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So_taguchiAll I can say after Friday’s game is wow, wow, wow. This just shows you what type of team we have. In fact, a lot of guys think we should be up 2-0. It just tells you how much heart we have.

We didn’t give up. When we talk about a hard nine, that’s the way we play. A hard nine innings. Chris Carpenter didn’t have his good stuff today, but he kept us in it. We got big key hits from Yadier Molina, a two-run double, Jimmy Edmonds with the two-run home run, and Scott Spiezio came up big twice. And, of course, Guch, So Taguchi, with that go-ahead home run. Just the resilience of this team is incredible. We never give up. That’s just the power of this team.

I definitely appreciate seeing a guy like Josh Kinney, who had a long road to the Major Leagues like I did, succeed on this stage. From Josh to Adam Wainwright to Tyler Johnson, all those guys who are rookies in our bullpen are putting in their work in the bullpen and doing their job. Those guys are coming up big for us.

Now it’s a best-of-five series, and we’ve got the next three at home. The ball is in our court now. We’ve just got to go out there and play like we did today. But we need to go out there and make sure we don’t make it too interesting, like we did today.



    Hi John, intresting is a good way to put it, however for me it was more like freaking out!! But tonight was defintly cardinal baseball. So go home and make St. Louis and displaced fans like me proud, and thanks again for the blog….Go Cards!!


    You all showed how clutch all the players on the roster are tonight. The strike zone being as inconsistant as it was makes it hard for a batter to protect the plate. The same pitch in the same location may be a ball or a strike depending on wheather Jim Joyce picked heads or tails on the quarter he was flippin behind the mound. I would like to see Tony give you a chance to play in the outfield during the homestand. I think he should try batting you in the two hole to help you get into a better rhythm when coming off the bench. Lets hope Sup’s word of the day for Saturday is SUPeriority and we come out of game three with the advantage!


    Hey John
    Great job Cards,, Good Luck the rest of the way for the team and for yourself.I hope you get a few at bats and get a hit or 2 ,,,or 3 haha


    Hey J-ROD,

    Great job Cards. In my distinct opinion the momentum has shifted and just in time too as we are headin home to St. Louis where I know we will shut this thing down and head to the fall classic. I have been a Cardinals fan for 2 years now and have yet to see you guys win a World Series. Let’s hope all that changes this year. Well good luck tonight J-ROD and go get em Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just remember, Johnny Load…you’re just here for the Bud light!

    Keep that attitude about you and the rest of the team: “you’re not supposed to be here.” Keep the pressure away. Now you’ve pulled out a great victory with the help of the So-man to bring it back home to the STL. Amazing.

    Keep it up, Johnny Load. Keep the guys loose and fun, and good luck in the rest of the games!!


    Great post John.

    I am currently living in the Detroit area and almost everyone is convinced it will be a Mets-Tigers World Series. There are quite a few of us Cards fans up here though that are keeping the faith and after watching last night’s game and the heart you guys showed by coming back again and again and again, I believe you guys will make it a rematch of the 1968 series.


    Great game last night!! I was already an avid Cards fan when the Tigers-Cards played in ’68. A rematch would be great….different result would be better!!! Relax at the plate, you will be playing in front of friendly, courteous fans for the next three games. God Bless and Go Cards !!


    What a night! Now it’s back to Busch where the fans will show the world what cheering for a team really means. Here’s a quote from Mike Celizik in an MSNBC article. “In St. Louis, the best baseball town on the planet, they?ll have a red ocean of fans cheering their every spit and scratch.” I think we all agree with him. The place will be rockin’. Cardinal Nation is pulling for you to get an opportunity to show what you can do. This is a great log John, keep soaking it all in and post to us what it feels like to be in the clubhouse with a great group of winners.


    WOW indeed, John ! This team is so cool. No game – NO GAME is ever out of reach. No wonder we love you so much. Welcome home, John, hope to see you contribute to tonight’s win !
    And thanks for posting – I’m sure you were exhausted. Can’t wait for tonight baby !


    All I can say is – what a FaBuLoUs game all around. You guys played amazingly, as you always do. Now its time to come back here and show the Mets that you mean business, and you will have the best fans in baseball backing you up as you do. I don’t think its appropriate to say good luck, because Cardinal baseball is built on SKILL – not luck! Go Cards!


    Hi John,

    I, too, am a displaced Cardinals fan keeping the faith in the Detroit area. Nothing would be better than a Tigers/Cards rematch with the Cards on top. Thanks for the blog and GO CARDS!!!


    Wow what a game! That was “SO” exciting! I can’t believe little Taguch-A-Nator did that!! It was amazing I think I lost my voice I was screaming so loud!!! Fantastic game!! Carp didn’t bring his nasty stuff, but that’s ok we still got the win! Good luck today boys, and welcome back home!!!


