Pitchers take center stage

Game_1It was a pitchers’ duel on Thursday night in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. We hit a lot of balls hard that just didn’t fall our way. We had a couple of bloopers that could have dropped, but the Mets made diving plays on them. So like I said, it was just a pitchers’ duel. That one swing of Carlos Beltran put them on top. I guess that was the turning point of the game right there.

I tip my hat to Jeff Weaver. He pitched a heck of a game, but we just fell short. We’ll come back Friday and make sure we get it done.

Being introduced before a playoff game in my hometown of New York was wonderful. I tried to hear my family scream, but it was hard because the Mets fans were booing everybody. But I know they were out there. I just had a lot of fun this first day. Now it’s time to take care of business, though.

It wasn’t quite as loud as I thought it was going to be with 56,000 people. But that just tells you about how loud our fans in St. Louis can be.

I was just a little bit late in my at-bat tonight. I’ve got to start a little bit earlier next time. But I felt like I was on the ball. I swung at a bad pitch for strike three. But it happens, and tomorrow we’ll take care of business.


  1. iamaskingyou@aol.com

    Your absolutly correct on Weaver’s efforts. A typical performance from Carp tomorrow and hopefully Maine doesnt locate well will ensure us of a 1-1 series coming home to the Lou

  2. en_fuego571@yahoo.com

    Great start by Weaver. He looked determined out there. You guys looked pretty good out there, but Glavine had a great start. Tomorrow we need a win against Maine. To be tied going home gives us a great chance at winning the series. Good at bat by the way. That guy throws so dang hard…

  3. cooper@regaliamortgage.com

    I wonder if it bothers you when fans refer to the Cardinals as “we”. Yeah, from my seat on my couch, I was glad to see you and Miles in there trying to get something done, you looked tough. They fired the one bullet they had in their gun, Glavine. Tire ’em out quick, and get to that bull-pen. They’re an arm short, and their manager likes the ability to use that quick hook. Thanks for blogging, J-Rod!

  4. rundawg60@yahoo.com

    John: The highlight of the night was when I saw you pinch hit in the late inning. I don’t think I was rooting harder than I was at that moment !! It was a very good game even though you lost. We had a few chances to actually win the game but we have to give kudos to the mets bullpen for holding up their bargain. Both Glavin and Weaver pitched great along with a steady command. That’s untill the mistake pitch came to xxx:OOO

  5. agucci27@aol.com

    Hey John, sorry about the loss tonight! i though it was a good game, Weaver pitched real well. Such a good thing to see from him, just so unfortunate that one ball went out. But i have faith that you and the rest of the guys will be comming home 1-1. Good luck Friday!!

  6. kerri_lynn5@yahoo.com

    Hey John,

    It was definitely a pitchers duel tonight! Both Weaver and Glavine did outstanding but it is unfortunate that Glavine got the win. We have tomorrow to look forward to though, Carp is on the mound so hopefully he will do his usual fantastic job and we can all breathe a little! Don’t worry about your at-bat tonight you can’t do it all the time, we were all just happy to see you brought into the game! Good Luck tomorrow I really hope we can come back home with a win!!! Wishing you all the best and cheering you on!!! I know you all can do it!!!!

    — Kerri —

  7. brotherrlove2006@yahoo.com

    Hey J-ROD,

    Well tonight was certainly a frustrating night for you guys. Glavine is a hall of fame bound pitcher who had his stuff working for him tonight. Weaver did an excellent job, in my opinion the best start Jeff has had all year. So tonight my wish is the Cardinals beat up on Maine tonight and change the momentum in the series. Good luck tonight J-ROD. GET-R-DONE

  8. eospictureguy@yahoo.com

    If you guys keep playing like you did Thursday, this thing is well within reach.

    The club looked so sharp on every level and is playing like a team which belongs in the post season. I’m proud of you guys! Go get ’em.

  9. danisocher@gmail.com

    I hate Carlos Beltran! Jeff Weaver pitched a great game and should have won. Albert pujols is my faorite player and i am disappointed by him. Nice atbat by the way J-rod

  10. pujolsa@stlouis-cardinals.net

    Well, I think the only thing that could have gone better with that game was three runs.
    Weaver was unbelievable, and our defense was (as always) perfect.

    I?m not sure people realize that this is a TOUGH Met?s line up. Weaver made some pitches that made them look silly. He did amazing job, but made one mistake, and that was to Beltran? Sometimes it happens, but I feel great about today!

    Let?s go Carp & Co. You guys can take this one tonight, and come home to fans that don?t boo everyone? That is ridiculous? They have no reason to boo us, they just do it because we?re good! Keep it up John, and maybe tonight you can hit one out of the park!!

    And, you might want your family to travel to St. Louis to see a game at Busch. So that they can see real fans at work!

    (this email address is not connected to Albert Pujols..to all those who may think it is?)

  11. wheecha06@gmail.com

    what a great game last night. weaver looked awesome out there..and he hit the ball just as well..we can beat the mets we just have to hit hit hit.lets bring this game back to st louis tied and then show them the class that st louis has.

  12. cruckriege@aol.com

    Tough loss last night, but you were facing a great pitcher in Glavine that is for sure. Get those bats ready for today and come out hitting in the first inning to put the Mets in a hole early.
    Thanks for the blog each day J-Rod. Good luck tonight!!

