Supp was on!

JeffThis is going to be the shortest blog entry I’ve ever done, because I only have five things to say about this game.

The first thing about this game: Jeff Suppan.

The second thing: Timely hitting. We scored our runs.

Third thing: Suppan.

Fourth thing: defense.

Fifth and final: Suppan.

It was just a beautiful thing by us as a team. Wow. What can you say about Suppan? Like we said, we were going to come back home and do what we have to do, but hopefully not make it so interesting. That’s exactly what happened Saturday night.

I do just want to say one thing to the fans, though. I want to hear all of you just a little bit more. We heard them, but not quite as much. I want to hear them a little bit louder tomorrow. I want that red sea to come out. Everybody wear red T-shirts, red sweatshirts, red jackets, whatever. Just bring it all out tomorrow.



    congrats on the win man, I go to college in North Carolina, but would give anything to come out to the game tomorrow in my red Cardinals shirt and hat. to those of you that are going to the game, scream a lil louder for me, a die-hard Cardinals fan that can’t make it to the game, but will be in his dorm screaming his lungs out. oh yeah, I have a feeling you’ll be getting a PH RBI tomorrow J-Rod…best of luck…



    I’ll be wearing my red but unfortunately I won’t be seen in my living room. It is so great seeing “The Cardinals” hot again. Albert Pujols is great but it’s nice to see the whole team coming together and playing great ball! We’re back! Go Cardinals!


    Awesome!!!While most of the press goes to Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter(may they always be Redbirds) it turns out there actually are 23 other guys that the Mets/Tigers have to face as well!Great team win and looking forward to the Cards first title since ’82!


    What a game by Supp, and who can forget Spiezio’s timely hitting, again. You guys were awesome! J-Rod, the fans will be behind the Redbirds all the way, so good luck to you and the rest of the team in game 4. Bring home a winner!


    If you can get me a couple tickets so you can get two truly passionate fans instead of these casual, don’t care corporation ticketholders we would gladly scream our heads off all day tomorrow.


    Hey good luck tomorrow night. Let Reyes know that all the fans are behind him and wish him the best of luck. I bet you’ll get a chance to hit later in the game. Good Luck.


    Wow, is all I can begin to say about an amazing pitching performance by one of the best Cardinal post season pitchers. It seems like Supp doesn’t get enough credit for what he does for you guys. I think he is a no brainer to resign for next season. Wrap that man up for the next 3 years and give him a raise. It was truly Cardinal baseball tonight. Pitch well, come up with the key hits, play good defense and make the other pitcher work. My hat goes off to the man of the night, Jeff Suppan. Not only did he pitch lights out, he executed with the bat as well. Knocking a home run, and laying down two great bunts. What more can you ask for? John, I’m sure you guys are very happy about a great win tonight, but not fully satisfied yet. Make sure you keep Anthony’s attitude as positive as possible. We need a big start out of him tomorrow. All we can ask is that he keeps us in the ball game and let the offense do its work. A win tomorrow would be huge! Step on their throats and give them no breathing room what so ever. Hope we see you out there on the field tomorrow, and best of luck to every Cardinal player.



    Hi John,
    WOW, this is Cardinal baseball! Please do not worry, I will be wearing my Rodriguez t-shirt, and wearing it proud here in Florida. I know you guys can take care of business. I hope for Reyes to do well tomorrow, he just has to ride the high and he’ll be OK. Good Luck tomorrow, I hope we see you in the game!! Thank you for this blog and for winning.



    Wow what a game!!! I’m so Excited for tomorrow. I will be wearing my red and screaming my heart out from Camas Washington. I love how hard you guys are playing.


    I’ll definitely be there tomorrow…wearing my red and screaming as loud as I can. Good Luck tomorrow!


    Hey J-ROD
    Man tonight was just what the doctor ordered. Suppan was great all around and now it is on to game 4 and hopefully young Reyes will get the job done and move us 1 game closer to the World Series.


    Hi John. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate that you have this blog. It’s neat to see an inside point-of-view. I really hope to see you play tonight. Go Cards! (I see you Aunt Beth! 🙂



    Thanks for your input J-Rod (my nickname as well by the way). I agree. You guys gotta get into the game. Unfortunatley I am stuck in Branson and can’t attend any games of my beloved Cardinals which I have had the privilege of attending over 100 games for. This is a time honored tradition in St.Louis, our Cardinals in the playoffs. Let’s be the fans we once were in the 1980’s. Don’t get complacent because we make it to the post season often. We have not won the World Series in nearly two decades, don’t forget that. So, let’s show the baseball world why St.Louis has consistently been deemed the best sports city in America. Let’s act like it, show these guys how much we appreciate what they are doing for our city. Also, in response to NEW YORK’S treatment of King Albert, let’s at least slightly “BOO” EVERY SINGLE NEW YORK batter. Good luck and Godspeed tomoroow J-rod. much love for my redbirds.

