National League Champions!


What a feeling. St. Louis, I know you guys are going crazy back there. We did it. We’re going to the World Series. We’re going to play Detroit.

What can I say about this Game 7? It came down to the wire. A guy who was big for us defensively, but struggled somewhat offensively, came up big for us in the National League Championship Series. Yadier Molina, I can’t say enough about that guy. It’s his third year in the league, but he plays like a veteran back there.

Jeff Suppan, what can I say again? That dude was masterful today, just masterful. The all-around team effort was just incredible. The feeling is magical. It’s magical.

Coming in there in the ninth, Adam Wainwright allowed the first two guys to reach, but our closer then retired the next two batters. The next guy walked, but after that it was over. It was just like an epic story right there, a childhood dream. You always dream about that — as a pitcher or a hitter. A 3-2 count, seventh game — if you’re the pitcher, you’re trying to strike the guy out. As a hitter, you’re trying to hit the game-winning home run. It just came down to the last strike.

I’m speechless right now. It’s just an amazing feeling.



    Good job Cards!! What a game!
    You finally did it! Go get the World Championship back home as a gift for the new Busch Stadium!!


    Hey John.
    Amazing job you guys did in game 7! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire game! 4 more wins is all thats left! Good luck against the Tigers! See you guys when you get back to St. Louis!


  3. mattma@kwc.eud


    Congratulations, what a great team effort you guys have came up with all season. It showed again in game 7. So many people have contributed this year. If you ask me the Cardinals depth is what made the difference in this series. Anyways you guys are great to watch. Good luck in the world series.

    Matt Martin



    I cannot believe it!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! This was one of the most intense, nail-biting games I have ever seen!! I was sitting in a conference room at work in downtown St. Louis, making all sorts of deals with God if only you guys could pull this out!! (Uh oh, I may be in trouble here!! hahahhahaha)

    Ninth inning in the rain… 2 outs … 2 strikes … it was like a scene out of a movie!! WE ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!! OHHHHHH BAAAAAABBBBYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    I was at the NLCS Games 3 and 5 a few days ago, and I saw how Suppan was pitching and everyone was playing. I knew we had a great chance at this!! You have no idea how proud I am of you guys, and most importantly, I am proud to be a Cardinals fan!!

    The only thing that was missing was a stadium full of crazzzzy Cardinals fans to celebrate with you!!! And you are right … everyone is going nuts here!!

    Prepare for the ovation you guys are gonna get when you come back home!! Bring the earplugs!! haha

    P.S. — I met Suppan and Wainwright at a park in Belleville, IL at the end of August. Please tell them the “40-year-old birthday guy” says congratulations and God bless them both!!


    J-Rod, I thought you would be out that groundout to first base, but I guess you’re not even thinking about that. You and the rest of the Cardinals did a tremendous job in one of the most exciting series I have seen. Yaider Molina continued to get clutch hits, and Jeff Suppan truly was the NLCS MVP. Be proud of your title as National League Champions, rest up, and get ready to play the Tigers in the 2006 World Series! The fans are behind you guys all the way. GO CARDINALS!


    We love you guys! You played a truly awesome game! Suppan was focused and knew what he had to do. Molina did an outstanding job hitting. You and the rest of the Cardinal players make us so proud back here in St. Louis! We love our Cardinals and Tony LaRussa. Go get ’em in Detroit. There are World Series rings waiting for all of you!


    Wow….that was amazing. The Cardinals are awesome!!!!!!! Can’t wait to cheer you guys on in the World Series. By the way, can you get me any tickets???????????????? Your loyal Cardinals fan in Columbia, Missouri JOJO


    all i can say is…congratulations, and even though i’m 800 miles away, you’d better believe i’m rooting for you guys. i’m actually in wainwright’s home state of georgia right now. tell him hi for me. haha.


    We so did it. I never doubted us that we couldn’t make it all the way. I was watching the game with my mom on mute and said Come on Yadi hit a home run and my mom said he can’t and then when it went over, I said did I call that or what? Now let’s beat the Tigers and christen the new stadium with a World Series Champhionship. Congratulation on winning and becoming the National League Champions. Go Cardinals! I love you and Molina! LOL! It was nice meeting you back in August!


    OMG JOHN!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THIS!!!! I am so excited, this is just so unreal to me! This game was great but way too nerve wrecking! I felt bad watching the Met fans reactions, but it was fantastic to see all of us Cardinal fans jumping up and down, and screaming! How cool is all of this!!! It makes it even better because every ESPN show or any other person out there was saying “METS WILL SWEEP!!!” …or…”THEY’LL WIN IN GAME 6″ it was sad to see nobody liked us, which I don’t really get why. And then one of the Mets said they wanted to break out hearts!!! So winning this series and going to the World Series is just an amazing feeling. I’m not even a player so I can just imagine how you all feel. But dang us fans are just as excited and ready to take on the tigers. The whole game was just amazing but I think the best part of the game was at the end after we won, with Tony & Rolen hugging. That was great, I hope all is well with them I don’t like to see them mad or upset at one another. =( And Jimmy’s reaction to the win was just as great! This is so cool!!!!


