Time to move on

David This is definitely a loss that we need to forget about. We’ve just got to try to take the positives out of it. We can’t put our heads down, not for one second. We need to come out there Monday and have that same intensity like we had in Games 2 and 3. I think from there we’ll be all right, as long as we keep our heads up and stay focused.

We now know we’re definitely going back to New York. But I think that if we win Monday, we’ve got Chris Carpenter going in Game 6. It’s just something where we have to come tomorrow, stay focused, stay confident, concentrate and just go out there and play a hard nine.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks terrible. They were saying it’s going to rain all day and all night. We’ll figure it out. But either way, I think we’re leaving for New York on Tuesday. So it really doesn’t matter that much. If we don’t play tomorrow, we’ll play on Tuesday and leave after the game.

It would just be another day off if it rains — but an earlier one. Either Monday or Tuesday we have the day off. So we’ve just got to take it all day by day.


  1. c_draves@hotmail.com

    You’re right, John! We have the potential to win. Just keep your heads up and do your best! Remember: your fans are behind you all the way. Don’t worry about having to go back to NY…it’ll be a sweeter win in THEIR ballpark! 🙂

  2. SomeBallyard

    I’m a Mets fan, but you guys are definitely a class act. I actually cheered when Eckstein hit that homer–I’ve been a big fan of his since his days with the Angels. Good luck (but not too good of luck 8)

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


  3. daleandmichele@earthlink.net

    One really good thing about having to go back to NY, is that you’ll get another shot in front of your family and friends from back in the day…maybe everything is falling into place for some more postseason magic; how about the home town boy.

    Go Cards, God Bless America

    Sgt Dale H. US Marines

  4. hrking25@hotmail.com

    Hey it’s only one game and tomorrow is a new day and different pitchers. Glavin is ripe for the (picking) hittin’! He pitched well enough to win in game one but he was beatable in that game. You guys just didn’t get the timely hits or any breaks. I will be at the game tomorrow again doing my best to get the Cardinal Nation to make some NOISE!! Wake up and pump it up! “Wake Up and Pump It Up” is the title of my thread on the message board. If anyone agrees post your comments or at least bump the thread to keep the word out to the fans. Good Luck tomorrow against the “Pond ****”!!!

  5. taytay165@yahoo.com

    Yeah, just keep your heads up, guys. You’ve come back from games like this before, and you can definitely do it again! I’ll keep on cheering from home, and all you who are actually at the game, I want to hear you from my living room!! Let’s give our guys some energy in that ballpark tonight, ok? Let’s Go CARDS!!!

  6. metsinsix2006@yahoo.com

    All the confidence and focus in the world will not avert the Mets’ ultimate series victory. Game 4 was a must win for your guys. The Mets have restored their home field advantage and will find a way to win. That being said, good luck in the offseason, and congratulations to you and the Cardinals for getting this far.

  7. prkayz@gmail.com








  8. prkayz@gmail.com

    You Jay Jay..


    Quotes from the movie Major Leagues

    Pedro Cerrano:

    Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball.

    Straightball I hit it very much.

    Curveball, bats are afraid.

    I ask Joebu to come, take fear from bats.

    I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

    Pedro Cerrano:

    I stuck up for you Joebu.

    You no help me now…I say fork you Jobu.

    I do it for myself.

  9. rastaspoon@yahoo.com


    The Cards are a bunch of wrokhorses. When almost EVERYBODY had given up on you this season, there I was, screaming myself horse from BP to the Metrolink home.

    Keep workning hard guys, I’ll be one of those guys going crazy no matter the score or inning.

    I’ll be hounding you for a ball at BP tonight, so be kind 8) Go CARDS!

  10. eospictureguy@yahoo.com

    Yeah, that was an ugly one, but you guys didn’t quit. I think you’ve still got those guys on the ropes and if you can hang tough against Glavine, I think they’re gonna fold.

    And besides, finishing ’em off in New York will give the entire city time to get their butts down to Keiner Plaza and welcome you guys home in style in a few days!

    P.S. Ummmmmm……..I think prk’s medication doesn’t really take effect until he’s had his juice and a cookie. Maybe he should post AFTER lunch?

  11. spikely@comcast.net

    OK they got one, big deal, even though it seems to be making the whole world happy, the coverage of our games is so biased, in favor of the Mets it is so frustrating to have to listen to it. So I know that you guys can go out their and silence them all. Keep you chin up John, Go Cards!!!!!