    P.S. don’t beg for tickets, just get a better job


    You have been my team for 50 years.Whether or not the seasons went well I was always proud of you.Last nights game couldn’t of been scripted any better.


    GREAT JOB GUYS!!!Game 3, again, was unbelievable. Every player contributed in some way and it was amazing to watch.

    I would have to disagree about booing the Mets players though. One thing I didn’t care for watching the games played at Shea was the fans response to every player on our team. The biggest reason I love being part of CARDINALS NATION is that our fans respect all of the other teams and their players. I say, don’t sink to their level because that makes us no better than them. We know how to respond to good plays and players whether it is on our team, or the opposition.

    John, I hope that you will get at least a few more chances to play. Just remember to keep your head in it, and don’t try to do too much. You are a great player, and your chance to shine will come. Best of luck to all in Game 4, and God bless you all.


    Hi John….I totally agree with you… we were at one of the Padres games last week and I kept seeing the scoreboard touting us as the worlds greatest fans yet the silence last night was deafing if we are the greatest then we should also be the loudest…


    although i love the Mets i have to say that Suppan was great. i dont no why Willie Randolph would make Trachesel Pitch!!!!i thought the moment he walked 5 batters Trachesel would go but no!!!!i think Trachesel isn’t even a pitcher. well anyway lets go Mets and Cardinals!!!!!!


    Way to go Redbirds! Keep it going, and we will be here in Grafenwhoer Germany, anxiously watching at 2am :)Rooting our redbirds on. Here we come Detroit!!!!!!

    Gary and Andrea Scott


    Hey John,
    That was a great game! Wow Suppan did fantastic with his pitching and that home run was just to finish it off! lol Good luck today boys I am so nervous but I know you all will go out there and do your best!!! I’ll be cheering you on, and I will wear my RED Edmonds shirt for sure!!



    J –
    Wow, what a great night for Cardinal baseball! I will be cheering you guys on from Maryland. My four year old daughter is too! Much love to my cards, good luck tonight! We will be donning our red.



    I Love this Game! I Love the Cardinals! SLAMA LAMA DINGDONG!!!!! I agree w/ everyone, what’s up with the fans? I have been to so many games this season, (:( no playoff tickets) and at the games I always feel like i’m the only one cheering. One game the couple next to us along with the no salt no sugar snacks they had for thier son, left because I was a little too loud, and I’m a short 4`11 female. Hopefully they will be louder today! and Can’t wait to see Yadier make his home run. Buena Suerte Yadi! LET’S GO CARDINALS! Thanks for the Blog JRod! Que dios te cuide


    John – THIS IS CARDINAL BASEBALL BABY !!! Tell Anthony Reyes that we all believe in him. Hope the fans at the game don’t let you guys down. Those of us who are there in spirit are trying our best to send some positive vibes your way. Thanks again for taking time to post. Its much appreciated. GO CARDS !!!!! GO RAMS !!!! GO BLUES !!!


    J-Rod- awesome blog, I read it everyday. Im only 15, but have been a lifelong Cardinals fan. Wishing good luck to you guys all the way up from Canada. I won’t be able to watch game 4 😦 I have a hockey game (A little stereotypical) but good luck to the team and they need to re-sign Supp and make sure Carpenter and Pujols are Cards until they retire. Go STL!!!


    JROD! Great game last night!!
    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. You are a hero to all of us in Cardinal Nation, and it’s great to get to know you and your wonderful family through this blog.

    I wish that Cards fans were a little rowdier too, but I guarantee you that the love is there in a BIG way. The tv announcers last night were shocked when Cardinal fans picked up on the balk and reacted negatively when it wasn’t called. Sometimes Cards fans show their love by giving their undivided attention, rather than booing the other guys. I do wish that they had cheered Supp on with 2 strikes more. He deserved that and more for last night’s awesome start.

    In the post-game, I loved hearing Tony say that the Cards can never let up, no matter what kind of lead we’ve got. I love the intensity that you guys are playing with. Please keep the Cardinal antenna up, because all of us are sending you our love and strongest and most determined vibes from far and wide. We believe in Anthony Reyes!! I hope he has his socks pulled high!