    You guys are heroes. Thank you for believing in the fans and in yourselves. The only way we can lose to Detroit (albeit the scariest team in baseball) is if we beat ourselves. We can be the cinderalla that spoils the party. All of you have played great.

    With all do respect kerri i have to disagree with you on the moment when Rolen and LaRussa hugged. It was actually kind of sickning. Rolen caused a lot of diversion and division in the club house. Even after the “fake” hug when Rolen was interviewed, was asked about the problems being over and he said yeah and quickly ran away. He feels low for his actions and he should. He is a grown man and a highly paid athlete. He has to be man enough to know if he is not contributing, which he didn’t in game 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 he has to give up his spot. One game that is it and he threw a 5 year old temper tantrum.

    I respect you a lot Scott Rolen but again you owe the fans and your team an apology for causing such a division in the dugout simply because the man who many of us think was the MVP of the series, SCOTT SPEZIO, got to start at third one game. Rediculous.


    John, WE BELIEVE IN THE CARDINALS!! We just knew you could do it. Look out Detroit. We stopped our big rig long enough to watch the game and amazingly we we’re in St. Louis at just the right time. I have never witnessed so many true Card fans. The whole place went nuts. We were all crying, hugging ,screaming and laughing!! You guys were absolutely awesome!!! I hollered so much I can’t talk this morning. Our trucking company is out of Detroit so if at all possible and with a little help from above we will be there too cheering ya’ll on!!We are so proud of you all. Words can’t describe the feelings. We love our Cardinals. Bring it all home!Oh yeah.. a special salute to my player out there… Go Jimmy!!!

  13. Tiffany

    Thanks to you and the rest of the Cardinal team for making this one memorable season for all of us fans.

    There was nothing more exciting this year than this game with Yadi’s clutch homer and Adam striking out Beltan on 3 straight.

    I would have done anything to be at that game, but living overseas it’s not possible. But, there was nothing better than getting to watch the whole team celebrate in the middle of Shea Stadium.

    Looking forward to watching you guys take it to Detroit.



    Hello from Geelong Australia Congratulations to the whole club – Go the Cards – Do the job and Bring it on home to St Louis


    oh i knew molina was going to do it. i had just told my friend, “look. yadi’s going to hit a homerun!” and then he did! i’ve done that with him 5 times. i knew this entire year that it would be the caridnal’s year for the world series. all year. everyone kept telling me “no no no. they wont even get there. look how many games they’ve lost so far. they wont even make it to the playoff’s” then you did and i kept hearing “they wont make it past this round. don’t get your hopes up” and you did every freakin time. all this year my predictions have been right on. this is the cardinals year. i know it and feel it with every inch of my body. i’m looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back to st. louis. good luck in detroit!!!


    Congrats to the cardinals
    Im a met fan and im upset that we loss but thanks for putting on a good series

    tip my hat to the cards and good luck in the world series

    Those Tigers are scary


    Hey, from a met fan congrats on a great win. I have always thought you fans were great and you are. But baseball players come and go and some of them can be quite stupid even though they play in your great baseball town. Why did your cards mock Jose like that? They proved to me to be a bunch of no class idiots. You great fans don’t deserve that kind of behavior. Cards fans are great and so are Rams fans. I have been a Rams fan since 1967. Anyway, I cannot root for your team now because of the lack of sophistication and class of your ballplayers. Go Tigers! But Go RAMS!!!!!


    John, What a game, I wasn’t sure I could make it through. It was great to see you last night, and great to see our team silence Fox the Yankee/Mets network. Those Mets are with the Yankees now, and they can all sit around and talk about the best lineups ever assembled!! They can talk on the golf course, or while watching the Cardinals and Tigers in the World Series! I knew you guys could do it, we’ll all be ready to be on the edge of our seats again. Thanks for doing this John, it’s great. Go Cardinals!!


    Congrats Cardinals!!! Today is my mom’s 75th birthday. Nice birthday present for her, since she is a die hard Cardinal fan.

    It would be great if you win the world series, 21 years ago when the Cardinals got cheated out of the title by KC, I went into labor and gave birth to my son the next night. I still maintain that’s what sent me into labor. Before that I was fine.


    I am so proud of you guys! I am the friend of Seven’s that met you at the Astros game…Cowboy Baseball is truly proud of your accomplishments. I hope to add a pic of you guys winning the series to my wall here at CSC…Go Cards!!!!!


    What a game!!! Words just fail me right now. You guys are awesome. When Yadi hit that 2 run homer I don’t think I even blinked until the game was over.

    Come Saturday night I will be parked in front of the TV with my popcorn, Pepsi and wearing a red shirt.