  12. todd.yokley@sbcglobal.net

    Hey J-Rod,

    Lets hope there is a Game 5 tonight in St. Louis and win this game you guy have the momentum going to back to New York with Carpenter pitching.

    Go Cardinals!

  13. mellowyellow_jmelee@yahoo.com

    What is up! What is up! There’s not much to say, your mindset is right. Take last nights game as a tool of resource and only look back on it to energize the teams drive. You guys work too hard and want too bad, to let last nights game be your focus…The team comes together and the energy is too strong for anything else~Stay on top and don’t let up…(Underdogs my ***, you guys Been playing ball.) Take the Cards up North and show ’em the MidWest Swing…
    Oh yeah, in the 9th, I swear you were safe on 1st, I swear!! From a birds eye view you were! Let the Cards finish it up.

    -Who else but Jamie-

  14. jilaverne43@hotmail.com

    We love you guys and WE BELIEVE!! There are millions of us watching at home that are praying and cheering for all of you and are so with you guys. Tell the guys not to let anything stand in your way. All things are possible in the playoffs. We are with you!!! Let your God given gifts shine on!!!

  15. kar5000@hotmail.com

    Today is a new day and a new game. Lets get it done. Keep your heads up and lets win one. Take a positive from last nights game (Yadi’s HR). We’ll just have to go back to New York and win it there. No big deal. Good Luck tonight! GO CARDS!!!

  16. shellybean1966@yahoo.com


    Hey! You guys in hang in there because we Cards Fans know you all can win it all! I know things were bad last night but just keep on giving it your all! We love our CARDINALS!!!

  17. mmarty@ameren.com

    I am 100% confident that you guys will do this and I’ll be at the game tonight screaming like a banshee (hopefully the rain will hold off).

    It’s okay to head back to New York and win it there – a win’s a win no matter where it is.

    metsinsix2006 is sorely mistaken and that’s too bad for him.

    Let’s forget Sunday night and move forward. Here’s to a Game 5 victory!

  18. teresabutler89@yahoo.com

    John, Thanks for the Pic of David!That homer rocked , right over close to where we were sitting. Husband and I was at Saturday and Sunday nights game. Saturday nights game was a blast, did agree with you that the fans needed to be louder. We were in rightfield outfield behind the camera guy and I think our section was your biggest support section. We had a guy in a Hard hat who is always at your games and leads this section and gets everyone pumped up. This section is the best!
    WIsh we could be at tonites game! We’ll be watching from the big screen from home screaming and cheering you guys on , you’ll probably hear me from Central IL.

    “I got a big mouth & a good set of lungs”

    P.S. Tell David the Butlers from Central IL love him! “We love all you guys!

  19. kjcarter419@msn.com

    The Mets came through in a must win situation for them last night, but we’re still in good shape. We’re going against Glavine tonight, providing the rain stays away. Although he’s one of the premier pitchers in the game today, we hit him hard in game 1 and he was very lucky that we hit balls directly to his defense. Maybe he’ll pitch a gem, but, on the other hand, maybe he won’t be so lucky tonight. Weaver pitched well the other night, with only one mistake, and I look for him to do well again.

    Either way, going back to NY we have Carpenter and Suppan going for us. Carp had a rough outing in game 2 but don’t look for that to happen again. When was the last time he had two bad outings in a row? Never. He’ll be tough and pull us through game 6. Suppan once again has shown that he is a big game pitcher. Always has been. He’ll hold the Mets down in game 7 (should there be one).

    What we need the most is for Pujols to start being Pujols. I think he needs to relax. The pressure is not on him entirely, there are other guys that have been stepping up. I think his approach in the batter’s box is wrong for this series. He can’t just sit on one pitch, it hasn’t been coming. Instead, he needs to start spraying the ball around, hit that hanging curve on the outer half of the plate to right field. If he does that, he’ll break out and start getting the pitches he likes to drive.

    Our bullpen had it’s confidence shaken by getting rocked last night. But they’ve shown that they can get the job done. Thompson went into the game last night looking scared from the getgo, you could see it on his face. Maybe LaRussa should have stayed with Reyes a little longer, he looked shakey but he was getting the job done. But that was last night, tonight’s a completely new game. I think maybe we’re trying to nitpick at the corners a little too much, allowing too many walks, which hurt us last night. When pitching to their big guys, we need to move the ball around, don’t just pitch them low outside all the time. We need to keep them off balance, keep them guessing. Trust your stuff and it’ll come through for you.