    And all I can say is WOW!! I’m a cardinal fan (from birth) who actually got to see the ’68 series. A repeat of that year would be the greatest. The intensity of last night’s game showed what we believed all year (in spite of what the “experts” at ESPN have been saying) that the Cardinals CAN go all the way. So and Scott were fabulous and it just shows we’re not “just Pujols and Carpenter”. Keep it up and let’s dismantle the Mets. We’ll be glued to every second of it on the TV!! YEA CARDINALS!!!!!


    Wow, I am a little late reading the blogs. Did your mom really write that? That is wonderful. I think everyone dreams of making their parents proud, but to read a comment posted by your mother of how incredible seeing you play and the great things you’re doing makes her feel- that’s pretty phenomenal. And pretty good for her; not every mom gets a chance to tell the world how great their child is. On the game, awesome!!! Spezio was on fire and the HR by So was crazy exciting. When watching the first NLCS game, I’m thinking we can take this series(we being you guys), and after last night’s performance, I have no doubts. Keep it up, I know you have 3 more in a row, but it’s doable, and it’s amazing, and I’m going with: THE CARDINALS GOT THIS.


    THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! You guys always play hard and you are doing it again! Never lose faith and the drive to get it done. I am ready for another great game tonight. GO CARDS, GO CARDS, GO CARDS! The next three are ours man.


    From your Air Force Cards fans around the world…

    WAY TO GO!

    Let’s not forget Ronnie Beliard. How many gamesavers can this guy make!? Always set-up perfectly and never gives up on a ball. Definately embodies the attitude I think the Cardinals have had through the years…Work hard and NEVER SAY DIE!

    Go Get ’em at home!


    WAY TO GO BOYS!!! I’m so excited about your win and glad to see my guy, EDMONDS, get a great hit! JROD, hope you get more playing time in the playoffs. Keep up the good work and remember you all are home with the greatest fans in baseball routing for you all! GO CARDS!!!


    Every day this week I have sported some form of Cardinal gear, and taken alot of heat because of it. As a Missouri native(and an AVID Cardinal fan)displaced to the Chicago area, I expect to catch some grief. I just wanted to say to the entire team that “WE”(Cardinals Nation) have never doubted the ability and passion of this 2006 St.Louis Cardinals team. Last night was no fluke, this is the same passion and resilience that this team has shown all year. When one member of this team doesn’t have their best, someone else(usually the unlikely hero) steps in to lift the team up. There is no better example than Friday’s game!! Every single player on this team has contributed in some way to the success that we have already achieved. I am certain that everyone will continue to contribute, and we WILL be successful. God bless each of you for your strength and team solidarity. I have Faith, as do many others, in this team.




    Great job Cardinals. I was on the edge of my seat all night. You guys played the game with heart and passion. You showed me exactly why I am a Cardinals fan. Enjoy the win and keep up the great work. Good luck in St. Louis. We are all behind you. GO CARDINALS !!!


    Great job Cardinals. I was on the edge of my seat all night. You guys played the game with heart and passion. You showed me exactly why I am a Cardinals fan. Enjoy the win and keep up the great work. Good luck in St. Louis. We are all behind you. GO CARDINALS !!!


    I?m sorry you didn?t get a big hit at home(NYC)? Really stinks, but hey we got the win, and when it all comes down to it, I?m sure that is more important to you.

    The team looks great! We (the Cardinals) are confident (but not cocky-like the Met?s)

    in each other. You guys are team players, and it shows! We can rely on our bullpen; those guys are monsters, crazy?

    Keep it up guys, get some good rest this morning and be ready to whip the Met?s tonight! Go Cards!

    (This email is in no way connected to Albert Pujols?FYI)


    Thanks so much for keeping us posted with your blog. My Dad grew up a Cardinal fan, which many don’t understand since we’re from Albuq., NM. He said it used to be the closest team to home when he was a young boy. Needless to say, the whole family has “Red Bird Fever”. We’ve travelled to St. Louis many times to watch games (most recently in Sept. vs. Houston). We were so excited to be able to sit next to the Cardinal dug out. Congratulations to you and the Team that truly has the heart of baseball. THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!! YOU CAND DO IT! WE BELIEVE!!