    I do hope Rolen and LaRussa get their differences patched up. As a Rolen fan it hurts knowing that tension is there. So Tony, Scott, for us fans, get things worked out before Saturday, Okay? We love you guys.

    Oh and a side note here concerning Cardinal fans. When the cameras scan across the audience, does anyone else, besides me, notice how well groomed the fans look.


    Great game fellas! I knew you guys had it in ya! To the post of donareinoff, you are way off base calling our players no class idiots. I mean, we had to sit through ever grueling moment of Jose Reyes running through the field and dugout like a kid who needs Ritalin. He was dancing like he was trying out for dancing with the stars every time someone got a base hit. I respect the kid but I can see how someone would mock him. I could barely stand watching him play in this series because of all the theatrics. Cards fans and players are the classiest in the world.GO CARDS!


    What the Cardinals have done in this post season is truly remarkable, but your blogs have been great. You have writing talent and I hope you’ll continue the blogs through the Cardinals’ World Series title.


    If I have ever seen a baseball game, that was the one! Team Never let up and it was amazing to watch! You did great out there Riguez. I’m sooo happy for you all. Faith can move mountains. .move your way to Detroit and show your skills. Give it to ’em Do or Die style~This is the Show Me~ -Jamie-


    We so kept the faith and congrats. Well deserved for the whole team. So many back home are cheering for you in nursing homes, hospitals, convents, bars and homes. Alot of Cardinal faithful screaming at the their TVs on every pitch. We still are keeping the faith in you guys. We know you have it in you to go all the way!! Have fun and remember, you all have been there so you have an edge now. You know how to keep positive and hold on and not let down. You know how to get through the pressure. We love you guys!! You are my brothers now. Cardinal nation rules and so do you guys!! I don’t have tickets but I will be watching every pitch!!


    Hey John!
    We are so proud of you guys back here in Memphis! What a great exciting, bout to give me a heart attack kinda game. Keep the momentum up and your spirits high and take at least one in Detroit if not 2 and give the Cardinals fans a World series win in St. louis! Go Cards!


    Congratulations from a Met fan. I found the following from CLIFF FLOYD’s blog, which just proves that not all Cardinal fans are gracious in victory. Destroy Detroit!

    Tyrone Hester


    I think that Stout has been right all along. I had respect for you for a while during this series Floyd. However, I read this at the beginning of the blog:

    “I have to give it up to Endy, but, you know, if I had two good wheels, I might have been able to make that grab, too. Who knows?”

    Are you f’ing kidding me? I am a Cardinals fan here in St.Louis. I was sure after that catch it was in the stars for us to lose, that it was your team destined to go to the World Series. BUT COME ON CLIFF.

    That was THE GREATEST play in post season history by far. How dare you give him a backhanded compliment by saying it was awesome “BUT I COULD HAVE DONE IT TOO”. That’s not right.

    2. Mets, your fans are pieces of dog poop (can’t use the word I want) but your team is one of the funnest and classiest group of guys, especially JOSE, JOSE, JOSE. They are absolutely entertaining and enjoyable to watch. It’s sad that such a great group of guys have to be represented by this cry baby who says the Cardinals fans at home are weak, complains about his injury without giving credit to his teamates when it’s due, and a group of a-holes which attend your home games and boo every player on the opposing team.

    I understand that your fans had a problem with Pujols’ comment about Glavine. POINT TAKEN. However, booing Eckstein? Honestly. Booing Wilson and Encarnacion? Really? Cheering; “LOOPER **** LOOPER ****” Which coincidentally is true, lol. You need classy fans for a classy team not trashy fans for a classy team.

    New York, your **** stinks like the rest of us. It just so happens you were the city immigrants decided to settle in great numbers, that’s all. Respect the rest of the country and realize there are more cities than New York and more states than New York, and i don’t mean California. There are 48 other states besides New York and California, where we are just as equal as you. Deal with it. Learn from it and move on. Get over yourselves

    Posted by: | October 20, 2006 05:59 AM


    HOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I awoke with the same feeling of ecstasy that I fell asleep too. That was one of the best game 7s (and scariest) that I have ever witnessed. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!! You were amazing!!! Unbelievable performance. A zillion Kudos to the bullpen! Molina!! Wow.. I can’t come down from the high. My Dad and I saw the last World Series Championship together in ’82. These times always remind me of him and wish he was still around to see this. He’d be having the time of his life too.

    The series was amazing and there were so many heroes throughout. Congrats to you guys.. and to a classy Mets team that have nothing to be ashamed with. I can’t believe the series came down to the last out of the last game.

    Go get Detroit!! Best of luck to you guys!!


    WHAT A GAME! WHAT A GAME! It was a nail biter all 9 endings. Your heart had to go out to the loser, but so very glad our Cardinals took the day! My heart goes out to Molina every time he has to run the bases as it looks like he is really struggling to run, so when he hit that home run I said to myself, “there you go Yadi, now you don’w have to run, just trot and hold that head high. You deserve it”. Have all of you notice, there has been a different hero each night. Suppan, what can I say. You were great! And as usual the bull pen came through. My husband wonder if the Pope was watching and praying for Supp? Hmmm good thought. Okay, Tigers, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey, Johnnie boy! how does it feel bein’ on top of the world? well, enjoy it now ’cause you guys are about to get swept by the hungry tigers of motown. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!