    We’re still in good shape for this series, we just need to go out there and do our thing. REMEMBER FELLOWS, WE ARE THE CARDINALS.

  20. kdowdy@battlefieldmo.org


    You are exactly right sir. Let’s forget about the loss. Look at the positives though. Our bats were not silent in Game 4. Weaver is going to throw a great game. Then we have Carpenter. So, keep your heads up CARDINAL NATION. Show these Mets and their fans why CARDINALS FANS are the best baseball fans in the world. GO CARDINALS !!!

  21. pujol5_mvp@yahoo.com


    You and the Cardinals as a team are having success right now. Sure you guys lost tonight but look at the positives, we scored 5 runs. Normally that’s plenty to win, but our pitching wasn’t there. Just remember when you take the field tonight that you are playing in front of the best fans in baseball and no matter what you guys do we will always love the Cardinals. Everyone doubted us to even make the post season, everyone said we would lose to the Padres, everyone said we had no chance against the Mets. And you know what, they are all wrong. Good luck guys and bring us a winner tomorrow and go into New York and lock up this series and a trip to the World Series.

    Good luck boys,


  22. angiebarnhill@excite.com

    I really love reading your comments after each game. It gives me goose bumps to read the messages from all of those fans that still believe. You guys still got this! Never give in, and you will be headed to the classic!! GO CARDS, GO CARDS, GO CARDS!!!!!!

    PS-I was at the game last night and I was on TV with my big yellow poster! It was freakin awesome.

  23. rb338@sbcglobal.net

    John, just wanted you to know, last season you signed a soft safe little league ball for my 8 year old son and now you are bigger than superman to him!!! We live in Grand Rapids, MI, and we took him to see you guys at one of your home games for his birthday. We live closer to Detroit, but he is all Cardinals. Thank you and all of your fellow team mates for being such a positive influence to him! You guys will be the World Series champions! GO CARDINALS!!!!

  24. hkane@saffwein.com

    Hey John:

    Nice swing against Feliciano. you were totally feeble. Of course, you have as many RBI as big mouth Pujols.

    Can’t wait to bury your sorry tails in Shea.

  25. softie1@cox.net

    What a great series. If Pujols awakens and starts being Albert. The Mets are in trouble. I though tTony put too much on the bullpen last night when Reyes still had some left and we were still in the game in a major way. We will bounce back. I am so proud of our staff for keeping the powerful Mets lineup relatively quiet for so long. I expected so much out of them and prepared myself for a huge whoopin’ in the NLCS. I always believed we had a chance (cause this is baseball) but now I like our chances big time. GO CARDS!

  26. rite.kisslring@gmail.com

    you guy’s have so much to be positive about last night. you had 3 home runs last night! i will admit i am a big molina fan. i have loved him since he came up in 2004. i just knew he would hit a homerun and i knew edmond’s was due for one too. i didn’t expect eckstein to get one though at all. you have won 3 games where it wasn’t albert doing it all. that should make albert feel better and feel less preassure. last night was just an example of the way the pitching has been all season. you have lost alot of games because of the pitching. you’ve bounced back from all of those and you’re going to bounce back from this one too.

  27. driscoll@wk.net

    You are exactly right!
    Today is a new day.

    You guys can and WILL do it!!

    And for all you Cardinal fans

    in the stands, GET UP AND MAKE SOME NOISE!! Support the team. Go Cards!!!

  28. prkayz@gmail.com

    Hey retardo (hkane@saffwein.com)

    His name is JOEBU remember that!!

    Lets watch the game in a Manhattan bar that night. Let me know.

    Put up or shut up.

    P.s. IM STRAIGHT !!!

  29. andibeth16@yahoo.com

    Hey! I just want to say thank you SO much for your bat last night. I don’t even know if I said thank you when you gave it to me because I was SO excited!!! But it was really sweet and I wish I could have thanked you in person. I wish you and the guys the best of luck the rest of the way. I’ll be cheering for you 🙂

    Oh and my friend I was with said to tell Molina nice homer 🙂 You guys are the best!!! Andi

  30. ecmahler82@hotmail.com

    Mets better watch out. With the exception of one bad pitch last week, and our pitching giving out last night; We have owned the mets. people seem to overlook that we were knockin the ball around last night too. unfortunately for us the bullpen was pitching batting practice all night. so lets hope for another solid start by weaver and a better than last start by carp to keep them rested.