    YES!!! I’m a 3rd generation Cards fan. I was born outside the MO homeland, but spent many a summer afternoon with my grandfather, sitting by the radio, listening to Jack Buck…And I heard stories of how in the 20’s and 30’s, my mom and my aunt used to listen to the game in their farm house, then run out to the fields to tell my grandfather the scores. So, it was memory lane last night as I had to resort to earphones and the radio to listen to the game. I was out here in L.A., working on a movie set, surrounded by Mets, Yankees, and Dodgers fans…but, of course, I had my trusty Cards red cap on. Needless to say, everyone thought I was insane as I went from biting my nails to doing the victory dance with each hit. But, as one Yankees fan commented to me…you can NEVER count out the Cards. Every member of this team is important. Every one has delivered at some point during this season, usually when least expected. They used to call the old St. Louis Cardinals football team the “Cardiac Cardinals.” I’m thinking that’s fitting after last night’s game.
    John – thanks for the blog. And know that every time you come up to bat, thousands of Cards fans are praying for ya’…cause I know that God must be a baseball fan. 😉

    Now, I’ve got relatives across the country to call…gotta get our celebration screams in!


    Hey J-Rod!

    WOW!!! I am so proud of the Cardinals relief pitchers!!! They are simply outstanding!!! I’m all about pitching and defense!! Speaking of defense, Ronnie Belliard is simply amazing!!! So and Spezio, you guys are the guys who sew this team together. See ya’ll in St. Louis! I’m lookin forward to your next at bat J-Rod! Keep it up and Go Cards!!!


    Hey J,
    It was so exciting to see you and your team last night. There is no better experience in life than to see someone you know out there and accomplishing their dream. Sitting in Shea Stadium and being harrassed all night was well worth it just to see you win.Being native New Yorkers and Mets fan, it’s quite ironic that we had to convert because of you(family is always first)but the best part is to spend an entire game waiting for an opportunity to tell all the Mets fans OOUUII!!!!!!

    Love always,

    Delgado 6


    Yo John,
    What a game you guys had, as someone who is lucky enough to know some of the palyers personally, you will never find a nicer bunch of guys.

    I am pulling for our beloved Cardinals,out of every game comes a new HERO and the other guys are just as excited for them. Like I told David, you and Brad, this is your year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See ya in the neighborhood




    That game was simply stunning as Alex Trebek would say it on Celebrity Jeopardy. You always know that Tony LaRussa’s teams are never going to give up on a game or think they are out of a game. The fight that you Redbirds showed last night really said something about the team. You can always find a way to beat a good team. And that’s what teams that are better than good teams do.

    I love watching you slip out of the dugout with a smile on your face when you’re going up for a pinch hit at bat. It makes me smile when I see that. You play the game hard and I know that you are always excited when you get an at bat or a start in the field. I think that pretty soon you could see a start in left field in the series. Chris Duncan is strugling a little bit so maybe you and Preston can step in and share some time. Anyway, great job on the game last night! Keep everybody loose but still focused cuz we have 3 more to win. Good luck tonight, hope to see you get an at bat or 2.

    Later John,



    Well, here it is, the morning (er, afternoon) after the big blow off of the bat of the Mighty Guch. I’m beginning to mention So in the same breath as McGuire and Bonds now. Simply outstanding at-bat So! I can’t wait for tonight’s game guys, John, Spezio, So, you guys are the glue to this team. You’ve came through so many times when people constantly counted us out. I’m going to be very proud to say you guys are MY WORLD SERIES CHAMPION ST LOUIS CARDINALS!!!


    I’m so happy the cardinals won! I can’t believe So hit that home run. Everyone played like a champ. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!


    Chris really didn’t pitch a great game but the bullpen did awesome. Tyler Johnson has been great! I’m so happy the Cardinals won. If we can keep this up we can go far.


    rupeshs123@gmail…you have some class,real ny fan,nice mouth… Please J-Rod, I’d love to see 1968 rematch. Payback for Gibby,Brock,Flood.


    Hello John,

    Long time fan, first time blogger.

    Listening to,(on the radio) and reading your enthusiam is infectious. I feel good knowing you all recognize how good this team really is.

    You can’t swing a cat without hitting someone who thinks the Cardinals backed into the Playoffs, but I can’t help but think how the whole season matters, and how the team never relinquished 1st place.

    You know the games played at the beginning of the season count as much as the games played at the end of the “regular” season. If they weren’t, the Cards might not be playing the NLCS now.

    So far, you Redbirds have shown you aren’t a team of chumps.

    You keep going. You keep fighting.

    Weaver, keep your head up. You pitched a great game!!!

    The team could probably wilt and shrink because, like so many times before, disappointment may lome on the horizon.

    But you don’t, do you.

    This might be something long overdue, but no less sweet. Tony has set a standard of excellence thats indicative of a baseball dynasty and I’m glad I’m not the only one that recognizes this!

    It might be novel to comment on how big So and Sup were to the last couple games, but it’s not new. These guys, up and down the lineup, prove why this is one the greatest teams in baseball.

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