    …and here comes the Tiger trashtalkers… blah, blah, blah.. we’ve heard that the last 2 series. Take note..


    WOW! Again, that is why you boys play Major League Baseball and games like that are why Cardinal Nation is so proud of their team! Enjoy your day today and then lets get focused for an ever exciting series against the Tigers. Just do your thing and we’ll be fine. I think I could hear every cardinal fan from my living room last night. We are proud of you keep up the good work.


    John, please pass along to everyone in the clubhouse how proud we are of all of you! You guys earned this! You have played some phenomenal teams and the Mets were no exception, but you persevered and won! Sometimes the sweetest victories are the ones that are the hardest fought and won. Having never been a huge baseball fan until I moved to Missouri I find that I am just awestruck by what you guys do and how you do it. You made me realize why people love Baseball so much! And this is one New England girl who was more than pleased to see someone other than New York go to the World Series!

    If you get a chance, ask Chris Carpenter what we call some of the New Yorkers who come to visit New England. He’s from New Hampshire, I’m from Vermont and I know that he should know. Watching that stadium go silent when Yadi hit that ball was sweet, especially to those of us back east who have had to live in that shadow for so long!

    Go get them Tigers!



    Way to Go Cards!! I was at Game 5 of the NLCS and it was amazing but last night was the best! I almost had a heart attack! I was screaming from my living room and even sprained my ankle while doing it, but it is worth it! Keep up the good work! You guys can do it! Good Luck to you and the Cards!! Go get em


    Hey John
    oh my gosh, I’m so glad the Cards made it to the world series!! You guys rocked the field last night!!!!



    Hello from the West Coast (Anaheim, CA originally from Edwardsville, IL), this game and series will def go down in the books!

    Congrats to you & the team, tremendous job well done! Now go get them Tigers!!

    J-Rod best wishes and knock one out of Comerica for us!


    I FREAKING LIVE FOR THIS! What an awesome, nailbiting, heart pounding, blood pressure rising, stressful, fall off the edge of my seat game! What a dream come true for all of us in Cardinal nation! Congratulations guys! You definitely deserve it! Watch out Tigers, hear us ROOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!


    hey kcritter – enjoy it now and don’t blink ’cause this one’s gonna go quicker than when boston beat u guys to a pulp in 2004!


    Thanks again for this blog. Congrats to all you guys!!!! Wow, what a game!!! Supp, Yadi, everyone did a great job. Everyone pulled through when they needed to. The Mets gave us a great run for it, but how ’bout that last strike?!? Talk about pressure. Adam, you made it a little more interesting than was good for my bloodpressure (LOL)but we’re all SOOO proud of you!!! Let’s go take those Tigers now! You guys are amazing!


    Johnny! You guys did it! I mean COME ON…weather…bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases LOADED and the BIGGEST Cardinal killer of all time comes to the plate!?!? A movie couldn’t have written it any better! AND WOW, what an amazing job by our pitching staff huh?? I man Jeff was nothing short of heroic and Adam to finish…just Wow! I’m proud of you guys!


    GO CARRRRRRRRRRDS!!! All of you deserve SO much credit, but today all I can say is YADI YADI YADI, BABY!!!!!! Red October is in full effect. I love my boys, take it to Detroit and make kittens out of those Tigers. I LIVE FOR THIS!



    I know it has been said over and over, but thanks to the Cardinals for so many exciting baseball moments! Last night was just amazing. The great thing about this team is that it is not just one or two people making it happen – It is a team effort and it shows.



    I apologize in advance for using your blog to communicate with Cardinal fans, but I think others here should be aware that what comes around goes around.:) Splat the Cats!

    Tyrone Hester



    Let me say that I am outraged that you would come on this blog after you guys have won and disgrace not only Cliff, but the culture of New York. Just so you know, you really didn’t have to go there but you did. So do me a favor and worry about your Cards and see what they have to face when they see a healthy and strong starting pitching that have two or three guys that can pitch well over 100 mph. Yeah, you made the NLCS, but don’t come and rain on our site and disgrace us the way you did.

    You talk about us Mets fans being classless, but you have shown the most classless act that any fan has ever done by coming on this site and insulting the Mets Fan. There is no place for that anywhere and I will be praying for you, because you need help.