  13. cruckriege@aol.com

    Tough loss last night, but you were facing a great pitcher in Glavine that is for sure. Get those bats ready for today and come out hitting in the first inning to put the Mets in a hole early.
    Thanks for the blog each day J-Rod. Good luck tonight!!

  14. cardinalsmami53@aol.com



    Just three little words

    don’t seem like enough

    for someone whose smile

    still brightens my day,

    whose touch can make me forget

    the rest of the world.

    They don’t seem like enough

    for someone who’s always been there

    to celebrate with me

    when everything goes my way

    and to hold my hand

    when my whole world

    seems to fall apart.

    But even though “I Love You”

    can’t express the depth

    of my feelings for you.

    I hope you know what’s in my heart.

    Because loving you

    means more to me

    than anything in the world

    and it always will.



  15. jwalter@jeffco.edu

    You guys just had an off night! Wait untill today, you guys are going to get ’em. Lots of people are already counting you guys out but I know that you guys will split in New York and come back home and finish this series!! I know that I was cheering on my TV, know that all the fans are behind you guys no matter what happens!!!!

    GO GET ‘EM BOYS!!!!!


    Your biggest fan!


    P.S That was the sweetest thing that your mom wrote!!! I bet its nice to be at home!

  16. dpop713@aol.com

    Whats Up! AS a friend of John’s I just wanted to say thank you to the great fans of St. Louis when I went to see John play out there I couldnt believe all the red shirts and support the fans give the players. I know that means alot to a person who is away from home. Thanks again
    John it was great to see the family at the game, I sat next to your grandmother and your little brother and you make them smile everytime. P.S thanks Tony for the at-bat.

  17. cardsfan6362@hotmail.com

    John – man, tough game last night. I’ve never seen so many hard hit line drives right at people! Props to The Weave for hanging pretty tough. Can’t tell you how cool it is to hear a positive attitude in your post. You’ll get more chances and you WILL shine. Looking forward to a great game tonight !

  18. jcgarla@gmail.com

    Hey John,
    I missed the first half of the game because of work, but when I got in the car I was listening to it. Sounded like Glavine was off a little, but kept getting lucky outs. I know the Cards bats are good and there will be a win tonight. Good luck.

  19. ljs383@yahoo.com

    Hey J-ROD,

    It was a tuff night last night, Jeff pitched quite well last night and Glavine pitched like the Hall of Famer he’s soon to be. With Carp on the hill tonight its crucial to get the win, because at Busch were unstoppable. Nice at bat last night, Brad throughs 98mph on average.

  20. bryan_cheek@hotmail.com

    J-Rod, First off you are the man, I just wanted to say that I think the Cardinals played well last night, and I also think the Mets didnt play as well as every announcer or color man thinks they did, Weaver and the Pen pitched through some trouble but were right there to make outs. I dont think people gave the Cards enough credit for they way they played last night. Anyway with Carp on the mound tonight well make those Mets fan sit down all night instead of stand.

  21. shellybean1966@yahoo.com


    I know it was a rough night last night, but hang in there. The Cards fans believe in you all and know you can step up when you need to. My hat is off to Weaver who pitched a good game. Hope my favorite guy Edmonds can come up big for the team and will be there next year. Thanks, again for the blog and what you bring to the Cards!

    Big Fan,


  22. spikely@comcast.net

    Hi John, your mom is so sweet to write a message to you. Well, the only thing I wanted for my birthday was for you guys to win, but I know you guys will get them tonight, I am always cinfident when Carp has the ball, it was goo to see you last night, I hope you get an at bat tonight.

    Thanks for this sight Go Cards!!!!!

  23. mberin@cinci.rr.com

    John, great stuff you’ve been writing. And your family sounds fantastic and you’ve really made them proud.
    Tough loss last night, but tonight will be different. Bring us home a winner.

    Displaced Cardinal fan in Cincinnati.


  24. creedy@esu6.org

    John, tough loss but everyone played awesome unfortunate that the ball didn’t fall our way. Weavers pitching and the defense was there, tonight will be our night. Glad to see your Blog because now I can tell everyone that the Cardinals top fan lives in Nebraska wishing I was in St. Louis for the excitement though.

  25. rojacaliente53@hotmail.com


    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog!

    I’m glad you got an extra day with your family…I can’t imagine how hard it’s been to have not seen them/you since February. They certainly have a right to be proud of you, but after reading what your mom wrote, it seems the apple does fall far from the tree. Yes she should be proud, but she had a big hand in guiding you to the type of person you have become, so way to go John’s mom! šŸ™‚

    Your enthusiasm for God, your family, baseball, this team, the city, the fans, well it is such a joy to see! It brings a smile to my face each time I think of it.

    Remember last year when Eck hit the grand slam in the 9th? Well that was the first time I saw you. If I recall you were the first (or one of the first) to meet him at home plate. Your excitement is catching and I love how you are always cheering on and pulling for the others. What a turn-on!

    I keep getting awesome John Rodriguez photos in my in-box…I guess one of the photogs at the ballpark thinks I have a crush on you! šŸ˜‰

    John, have a great game tonight and the rest of the series and GO CARDINALS!!!


  26. jamie.antes@temple.edu

    Hey John, I think you guys played a great game last night even though you fell short. I am confident that you can beat the Mets, and tonight is a chance to do it! Especially with Carpenter pitching! I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK, and I’ll be watching you guys! You’re an amazing player, and I absolutely love you! šŸ™‚


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