    Go get ’em, JROD! We love the Cards more than we can say!



    J-Rod -congrats to the whole team – Suppan was Supper!!! I will be wearing my red in Cincinnati (sorry Reds fans). I thought maybe Detroit was the team of destiny this year but now I’m starting to think it is the Cardinals. That game Friday night was the best – I called other Cardinal fans many times during the game. That was an awesome victory and I think it deflated the Mets. As we used to say in the 80’s, “The Mets are pond ****”. 🙂


    Cincinnati now

    Cardinals fan forever


    Great game last night Cardinals. I love the blog. I’m getting all of my red clothing ready for our trip to St.Louis. I’ll be there Molina jersey and all. Good luck tonight GO CARDINALS!!


    YESSSSSSSSS we will be there, I scored a couple of tickets off of Ebay, and you’d better bet your butt we will be screaming and hollering!! Look for us! We’ll be the couple in RED!!!!! GO CARDS!!!


    The game last night was something every Cardinal player should be proud of. What an amazing game. What an amazing team. The Cards have treated us well lately. Thank you.

    Drain the Pond ****!



    You’re so right…the fans need to step-it-up!!! We tried from right field to get things started, but people seemed to fall asleep during those middle innings.

    Cardinals fans, if you’ve got a voice on Tuesday morning, YOU HAVEN’T DONE YOUR JOB!

    The Cardinals are doing their part, we’ve got to do ours!!

    GO CARDS!!!


    congrats guys! Hopefully you guys take the next two!! You guys should be proud of yourselves. 🙂


    Hey man, I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights lately; for one big reason: I’m a Marine in Iraq and the games don’t come on until 3am. That makes for long days in the sun but totally worth it, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I grew up in TROY, MO but my home station when I’m not in Iraq (this is my 3rd tour) is Beaufort, SC. That’s just an 8 hour drive to Jupiter, FL. I made the trip for the first time during spring training earlier this year. After the game you came over and talked to us and signed my daughter’s STL Cardinals bib. She turned 5 months that day so I’m sure it’ll be a day she’ll never remember but always cherish! I know I will. The rotation dates for us to come back to the states is around March timeframe. I’ll be seeing you in Jupiter as soon as I’m back! Thanks for the blog, I’m sure I’m speaking for a lot of Cardinal’s nation when I say it helps us feel as we are in the club house with y’all. The last 2 games have been incredible, Friday was a roller coaster and Saturday was a thrill ride! Even though I’m in desert colored camouflage I’m wearing my Cardinal red proudly on the inside. Is tonight your turn? PH Homerun…not as unlikely as SO and SUP but still as dramatic! The only reason I can think of that the fans weren’t as loud is so you might have the opportunity of hearing the rest of Cardinal’s nation around the globe screaming our heads off! Good luck tonight We’re all behind you and Reyes and the rest of the Cards. God Bless America!

    -Sergeant Dale H. US MARINES


    amazing game last night! all i can say is WOW. keep proving all those “experts” wrong. i have been screaming as loud as i can, but it is from my living room unfortunately, and i will continue to do so along with all the other cards fans up here in peoria. we looked into getting tickets but can’t afford them so we will keep yelling as loud as we can and will be going crazy from our living rooms. the pots and pans will be brought out after your next win! go get ’em to toinight!!!



    Cardinals keeping the Mets off balance!
    Their offense and defense has been slowed.

    Keep it up Redbirds!



    Yeah, I noticed the crowd needed to get into it a little more. Now that we’re on the verge of upsetting the big boys, I’m sure the crowd will bring their A-game. Be sure to spread the love to all of our heroes, J-Rod, let them know it means the world to us! So, Supp, Spiez, Jimmy, all of them, and good luck to all of you guys in tonight’s game!


    Hey John!

    I was at the game last night, and I definitely have no voice left whatsoever. I don’t know about the rest of the stadium, but the left field bleachers were plenty loud! That was such an awesome win. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Suppan so on. I really love reading your blog, and I hope you get a chance to knock a couple runs in tonight or tomorrow (or better yet, the World Series). If I don’t make it to the game tonight, you can be sure I’ll be downtown watching and wearing my red regardless! Mwah!



    The air is cool, the breeze is steady, it’s October Baby and the Cardinals are ready!!
    I absolutly love this. The Birds playin’ great postseason ball. Not just Albert, not just Carpenter, everyone is doing a fantastic job. Congratulations to everyone on what has been accomplished so far. We are all extremely confident in what the team will also accomplish in the near future.