    Posted by: | October 20, 2006 10:23 AM


    I cannot tell you how excited I am!!! My co-worker and I have a Cardinals Shrine in our corner of the office. Everyday we had something new – a blanket, a jersey, window clings, posters, rally towels – all kinds of stuff. Last night, he had to make a midnight run to Wally World for more Cards stuff!! Everyone kept asking us yesterday what we were going to do if you guys lost last night and I kept telling everyone not to even think about it – it was never going to happen. When Yadi hit that homer, I knew I was right!!!! I had Adam on my Fantasy Baseball team all year so I have been a believer in him for quite awhile. I knew when “My Boy” took the mound, it was going to be alllllll good. GOOOOOOOO CARDS!!!!!!! Ride that Momentum Train through games 1 and 2. I can’t wait to have you guys home so we can show you all the love you deserve. The only thing I didn’t like about last night was that you had to win it in a dump like Shea Stadium. Your beautiful new palace is waiting for you at home – GOOOOOOOOOOOOO CARDS!!!! You just play your best games and the rest will take care of itself!


    Hey Man that was one heck of a game. If that wasnt a nail biter i dont know what is. You guys all played awesome. Im looking forward to seeing you guys vs. Detroit. Its gonna be one heck of a series. But I know you guys will come out in the end. Keep playing like yall are! And good luck to ya. Ill be watching every game!!


    Cardinal Nation in North Central Illinois would just like to say:CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!I personally never lost confidence in the team. We will see you guys next Tuesday!!!!!!!


    yo mykadawn – it’s red october ’cause blood will b drippin’ from your boys heads after we bash ’em in! enjoy your 2 days of glory before it gets gory…hehe


    whatsgoinon3 – how DARE u use a handle frum a marvin song! martha reeves said it best…you got nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide! your team can spend a lot of MONEY, but the card$ can’t buy a world series championship. motown forever!!!


    Congratulations from a die hard MET fan. As a baseball fan you always want a great series and both teams supplied that. You tell me what is unclassy a fan base that roots for its team and against the team they are playing or a Cards fan going on to a MET website calling all MET fans and people from NY idiots and ******. Pretty easy decision in my book. It stings that the METS lost but you guys deserve it you were the better team. I will be pulling for the NL so go get’em Cards. Represent the NL in a classy fashion as you always do and not like you fan babyface. GOOD LUCK


    Nice post mcavolo. I saw the post by babface. He’s not one of us.. and doesn’t represent the true Cards fan. We all have the highest respect for one of the very best teams in baseball, the Mets. They are a class act from top to bottom and that was one of the best series that we’ve ever seen.


    Tigertime, we’re really not into fighting here. Detroit’s a great team. It will be a great series. No need to bash. We just beat the team with the best record in baseball. We’re not too bad. 😉


    TigerTime…Isn’t it time for school? Afternoon kindergarten should be starting soon…better get to the short bus stop so you don’t miss it.

    Look, I’m all about rooting for your team and being excited, but don’t come on here talking about blood and bashing heads. That’s not baseball and it’s certainly not called for. My handle has nothing to do with Marvin Gaye. It has everything to do with my husband and I having 3 kids in 3 years – hence the 3 at the end. Do you really want your precious Tigers to be known as the team with the most immature fans? If so, then you’re doing a great job.


    Mets fans – please accept an apology from a born and raised Cardinal’s fan. It’s not our style to bash other teams, fans or players. Please don’t hold us all accountable for a few less knowledgeable individuals.
    Genuine Cardinal fans understand that the true importance of what is going on is about the game of baseball – loving it, supporting it, no matter what team it is. I would have been sad to see the Cards lose last night but honestly either team deserved to win. Both teams have true grit and heart. I love my Cardinal’s and have to say… GO CARDS all the way!


    >For Dustin<

    Beltran at the Bat

    The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the New York Mets that day,

    The score stood three to one, with but one inning more to play.

    And then when Floyd died at home, and Reyes did the same,

    A pall-like silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

    A straggling few got up to go in deep despair.

    The rest clung to that hope which springs eternal in the human breast.

    They thought, “if only Beltran could but get a whack at that.

    We’d put up even money now, with Beltran at the bat.”

    But Valentin preceded Beltran, as did also Chavez from **** lake;

    and the former was a hoodoo, while the latter was a cake.

    So upon that stricken multitude, grim melancholy sat;

    for there seemed but little chance of Beltran getting to the bat.

    But Valentin let drive a single, to the wonderment of all.

    And Chavez, the much despised, tore the cover off the ball.

    And when the dust had lifted,

    and men saw what had occurred,

    there was Chavez safe at second and Valentin a-hugging third.

    Then from five thousand throats and more there rose a lusty yell;

    it rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;

    it pounded through on the mountain and recoiled upon the flat;

    for Beltran, mighty Beltran, was advancing to the bat.

    There was ease in Beltran?s manner as he stepped into his place,

    there was pride in Beltran?s bearing and a smile lit Beltran?s face.

    And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed his hat,

    no stranger in the crowd could doubt t’was Beltran at the bat.

    One hundred thousand eyes were on him as he rubbed his hands with dirt.

    Fifty thousand tongues applauded when he wiped them on his shirt.