  31. mujaki19@htomail.com

    John, you guys can seriously tkae out the mets. you proved it on friday and saturday. Just keep your heads up!!!! All of St. Louis is behind ya! Lots of luck in tonights game!

  32. mhouser@kenrick.edu

    Venga tu reino!

    The Cards have played great this whole series except for two bad innings last night. Let’s forget about it and come out strong tonight, and we’ll have the edge going back to NY.

    A word to the fans at the ballpark: last night on the telecast I was actually able to hear Mets fans in Busch stadium chanting “Jose, Jose, Jose” for Reyes. There is NO WAY that the Mets fans should be able to make themselves heard in there! The whole place should be absolutely deafening with Cardinals fans, the whole game through! Let’s show the NY fans tonight that we can make as much noise as them. (No need to get in brawls about it, of course…show them that in the Midwest we can be passionate and civil at the same time.)

  33. arturo_mora@hotmail.com

    The cards are done! Glavine will take care of business tonight and the Mets WILL win two in a row. Good night deadbirds…GO METS!!!

  34. aej712@yahoo.com

    If you guys have faith in yourselves even HALF as much as I have in you guys… We will be NL Champions! Thanks for keeping us updated John… I am a big fan of yours! 🙂

  35. grammymo2miles@aol.com

    YO JOHN,


  36. origtguy@insightbb.com

    The song remains the same, THE CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! Continue to play confident, smart baseball and we will accomplish our goal. Hats off to you John Rodriquez for taking time out of the most stressful part of the year to show us true fans some real insight into not only the team but your thoughts as well. “THE METS WERE SPARED”

  37. cdunk1968@aol.com

    The entire Cardinals roster is one class act, and I really BELIEVE we can take it all the way to the series!!! Yes, we lost one last night. Let’s move on… It was cold and miserable at Busch where I was sitting watching you Redbirds play ball, we played hard, and we’re cancelled for tonight, but we’re gonna kick the Mets’ butts when we meet them again. Thanks for this great link to you, John. You have got some loyal Cardinals fans in Columbia, Missouri. WE LOVE THE CARDINALS!!!!!! JOJO

  38. lobnob@aol.com

    no disrespect to jeff weaver or anything but i think we (larussa)should start carpenter so we have almost a garunteefd win and then weaver9who is almost unbeatable on the road ) to start in game 6 and then we could be on our way to detroit .why wouldnt we do do this?

  39. maweber1969@yahoo.com

    From your favorite little fan in Peoria, we are proud of you. You guys are doing great and no matter what happens, we are proud of you guys! It’s been an incredible year and we have enjoyed every minute of it. You have truly instilled the love of the game to a 4 year old. Keep up the great work and God bless you!!

  40. cardinalrollenwalker@yahoo.com

    Let’s just move on to Tuesday night. It will be awesome. Weaver will be ready to give it all he has and the bats will be hot for all of the Cardinals. You guys ROCK !! Monica

  41. lanl1965@msn.com

    Keep on keepin’ the faith J-Rod and keep the team spirit up high.
    The Cards are gonna fly.

    Weaver’s gonna pitch like a nasty son of a b—- and the boys are gonna hit every Glavin glitch;

    Tony’s gonna smile and Duncan’s gonna nod;

    and that’s my story Mr. J-Rod!!

    GO CARDS!!

  42. radioman67@hotmail.com

    J-Rod! Always GREAT to see you pinch hit of the bench whenever you’re “called to action!” I hope you are seeing ALL THE CARDINALS LOVE on these comments here! So, so many of us fans are behind you guys 120%! Forget what’s behind, Press toward the prize before ya! Tomorrow is a NEW DAY, full of possibilities! To be sure @ Busch Stadium tomorrow and across Cardinal Nation, we’re ALL wearing our RED! Go Cards!

  43. brotherrlove2006@yahoo.com

    Hey J-ROD

    Well Game 4 did not go like any of us hoped but still we have a chance to win this series. Maybe Glavine will not be as tough as he was in game 1 but with the rain out and all he might be just as tough if not tougher. So good luck tonight Redbirds this ole okie will be rootin for ya.

  44. hkane@saffwein.com

    Hey J-Rod:

    Can you explain that pathetic swing against Feliciano on Friday? You hit like my grandmother. Good luck on the golf course on Thursday after the Mets fnish your tired, lucky, 83 win behinds.

