~ TM

  13. ddbm@sbcglobal.net

    Hey, from Quincy, IL, we wish you all the luck in the world on tonights game. I have so much faith in all of you guys on the team. Weaver can do it! And what a bull pen you have! I’ll be sitting in the best seat in the stadium, my recliner in my own front room, with a Pepsi in one hand and popcorn in the other. GO CARDS GO!

  14. samwise1313@hotmail.com

    Too bad about the rainout. It’s good that Carpenter can go in game 2, but it’s bad that you guys have to play 5 games in a row, because without Marquis on the roster, you guys only have four starting pitchers. I read somewhere that Weaver might pitch game 5 on three days rest, but I don’t think that would be a good idea. It’s dicey, in my opinion, even with a proven ace, but it seems really risky to me with a guy like Weaver who struggled some this season. So go out and win it in four so that we won’t have to worry about game 5!

  15. michiganstate5@hotmail.com


    I want to say thanks for taking your time to do this blog. It’s awesome to come on here and read what you have to say about everything that is going on and happening around you. I’m a life long fan. Although it isn’t very long, only 17 years, it’s still life long 🙂 It was great to watch you come onto the scene here in St. Louis in 2005. You were a big spark. I love watching Cardinals games with my dad, it’s a way for me to get away and just get into the game.

    I hope you guys can give us some well earned victories. My Grandma just recently passed away, and if you could give her a win tonight, it would be much appreciated. Just play your best. Thanks again for doing this blog. Hope you get some at bats here in this series and get some playing time. You deserve it!

    Best of luck to all of you guys tonight, and I speak for every other Cardinal fan out there when I say this, God bless and bring us home a victory tonight.


  16. pattimagee3@hotmail.com

    You know… it’s supposed to be good luck when it rains on the big day (even though its supposed to be for weddings)! So maybe, since the Mets are just plain ole mean, then it means that we’re in for a whole monsoon of Luck!! Not that we need it…
    Anyway, good luck in the series… I’ll be in row 13 on first base side on Sunday, and I’ll be bringing all my southeast missouri cardinal spirit with me!!!

    John you seem a little down, so maybe this Cardinal story will cheer you up. I was lucky enough to see the Game Seven clinching NLCS game two years ago and it was one of the most amazing moments of my life, and maybe this story will spark a smile before a big series… Painted chest and whole hearted my buddies and I were roaming the streets screaming Slama Lama Ding Dong throwing high fives to grandmas!! Everybody of every background, social class, lifestyle, race was dancing, high fiving, hugging and kissing. It was the most amazing experience. On the corner of 4th and Market the streets were covered with people singing and screaming. About 30 of us grown men were in a huddle jumping up and down, and as we got tired, a 25 year old black male with gold chains down to my waist had his arm around me, a curly headed white boy from Jackson Missouri. And to my left a 65 year old white man with with a white beard with his arm over my shoulder to my right… we sighed and laughed together as we faced the street. An escalade passed us with its doors open. And apparently there were two women who had forgotten to wear some very important articles of clothing dancing inside this vehicle with loud pulsating rap music blaring. The three of us complete strangers just looked at each other and laughed untill we turned blue. The oddest trio turned best friends for five minutes. As we sighed again, the older man looked at the two of us younger gentlemen and laughed out, “There’s nothing like it in the world boys… Good Beer, Naked Women, and Cardinal Baseball!” And then we laughed some more. I just thought you all should know how much you inspire in us the 10 year old cardinal fans we so desperatly want to be. I am forever in your debt for this and plenty of other amazing Cardinal memories! So go John Rodriguez and GO Cardinals!

  17. lilkim3214@aol.com

    Hey John,

    Glad that you got to see your family in New York. I was a little bummed about the rain out but hopefully it works out well for the Cards since Carp gets to go in game 2. Hope you get a chance to get into the game today so you can have the family cheering you on. Just know that all Cards fans will cheer you on too!!!


  18. joeftsmith@yahoo.com

    I’m a huge astros fan, so it is with much pain that I ask you to put everything you have into beating the Mets. As much as I hate pujols for ruining Lidge with his huge knife to the heart shot, I hate Beltran 10 fold. He should be with us playing yall, and since he ruined our entire offseason waiting – its time for him to take the summer off a series early. We’re comin for ya next year with carlos lee in tow I look forward to it, My entire year next year will be spent on waiting for this series again. Thanks for the memories!!

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