    Then, while the writhing pitcher ground the ball into his hip,

    defiance flashed in Beltran?s eye, a sneer curled Beltran?s lip.

    And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,

    and Beltran stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.

    Close by the sturdy batsman the ball unheeded sped —

    “That ain’t my style,” said Beltran.

    “Strike one!” the umpire said.

    From the benches, black with people, there went up a muffled roar,

    like the beating of the storm waves on a stern and distant shore.

    “Kill him! Kill the umpire!” shouted someone on the stand,

    and it’s likely they’d have killed him had not Beltran raised his hand.

    With a smile of Christian charity, great Beltran’s visage shone,

    he stilled the rising tumult, he bade the game go on.

    He signaled to the pitcher, and once more the dun sphere flew,

    but Beltran still ignored it, and the umpire said, “Strike two!”

    “Fraud!” cried the maddened thousands, and echo answered “Fraud!”

    But one scornful look from Beltran and the audience was awed.

    They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain,

    and they knew that Beltran wouldn’t let that ball go by again.

    The sneer has fled from Beltran’s lip, the teeth are clenched in hate.

    He pounds, with cruel violence, his bat upon the plate.

    And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go,

    and now the air is shattered by the force of Beltran’s blow.

    Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright.

    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light.

    And, somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout,

    but there is no joy in Metsville —

    mighty Beltran has struck out.


    It really doesn’t matter how many games the Cards win in a season, they never get the respect they deserve. We started out the season as one of the favorites to win it all, and ended the season as the longest shot on the board. Have the sports reporters never heard of heart? Cardinals fans crossed their fingers and believed, and our Cardinals came through for us. I was at game 7 two years ago with Suppan pitching against Roger Clemens and kicking his butt, so I liked the chances of seeing another game 7 victory.

    Way to go Cards!!!!! We love you here in Little Rock, AR.

    Just keep “backing into” the World Series Championship and we will be rooting our hearts out as usual.


    I woke up so happy today and had to pinch myself…what a great day for St. Louis and our beloved Cardinals! No one ever thought we would even make it to the playoffs and here we are–going to the World Series! I was there at Busch when we won the pennant in 1987 and even though last night I was in my livingroom,
    I still felt the excitement

    and was so proud of our beloved Cardinals. Please tell the team congrats from my family and I!


    Congratulations! Way to go Cardinals! My dad and I were hoping and praying that last inning. After seeing Rolen get robbed it was nice to see him get a hit. I knew something was going to happen in the ninth. When Yadi hit that ball, OMG! Unbelievable. I have been a big Yadi fan since they first brought him up, so it’s nice to see him get a nod for his accomplishments. I hope this shuts up all the critcs. All I have heard thus far, is “Mets this, Mets that” saying the Cards are going to lose, Mets have the best record so of course they’re going to win the World Series. NOT! Mets fans have no class, they booed every single one of our players. I may be a Cards fan, but I am a baseball fan and I appreciated (as much as I hated it) Endy Chavez’s catch last night. That was a great catch. So go to Boston and bring us home a World Series title! Go Cardinals!! St. Louis is behind you all the way!! Buena Suerte! Vamos Cards! Check out my blog- I have been going nuts every since you guys went to post season!

    Sorry Detroit, Cards are gonna win this thing!



    “Destiny is earned”. That’s what I would say whenever anyone would criticize my team.

    As a team, I wish my guys to know this…

    1) The few games ahead cannot be more difficult than the many games behind. You have proven that you can persist and prevail.

    2) I know that “IT WILL ALL BE RIGHT”.


    Way to go CARDINALS!!!! I just knew that your hard work would pay off!! Good things come to those who JUST wait!! And J-Rod… I’ll make sure this Cardinal goes through the house and never misses one of the birds! I’ll see you in the WORLD SERIES!!!!!


    You guys rock. OH my God, what a game. Yadi was awesome, it is so awesome that he hit that homer after struggling in the reguluar season. Supp was fantastic he apsolutely diserved MVP. In the ninth I could barely watch, but what a way to end it with the bases loaded and you strike him out. Let’s go to Detroit and win the world series. I’ll be watching every second of the game. I love you all and good luck!


    I have been a Mets fan since 1962 and was really disappointed with our loss but your team showed a lot of heart and and determination both teams gave us a truly memorable NLCS. I will be rooting for you in the WS. I truly disike the designated hitter and will be pulling for NL representative in the Series.
    It looks like the rivalty between NY and St Loo has been reborn! Good Luck!


    Those are some comments Cardinal fans are posting on Mets’ blogs! You guys make John Rocker look intellectual.