    John – Thanks so much for this blog! I read it everyday, and it’s really great to hear from someone on the “inside” just what the Cards are thinking. Fantastic game last night!! And Wow was Supp on fire! I’m loving how everyone is stepping up when they need to. Let’s keep it up, ok? :)I wish I could be there to screem my head off (and believe me, I would!) but I’m stuck in Iowa for now. I will be cheering on my Cards, though!! You guys got this! Be sure to pump up Anthony this afternoon and let all of the guys know that there’s plenty of love coming there way from all over the world! GO CARDS!!!


    Thanks for the blog! It’s cool to read about things from the players perspective. Supp was amazing last night. My earliest memories as a Cards fan are of attending the games, sitting on my dad’s lap and chanting “Let’s go Cards! Mets are Pond ****!” My mom was born and raised in NYC so shes a Mets fan…she roots for the Cards now! Keep up the good work, focus, and bring the World Series to St. Louis!! This is playoff time, anything is possible!! I also blog on the Cardinals…not to this extent but I recap the games and stuff.

    I will be glued to my tv tonight and cheering on the birds on the bat!

    Let’s Go Cardinals!!



    I jumped out of my seat when SUPP hit that Home Run last night! I am certian that all my neighbors heard me even over their own excitement!
    There are so many people out there that thought the Mets were going to completely dominate, guess thats what they get for thinking!

    Keep it up guys!!!

    See you tonight!!!!



    No tix to the game, But better believe you and the team will be posted on the big screen with full volume. I’m cooking for the fams` and shoutin out so loud you will hear me thru the tube. ~who said you couldn’t tailgate at home~
    (i got my lucky red socks too)



    We are a sea of red, cheering from afar!

    Murphysboro Illinois-Cardinal Country!


    Hi John from your CT family! All or our prayers and very best wishes go with you and your teammates tonight. We will be watching and cheering for you. We will see you at the World Series! Janet, Darrell, Kate, Tom, Anna


    Now THIS is the Cardinals we know and love! Supported you guys through the losing streaks, but this is much more like it! We don’t have tickets, but we’ll DEFINTELY be yelling and cheering. In fact, we’re suprised the neighbors haven’t called the cops to report us yet! And I agree, booing the Mets players is beneath us Cards fans.


    Now THIS is the Cardinals we know and love!!! We supported you guys through the losing streaks, but this is more like it! You guys are firing on all cyclinders. Keep up the good work. We don’t have tickets, but down here in Perryville MO we’ll DEFINTELY be makin some noise. Hopefully we won’t get cited for disturbing the peace!
    GO CARDS!!!


    SUPPAN…SUPPAN… SUPPAN…what cant he do?he pitches well…he delivers a homerun…I cant wait till the ball is in his hands again!


    Nice job, really.. .Don’t think you can win every game(impossible), but I will tell you with all the industrious work the team has put in, it shows itself and Always pays off. There’s no such thing as a simple winning streak, but only the facts of life and it’s only proving itself as the National League Championship Series is in effect and plays out with the Cardinals on track exactly where they need to be. You guys need to speak in your rally in the locker room before And during game and with that you can energize, focus, and drive the team to one head, one body, one force. .. Just dO IT. ~Jamie~


    Supp was rocken hot!
    I can always tell his going to pitch a good game, when you see him snap back up after his releases and is right back on the mound ready to pitch the next pitch. He really seemed pumped.

    Jeff is so hot looking, makes for a interesting game! I’m also liking Weaver! Hey tell Weaver to smile more and cheer up he’s to hard on himself , he’s doing a awesome job!


    You guys played great Saturday Night. I just don’t think you had enough rest from the flight home from N.Y. to keep it going Sunday Night. You’ll come back. That extra days rest is just what everyone needed. That rainout is a blessing in disguise…..Keep it going!!!
    We’re all wearing our red!!!

    Tell Weaver we’re all rooting for him to have a great game. Go out there and get ’em!


    Is it just me seeing things, or did Jeff Suppan “Wink” at the Mets pitcher right before he crushed the home run ? If anyone has a recording go back and check it out.


    A class act from start to finish! Way to go Cards! We support you all the way. A win in St. Louis would be terrific!…..but I’ll take it here or in Detroit!.
    By the way, did you see the great shot of the old and new Busch stadium just before the old one was torn down? It’s on the site at You can pick on of the posters up for 19.95 and it benefits a charity. Terrific for the memories!!!

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