  45. transamguy_101@yahoo.com

    Mets are scared, why else would Mets fans come to a Cardinals fan site to bash our team? Remember they are scared and they should be, we have the greatest team, the greatest fans in the greatest sport. Will be up at 2 am to watch my redbirds win tonight. Go get em from Grafenwhoer Germany

  46. ks8254@sbc.com

    J-Rod, We are trying to cheer loud but fans and ushers are telling us to sit down and be quiet. I’m not talking about profanities either. For example, my friend stood up and cheered “lets go redbirds” and the ladies behind him told him to sit down because they couldn’t see! Also, a women called into to KMOX radio and said she was told she could only cheer when the rest of the fans were cheering or she would be asked to leave. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO STAND THE ENTIRE GAME AND CHEER AS LOUD AS I CAN! GO CARDS!!!!!

  47. nkendall@parkhillbaptistchurch.org

    Yadier has been amazing in the playoffs. I think Tony ought to consider posting an October calendar in the clubhouse during the season so he will think it is October all the time!

  48. stolen_base22@hotmail.com

    that rain out was a blessing! now the bullpen and weaver can be extra charged for tonights game!! and it’s good to see molina and eckstien light up! keep up the good work guys!

  49. stolen_base22@hotmail.com

    prkayz:in regards to the mets fans “bashing”, you may have forgotten so i’ll remind you, were cardinals fans not cubs fans. welcome to St.Louis, New York.

  50. ddbm@sbcglobal.net

    Hey, Cards, Good Luck tonight. I ask the man upstairs to put some angels in the feid for you all. My husband says I am nuts but hey, whatever works. You guys are great. Don’t let those New Yorkers get to you. Go David go. Loved that Home Run the other night. You were awesome. John, hope you get a chance to bat tonight and give us a good one at bat. We are rooting for you back here in Quincy, IL.

  51. abygal80@sbcglobal.net

    These rude Mets fan are driving me crazy! Anyway, J-ROD, you guys can do this and you know it! Give it all you got and at least you know that you did your best. Isn’t that life’s lesson? The Mets don’t have anymore momentum going into this than you do so give it your all and you will come out on top! GO BIRDS!!!

  52. babfacesm819@yahoo.com

    I love my Cardinals. But, let me be the first to say:


    I’m not being hard on Reyes. He is young, that’s it. Case closed. You just caused us the series Tony.


    Not trying to nit pick but does it **** anyone else off when you watch ANY professional sport and watch a lazy athlete who gets paid millions?

    For example, Randy Moss who is so talented yet so lazy.

    I love Pujols, and have ever since he came to St.Louis and will for the rest of his career, but **** it Pujols run plays out. YOu hit a ball deep into third which was bobbled and you were jogging.

    To be honest I was glad to see Enarnilazyion benched after game 1 becauase he did the same thing. Pujols and everyone else on the team for that matter:


    Come on you are grown men and world class atheltes. If you don’t want to hustle then play golf. If you don’t want to run, start bowling. In my opinion we should operate our team the same as the Bears operate their football team, grade players on intensity. If you don’t run out a ground ball at full speed you pay for it in practice. If you consistently do it then you sit the bench.

    Grow up Cardinals. Get hungry. We were one game away from the opportunity to finish it up at home. We are on the brink of the World Series do play like it **** it. You ask the crowd to do its part, now its your turn. Although the crowd was silent AGAIN FROM THE 1st inning. WAKE UP FANS and WAKE UP CARDINALS

  53. brooke21181@yahoo.com

    John you were so right!! We stayed focused, kept our heads up….and we won! Weaver was excellent tonight! I am just beyond proud of all you guys, and i’m proud that i’m a die hard fan of the best ball club in the Major Leagues! There isn’t a team that compares with the Cardinals passion. There’s just something…well…very special and magical about all of you guys. Thanks for all your encouragement in the blogs! I saw you’re excitement when we won tonight…you just jumped right over that fence! Hehe, I love it! 🙂 I know you guys are going to play well tomorrow night. Just gotta stay confident and focused in the midst of those crazy Mets fans! God Bless you! -Brooke in Arkansas

  54. williesfox1957@sbcglobal.net

    John, Congrats to the Cards…I have watched every game…I lost my husband June 27th this year he was as much as afan as I am and he would be so proud. You are such an awesome team…

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