    To all Redbirds, past and present; Great season fellas. Game 7 was THE classic fall game. I have witnessed the 64 Cards and every World Series since and this is one for the records. Not since that 64 series have I had this feeling of accomplishment and team spirit. Come rain or shine, you guys are the best. Bring home a trophy or two and swim in the sea of red. Suppan was the logical choice for the series MVP and I hope the rest of the team builds on his efforts. He was masterful. And as for his battery mate Yad, no other player could have been chosen to represent the Cards last hope to move on to the World Series. It was fate and the smile on his face was indicitive of the feeling all St. Louis has now. Thank all the team and thank God for the chance to play another World Series. Bring home the hardware, boys! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


    New York : yada,yada,yada
    St Louis : Yadi, Yadi, Yadi

    Great games !!!!

    Take one overconfident, cocky team with blue and orange colors and mix with the RED. The outcome : RED wins

    Now for the next overconfident, cocky team with blue and orange colors….


    Hi John, It’s us truckers again…ya got tired of reading all this yet? Hope not as there are more card fans than there is room on this blog.Sure want to thank you for keeping your blog so well. I look forward to reading it and the responses everyday.Sure wish everyone would stop fighting tho.It is such an exciting time…for all baseball fans. I couldn’t get my tickets…when it was my turn to buy my laptop locked up and crashed. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t afford the two thousand thru thirty thousand dollar tickets on ebay so I’ll be watching on a big screen somewhere.I am sending each one of you a great big hug.We really love you guys.You are going to do great.Thanks for being you John.As always give my Jim a nod for me. HEY CARD FANS…WE LIVE FOR THIS!!!!!

  66. You’re a joke. There is nothing that you can say that will deflate the Cardinal pride. We never expected to make it this far, so this is all a huge thrill ride for us!! Cards fans have a lot of respect for Detroit, and we won’t hold dumb***es like you against Jim Leyland and his boys. Try to show some class.

    And now on to you, JRod. You rock! What a game last night! I knew we could do it. Thank you for a great game, and for giving us more chances to watch this great Cardinals team battle. Cardinal Nation is on CLOUD NINE today, that’s for sure!!


    whatsgoinon3 – 3 kids? what are you…a goat? here’s a goat for you: albert ‘pew’jols. he’s goin’ to make bill buckner feel good about himself.


    etoile moderne – you BETTER have respect for my tigers! they’re goin’ to eat your little red birdies for lunch. enjoy the massacre, pal.


    And on the subject of class, hats off to the Mets for making it such an exciting series. What a great team, great fans and a fierce battle. I have so much respect for you guys!!


    Way to go Cardinals!!!
    I knew you could do it!

    I think every Western KY fan was up rooting for you until the end. Best of luck to you all. I know you will go all the way. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    GO CARDINALS!!! Bring the pennant back to ST LOUIS.


    I am a Mets fan who was at the stadium when we beat the Cards in the NLCS in 2000.Now I know how you Cardinals fans felt.It was payback 6 years coming.I still think the better team lost but I must admit your club had some awesome performances and truly deserve to represent the National League in the Series.Contrary to popular belief we are not in the World Series every year(that is that other team in New York that is).Mets fans are National League fans and a majority of them after the disappointment subsides would want to see your team win it all for the NL.Congrats and good luck and just wait till next year!!!!!


    WOW!!!! GREAT GAME CARDINALS!!! Everyone in my family screamed at our house when Yadier hit that home run, it was AMAZING! You guys always seem to find a way to satisfy us in the postseason, and thats what i love about you guys! GREAT JOB J-ROD, i know you guys will come out strong, and i will be there to cheer you on in game 4, can’t wait to see you guys in action!!!


    TigerTime, I would do you and your fan base a favor and stop it with the smack talk. You may want to take heed from the Mets, given how they treated us(along with everyone else in America) and how it eventually came around to bite them in the ***. But its just a thought. Meanwhile, us Cards fans will stay calm and collected and wish your team the best of luck, despite how idiotic and ridiculous you may be. 🙂
    Please just go away and let us have our moment to shine. We didn’t take away from your big moment (why would we??), so you should respect what the Cardinals accomplished and talk about these things with your own fans.

    To switch this subject around, I am so happy for my Cardinals. I think my heart may have skipped a beat on that last strike. You can’t get much better than that set up! (although at the time I thought I was going into cardiac arrest) Sorry to the Mets fans for the heartbreak, but we’ve been there before! It was just our chance to make it happen this year around. No hard feelings I hope!

    Make it happen Cardinals! Just keep playing with the heart and integrity that we love so much about you. Its not out of reach, and you have shown that time and time again! I love all of you! Abby


    Mr. Rodriguez,
    Firstly, allow me to congratulate you and the entire Cardinal organization for a well-deserved pennant. I grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and migrated to the Mets a little over forty years ago. I was disappointed by the Mets loss, but unfortunately, one of these two great teams had to be eliminated. While I’ll be cheering for the Cardinals in the World Series this year, I found your team’s postgame celebration a bit disturbing. The mock chants of “Jose” (clearly a reference to the Shea rally song for Jose Reyes) struck me as inappropriate and marginally racist. I truely hope you weren’t a participant, particularly given that you’re a Latino New Yorker. Hopefully, your teammates will acknowledge this offensive act and publicly apologize to the Mets and their fans. I wish you luck in the World Series. Make the National League proud once again!


    Hey stud!!! I am extremely happy for all of you! What an amazing feeling for you all!! I made sure that I wore my LUCKY Rodriguez jersey that you signed!!! I love it and can’t get enough!! I’m hoping that I will see you out soon! I’m sure i’ll be at Al’s for the games and your other hangouts!!! Hehe! ; )


    Your #1 Fan J-Rod!!!!!

    P.S. Kick some tiger ***!!!


    tigertime- do u honeslty have nothing better to do than to make stupid replies to the fans??? Aside from that, my heart sank into my stomach after chaves’s catch, but after Yadi put one over his head I was jumping!! Good Luck in the WS!!!


    dissin’ TigerTime ain’t gonna bring a championship to the show me state. you guys haven’t won the big one in 24 years and counting. you’re gonna lose – deal with it, st. louis. hehe


    The Tigers haven’t won the “big one” in 22 years, and the Cards in 24. If my math is correct, the Cards have been in the Series 17 times now since 1903 and have won 9 of those. The Tigers have only been to the Series 9 times and have only won 4. The Cards and Tigers have only played eachother twice in that timespan and they each won 1. I’m liking our odds, especially after being the “underdogs” all post season. We were “never supposed” to be here, and look at us now… I’m so proud of our team! They battled through everything that has been thrown their way and have perservered! One way or another this is going to be an exciting series with Detroit and I can’t wait for it to start!


    I wonder if the fans in St. Louis heard me screaming all the way from Cincinnati. That was one great, classic game. I think I’m still recovering from post traumatic stress disorder from watching that game.

    When Yadier hit that ball I jumped up and said “catch that one Endy” !!!

    When Beltran walked up to the plate I was nervous – I peek-a-booed looking at the TV but did see that beautiful curve ball hit the mitt for strike three.

    I now think the Cardinals are this year’s team of destiny and they will win the Series. Their pitching is good enough to beat the Tigers. And this time we don’t have to deal with Mickey Lolich.


    Cardinal fan since 1952


    I’m pretty sure I heard you all the way here in Tampa, Jerry.. along with the millions of other Cardinal fans! In the interest of not waking up my 10 year old, I kept my screams silent, but it was definitely difficult! I had the same reactions as you did. What a great game, all the more exciting with it not being “easy”. I think that the series with the Mets has prepared us for what lies ahead of us- we’ve got some major momentum going from that last game that is sure to carry us on! 🙂


    YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING!!! cardinals are going to the world series!!! congratulations to every single one of you. you each deserve it so much. i bet you guys could here me, ALL of my family, and every other cardinal fan screaming from illinois and missouri. well once again awsome job. we are back here routing for you and can not wait for you to get back to st louis!

    God bless all of you!



    All I can say is I alomost died (while screaming and shouting at chavez) when he stole the homer away from Rolen and made it a DP. (Suprisingly, I didn’t wake up my sis who had to go to work at 4am today.(Thank goodness!!)Anyway, back to the game.:)) Then I was 3 seconds from crying when Yadi hit that HR.(The only reason I didnt cry was cause my dad brought me back to earth.) Good luck to you and the rest of the Cards in the WS. Just Do your best.

    -Rikki from out in the sticks Mo-


    Coming from a 17 year old female from Saint Louis, it is completely unbelievable how much the Cardinals work so hard to get where they are now. I was literally brought to tears at the victory over the Mets last night. Being that I was born in 1989, I was not around for the 1982 World Series victory. It just brought it to my mind that in my lifetime it might possibly happen this year I might see a Cardinals World Series victory. Just know that all of us back here in Saint Louis are routing you guys on. Tell everyone we say, “Go Cards!!”.


    I don’t understand why everyone is letting tigertime get to them? he/she is only 8 years old i’d imagine. They are just excited b/c unlike the cardinals they don’t know what playoff success feels like, but they do know how it feels to lose more than 100 games in one season..congrats on that Tigertime, takes a truely great team to do that.

    Go Cards! SWEEEEEP!!!


    John, What a sweet win. The excitement jump started my heart a few times. You guys showed the world that the Cardinals still have alot of fight left. Remind the boys to WORK THE PITCH COUNT. We love in here in Portland OR. May the Redbirds fly high in the next week. GO CARDS!


    Well now that game one is over im wondering how that tigertime kid feels about the whole SWEEEEEEEP thing not happening, probably not too happy….


    Go Cardinals! I cannot wait to see the Cardinals win the series in the STL. I would like to remind people the regular season is the regular season and when the playoffs begin, it is a new season. I have been watching the Cardinals since about 1980 and this has been the most exciting and intense season I can remember. I would like to see you (JROD) get some more at bats especially with the DH for a guy with sweet lefty swing. I am proud of all of our players and proud to be part of Cardinals nation the best fans in baseball. GO CARDS

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